The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 89

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Chapter 89: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.2


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

Generally, the story revolved around the Devil Lord——Chu Wuyong; betrayed by his trusted aide which he regarded as his own younger brother, Chu Wuyong was killed and reborn into a boy’s body. After that, the story continued with him reaching the summit and take his revenge.

The identity of the body that Li Luo was now occupying was precisely one of the elders of the Clear Sky Sect; the sect that cultivated in the immortal path, and the body’s name was Gu Qingchen.

At the moment, Gu Qingchen’s rank was of someone who recently entered the Nascent Soul stage for approximately five to six years; and two years ago, he was promoted as a sect elder by the Sect Master.

Although he became an elder for two years, the other elders did not dare to neglect him.

With regards to his aptitude, Gu Qingchen was one of the geniuses in Clear Sky Sect for the past thousand years. After only more than two hundred years, he entered the Nascent Soul stage and squeezed into the list of expert rank in Tianyun Continent.

When he entered the Nascent Soul stage, his life span increased by another thousand years, and who knows at what stage he could climb in this span of thousand years? As a result, if Gu Qingchen wanted something in the Clear Sky Sect, the majority of practitioners in the sect flocked to give it to him. After all, he was powerful and also an elder of Clear Sky Sect, and even more, to consolidate the position of Clear Sky Sect in the eyes of other cultivator.

Opposite to Gu Qingchen where the entire sect favored him and couldn’t wait to designate all high-grade resources to him; the situation of the male protagonist was undoubtedly much worse.

After Chu Wuyong secretly plotted behind his back by his best friend, his soul almost scattered. His spirit floated around between heaven and earth for more than ten years, when he woke up, he found himself inside the body of a twelve year old boy who just died.

The name of this body was also Chu Wuyong but was completely different from the Devil Lord Chu Wuyong’s situation as his spirit completely vanished.

This Chu Wuyong was only a mere labor disciple with a rather low status in Clear Sky Sect. He was a coward, often bullied by others and would not refute. The three disciples who lived in the same room as he saw his weak character right away, so whenever something unhappy happened, they would beat him. If he had a resource for cultivation, he would be robbed by the three of them, not leaving a bit of chance to cultivate.

The end of this body’s life was also because he received a high-grade cultivation material. When the three knew about it, they tried to take it from him, he resisted and was pushed into the water by the three. With the three’s cooperation, he suffocated and drowned.

In such a large sect, the death of a mere labor disciple was nothing. Even if it was several people, it would not attract the attention of others.

It was precisely at this time that Chu Wuyong transmigrated in this unfortunate child’s body.

After Chu Wuyong transmigrated, he immediately explored the child’s memory. He found that he was in Clear Sky Sect, which ranked third in the Tianyun continent, because of that, he dared not openly practiced his Devil path cultivation method.

After cultivating for a while, he discovered a peculiarity in his current body.

The cultivator can only choose one path to cultivate, Immortal or Devil path; if both were to be cultivated at the same time, the body would explode and die.

But he found out that the spiritual energy inside his current body resembled like yin and yang; they did not blend and influence the other rather they interacted harmoniously in the body, this means that he can cultivate both Immortal path and the Devil path.

After this discovery, Chu Wuyong did not hurry to leave Clear Sky Sect; he stayed in ease. He was resolute to become stronger before he collects the debts of his previous life. He would collect each and every one of them without exception.

Because he occupied this body, Chu Wuyong silently handled the three people who caused the original owner’s death. This act was regarded as his payment to the original owner for giving up his body, making way for his resurrection.

Although the three did not die, their lifespan was gradually consumed and by the time when it’s exhausted, that is when they will die.


Not long after Li Luo roughly skimmed at the synopsis in his mind, the small emerald jade boat with a shape of a leaf stopped in front of the main hall’s entrance.

The main hall was constructed at the peak of a large mountain, and this moment the sun had risen at its highest altitude in the day. The mist above the peak blocked most of the blazing sunlight, allowing a few strands to pass through.

Li Luo landed at the ground first, followed by the disciple in blue garments. He stood behind Li Luo, respectfully.

The public square in front of the main hall was filled by a crowd of people wearing black clothes. When they noticed a slender figure with a cold expression on his face came down from a small emerald boat, almost all of them looked at the individual with bright rays of light in their eyes.

In the entire Clear Sky Sect, no one didn’t know who Gu Qingchen was. He was like a star that attracted everyone’s attention, making them look up to him.

If Gu Qingchen would pick them and become his succeeding disciple, they will have a bright future ahead; not to mention the treasure that the sect had given to the genius, especially the cultivation method that they will get, it will surely be the best.

In an instant, the slender and tall figure became the focus of attention among the crowd.

Li Luo obviously felt the scorching gaze of everyone on his back, which almost burnt a layer of his skin.

Li Luo: “……” In such an impatient manner, he nearly was unable to stand it.

Li Luo tried to ignore the gazes projected at his body, and as before he maintained the cold expression on his face as he looked at the entrance of the main hall.

Shortly after Li Luo’s arrival, the door of the main hall, whose height was more than two persons, opened. After that, more than twenty people came out from the inside.

The person who led that group of people was a middle-aged man dressed in a black robe. When the man saw Li Luo, he smiled at him, “Elder Gu, you are here.”

This seemingly gentle and courteous middle-aged man was the Sect Master of Clear Sky Sect——Ye Tianqi.

Li Luo nodded his head to Ye Tianqi, not saying a thing and stood to one side.

Ye Tianqi was already accustomed to Li Luo’s character and did not say anything. After all, the original Gu Qingchen was a cold man, he was not close with anyone and had his heart set on cultivation; however, it may be because he had indifferent nature that Gu Qingchen was not easily affected by foreign matters and stabilized his inner spirit.

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