World of Chaos



Genres: Josei, Romance, Shoujo, Tragedy

Translator: Little Red Blossom

World of Chaos full title World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort— is a completed novel written by 彼岸花田. It consists of 106 chapters.


She was a pungent new military recruit, Cheng Xue. A woman who solely loved cherry blossoms. After crossing over, she was met with a mishap and inexplicably chased down. When her escape led her to encounter cherry blossoms, she also encountered him.

He was dressed in blinding white, pure and clean. When the flowers faded and fell, she made a firm decision. He was a soaring dragon. Every time he saw her in distress, he would save her, always, and treat her problems as everyday occurrences to comfort her.
She fell in love with him, and he…

The dust of her previous life had settled. In this life, she viewed the cherry blossoms and walked along a rough road. Everything in the world, except for life and death, was shiftless.

The cherry blossoms intertwined their fates and also brought them devastation…



Volume 1 (Prologue — Chapter 36)
Chapter 1 — Peppery new recruit encountering danger
Chapter 2 — She is Murong Cheng Xue
Chapter 3 — Amazing encounter (1)
Chapter 4 —Amazing encounter (2)
Chapter 5 — A cherry blossom’s continued love
Chapter 6 — Canglong Shuntian
Chapter 7 — Leaving Huashan Temple
Chapter 8 — Le Chen’s phrase
Chapter 9 — People who are not flirtatious waste away their youth
Chapter 10 — Helpless all the way
Chapter 11 —Imposing Killing intent
Chapter 12 — Mysterious person in white
Chapter 13 — Distressed again
Chapter 14 — Feng Yueya
Chapter 15— Silence and Sorrow of the Wen Tian Sword
Chapter 16— Wish for Fireworks
Chapter 17— Floral fragrance leading the way
Chapter 18— Random pairing of mandarin ducks
Chapter 19— The spirit does not disperse
Chapter 20— Encountering danger with a sense of loss
Chapter 21— Returning to Murong manor
Chapter 22— What a good old fox
Chapter 23— Legend of cherry blossoms
Chapter 24— His intention, his affection
Chapter 25— A marriage is hard to escape
Chapter 26— Revealing one’s injuries in Xiang Wang Fu
Chapter 27 —Treasure map
Chapter 28— Chance encounter at the palace
Chapter 29— Collision of fireworks
Chapter 30— A unique show (1)
Chapter 31— A unique show (2)
Chapter 32— Forcing the red apricot out of the wall
Chapter 33— Conversation on the carriage
Chapter 34— The surge of winds and clouds
Chapter 35— He called her his maid
Chapter 36— This situation is to be carefully tread


Volume 2
Chapter 37— Rushing the crown to be red
Chapter 38— The Darkness of the Willow
Chapter 39— Only treating him with indifference
Chapter 40— Liking but not making light of it
Chapter 41— The Secret of the Treasure Map
Chapter 42— Xiao Ming Xuan


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