The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 59

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Chapter 59: Saint Magus 2.22


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

Li Luo rummaged through the outline of the story for a while, and finally remembered, Chris isn’t she the other female protagonist of the story that he wrote?!

Li Luo withdrew his thoughts, and couldn’t help but grind his claws inside the desk drawer.

He almost forgot, in this novel he wrote, there were Two! Female! Protagonists!

At that time, he wrote about the protagonist having several partners to make the story a lot more exciting, now he really wanted to kill his past self for writing it.

Hehehehehe, one woman was not enough, so there was another.

However, at the moment he didn’t know whether Elvis loved him or not, even if there were two female protagonists or more than two female protagonists, what was the relationship with him?

Li Luo covered his cat face with one of his front paws, while the other paw hitting the plank under his body, feeling that his future was totally bleak.

After the class finished, Elvis took Li Luo to have lunch, and he obviously felt that Li Luo’s spirit was somewhat downcast. He stretched out his hand and caressing the forehead of the round cat that he was holding, and then asked, [Ludwig, what’s wrong with you? Do you feel uncomfortable somewhere?]

“Meow.” Li Luo called out dispiritedly, he didn’t even bother using divine sense to communicate with him.

[What happened in the end?] Elvis stretched out his fingers and pinched the small chin of that soft and fluffy cat in his bosom before it was slapped away by a small paw.

How come it felt as if he was getting angry at him?

Elvis slightly raised one of his eyebrows, as he looked at Li Luo for quite a while, before a light bulb flashed in his brain, and an idea crossed his mind——could it be that he was jealous? He was obviously fine before class started, but after that girl came over and struck up a conversation with him, Ludwig seemed become somewhat unhappy.

Elvis couldn’t help but hook the corner of his mouth, his mood unknowingly became a lot better, and his heart had felt very sweet just like a jar that was filled with honey. Then, no matter how reluctant the round cat within Elvis’ bosom was his chin and small belly was forcefully scratched, he finally stopped resisting after he slapped it away a few times, and let him touch him, only then did Elvis stop his act of bullying him.


Li Luo was very depressed, ever since Chris came to St. Helier Magic Academy, he would happen to meet her in various places every day as he followed Elvis. Although such an active girl was also written by him, and when he was writing it, he thought this girl was very delicate, beautiful, and charming, but now he felt that it was simply adding to the pressure on him.

As long as the girl looked with sparkling eyes in admiration in the direction where the protagonist was standing, and trying to find any possible way to talk to the protagonist, Li Luo felt that his chest was suffocating and his heart was getting panicky.

Isn’t there a phrase that said that if the female chased the male it made the distance separating the two the size of a layer of silk? Even if the male protagonist was as cold as ice and frost now, after a long time, it still would be melted by the girl’s enthusiasm. What’s more, she was the protagonist’s original partner.

Every time he saw Chris, Li Luo would open his eyes wide and his pair of cat’s eyes would look fixedly at Chris who came to their side before once again reluctantly leaving.

Fortunately, Elvis did not say many words with her and only said a few sentences from beginning to the end.

That night, Li Luo changed into human form and took a shower in the bathroom. He just put on a bathrobe and walked out of the bathroom, when Elvis immediately pressed him to the corner of the wall.

“Elvis, what’s the matter?” Elvis’ face was leaning very close to him, and he could count the eyelashes in Elvis’ slightly drooping golden eyes.

Moreover, he was able to feel the warm breaths from Elvis’ nose very clearly——this was really a very ambiguous posture, Li Luo’s cheeks instantly reddened, and he didn’t know where he should place his hands and feet.

Elvis lowered his head and looked at Li Luo’s somewhat evasive eyes, his own line of sight gazed fell fixedly to the delicate and white as porcelain skin that exposed beneath the neckline of Li Luo’s wide bathrobe, his eyes could not help but deepen.

“Ludwig, what have you been doing this time?”

“Nothing.” Li Luo averted his eyes, even more, not daring to look at Elvis’ eyes.

“Really nothing?” When he saw Li Luo’s reaction, Elvis couldn’t help but want to lower his head and kiss those thin and moist lips, “Then why don’t you dare to look at me when you speak? En?” However, he was still holding back in the end, because he had longed for more sweet fruit. What could be better than your beloved admitting that he loved you?

Elvis’ eyes flashed a trace of darkness that was hard to detect. He leaned his face closer to Li Luo, “En?”

Li Luo felt that his heartbeat quickened, but he couldn’t tell Elvis that he was jealous of Chris, right? Not to mention that Elvis didn’t pay attention to Chris at all, but even if he does, for what reason did he have to restrain Elvis?

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  1. Why is Li Luo so naive?!? It was clear that at the beginning of the 2nd arc he stated that there were 2 female protagonists… how come that the familiar name didn’t make him think that she was the other one?!!? Damn I am so sorry for Li Luo’s low IQ… it really amazes me that he is a novel writer, ugh.

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