Chapter 92 Part 2

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Chu Wuyong’s innate talent was indeed very high. Three months after Li Luo give him ‘guidance’ from an ordinary labor disciple – who did not even break through to the Qi Refining stage – his cultivation leaped in one go, to the ninth layer of the Qi Refining stage, right away.

As long as he gets another opportunity, he can break through from the Qi Refining stage to the Foundation Building stage. And as soon as he enters the Foundation Building stage, he would become a well-deserved Inner Sect disciple and enjoy a more generous treatment from the Inner Sect.

When the people who formerly looked at Li Luo as a joke, after the sect disciple selection, knew this information, all of them would immediately opened their eyes wide in disbelief. So big as though their eyeballs would fall out of their own eye sockets.

With Gu Qingchen’s temperament, if not because of his outstanding innate talent, which attracted the attention of the entire sect, and the fact that he has become a Nascent Soul stage cultivator, he would have long been secretly disposed of by the people he had offended.

During new disciples’ selection at the main hall, when Gu Qingchen chose a labor disciple, who completely did not have any value, even though many people appeared to have a blank expression on their face, they were all laughing in their hearts. Waiting to see this sect genius to make a fool of himself; for this kind of disciple, they estimated that he would not reach the Foundation Building stage even after a century.

However, they did not think that Chu Wuyong, who was previously a completely unremarkable labor disciple, unexpectedly be able to become a disciple of the great circle of Qi Refining stage in a short span of three months. As long as he worked hard a bit more, he would soon become a Foundation Building stage cultivator.

At this moment, the master and disciple pair, in the discussion of many people, was inside the courtyard with one person standing and the other sitting, looking at each other.

Li Luo stood straight with his hands clasped behind his back, the expression on his face was still cold. There was a trace of sternness in his eyes as he looked at Chu Wuyong who sat on top of the stone bench located at the side of the stone table, not far away from himself.

Chu Wuyong’s current body was somehow malnourished due to bullying it had experienced by other disciples, and the food he ate was not good. Although Chu Wuyong was twelve years old, his height appeared like a child whose age was eight or nine years old;now, he was sitting on the stone bench, and his pair of legs did not even touch the ground.

On top of the stone table in front of Chu Wuyong, there was a table full of food which emitted various fragrances.

Li Luo stared at the child sitting in front of him, who silently looked at the food in front of himself, and only felt that his forehead began to hurt.

Although he knew that the child’s body had actually been taken over by Devil Lord, who was already more than a thousand years old and even if this person was his lover, his body now was still a child who has not yet stepped into the Foundation Building stage. In order to cultivate, he neglected sleep and forgot about food, only eating one meal a day;he was simply destroying his own body.


Li Luo said after he swept a glance at the food in front of Chu Wuyong.

“You are not allowed to frequently cultivate without eating before you become a cultivator at the Foundation Building stage.”

Chu Wuyong looked at the completely packed food in front of him; the expression in his eyes was uncertain, but his heart was filled with the strange warmth. In the past, more than a thousand years of his previous life, there has never been anyone who paid attention to these little things for him.

This person in front of him was the first one.

Chu Wuyong did not speak, he just silently picked up the chopsticks in front of him and took a piece of warm dish before placing it inside his mouth; obviously, it had a very ordinary taste, but for him it was the most delicious thing in the world.

Li Luo looked at Chu Wuyong who had started eating before walking over and sat down at the opposite seat from Chu Wuyong. His right hand picked up the chopsticks placed on top of the bowl, while his left hand pulled the sleeve of his right hand, to not let his long-sleeve touch the food on the table before taking a piece of oily stew eggplant and placed it inside his mouth.

The light pink colored lips were soaked in oil stains, revealing an attractive luster.

Although Li Luo was now a Nascent Soul stage cultivator and had long since lost the need to eat; as long as he was able to absorb the spiritual energy in the world, it was entirely enough to supply his own body’s consumption. Even if he doesn’t eat for decades, he would not feel hungry.

But Li Luo was not a cultivator; for him, he still preferred to eat food.

Chu Wuyong secretly looked at the Li Luo in front of him; his handsome face was still very cold,but the corner of those pair of phoenix eyes was slightly raised and a bit brighter than usual. Furthermore, those light colored lips had been dyed into thin red, and as he opened and closed his mouth, the tip of his tender red tongue was exposed between his white teeth…

Chu Wuyong’s eyes flashed a dark light, and he instantly shifted his line of sight. He looked at the rice bowl in front of him, before taking a piece of oily stew eggplant that Li Luo had just eaten with his chopsticks.He placed it inside his bowl and sent it into his mouth.

Li Luo simply did not notice Chu Wuyong’s small movements and continued to eat a piece of red braised pork.

Although he wanted to continue eating, to not go out of character, Li Luo only ate a few more mouthfuls, before reluctantly put down his chopsticks. He faced Chu Wuyong, who was still eating the food and sitting opposite to him and said:

“Before your cultivation entered the Foundation Building stage, I will be here waiting for you to have a meal, and will be eating together with you. At that time, if you can’t even do this, don’t appear in front of me again.”

Chu Wuyong’s action immediately paused for a while, before agreeing right away.

“Yes Master, this disciple would not dare disobey your instructions.”

Because he had his head slightly lowered, Li Luo did not see that the corner of his lips unconsciously rose into a small arc.

No matter what started from this day, every mealtime, Li Luo and Chu Wuyong would sit beside the stone table inside the courtyard, eating together face to face.

Under Li Luo’s supervision, every day, Chu Wuyong’s body, which was formerly small and thin, also become better. In a few months, his body quickly grew up to six or seven centimeters, taller than before.

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