The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 109

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Chapter 109: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.22


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

Chu Wuyong was sitting behind Li Luo, he did not say anything, as his deep eyes looked at Yun Tianheng who was hovering in midair and the breeze blowing his red clothes.

“What’s the matter? Chu Wuyong, you don’t recognize me anymore?” Yun Tianheng’s peach blossom eyes slightly squinting, as his thin and light red colored lips revealed a trace of obvious sneer, “Or, after not meeting each other for many years, suddenly you not dare recognize your old friend?”

Li Luo truly had to kneel down to this beautiful red clothes man in front of him, obviously he looking for Chu Wuyong, wanting to seize his soul, so he can use that cultivation method to advance to the next step, which was also the most important step for his cultivation.

For the path of his own cultivation, he was able to put his hand at his friend who was as close as his own brother, and even not let off the soul of his close friend who had luckily escaped.

When Li Luo originally wrote this character, it was also in order to promote the plot of the story and further enriched Chu Wuyong’s character. But when he really entered the book, the protagonist became the person he liked, and he clearly knew what the opposite person’s conduct and deeds. And now, seeing this performance of Yun Tianheng, he simply wanted to go back to the real world, reopen that novel he wrote, and abuse Yun Tianheng’s character for a thousand times.

Li Luo suppressed the emotions in his heart, his face was still wore that calm and indifferent expression of Gu Qingchen, and did not reveal the slightest emotion, “This senior, Wuyong grew up in the Clear Sky Sect from childhood, he should not recognized you.”

Yun Tianheng seemed to have only discovered Li Luo who was sitting in front of Chu Wuyong, but his chilling and fierce beautiful eyes only swept around Li Luo’s body once, before coldly snorted in disdain, “You are also just an insignificant person.”

When Chu Wuyong heard Yun Tianheng said this sentence, the expression within his eyes instantly changed and became a lot more chilly. However, he still did not rashly open his mouth. He did not know what Yun Tianheng was looking for here, and also how certain Yun Tianheng was that he was the Devil Lord Chu Wuyong in his previous life.

Yun Tianheng turned and looked at Chu Wuyong, “Chu Wuyong, why don’t you talk?” Then, he once again opened his mouth and said, “Well, you certainly never thought, that I am still able to find you here, right?”

Yun Tianheng’s dark red eyes circulated with a trace of darkness that made people unable to guess the emotions within, the smile on the corner of lips became ever more obvious, “I didn’t think that after I pierced through and destroyed the purple core of your Nascent Soul cultivation, you will disappear silently for a few hundreds of years. Unexpectedly you were still able to take over a second body and let me find you again, but you are still so weak now, and I’m a cultivator at the Demigod stage. It can clearly be seen that Heaven is standing on my side, and would help me complete my cultivation method.”

Li Luo felt the pressure that Yun Tianheng released in one instant, and immediately felt that his whole body can’t help but tense, it was as if his chest was being pressed by a big stone, making him breathless.

Li Luo strongly resisted the urge to bend over toward Yun Tianheng in front of him, and called out the system Xiao Qi in his mind.

In the current situation, he simply can’t think of any useful method. If he was unable to escape from Yun Tianheng’s control, the outcome of he and Chu Wuyong will definitely be death.

Then this world, also can only end with failure.

Although he already knew that the male protagonist in each world were the same person, he still wanted to go back to the first world and stay for a period of time.

Although in the first world left him a few unpleasant memories, and he didn’t like it when Qin Yu forced him. But apart from this, in fact, it could even be said that Qin Yu was treated him meticulously.

Even after such a long time, he was still unable to forget the last time Qin Yu gazed at him, that kind of despair expression in his eyes, and the words that he said with almost going to sob blood.

Therefore, he could not fail. He would go back to that world, and tell that lonely and despair figure, that as long as he doesn’t force him like that again, he was willing to stay together with him and then create even more beautiful memories together.

Under the pressure of Yun Tianheng, Li Luo still couldn’t help but lower his head, but the expression in his eyes became more and more firm and indestructible.

After Xiao Qi understood the current situation, he was silent for a moment, seemed to be checking something, before he said to Li Luo: [Great Host, considering this time critical situation, I can give you the spiritual tool that can make you surpass your current rank, but you can only use it for the male protagonist. Moreover, you need to sacrifice your current body, and you may have to forcibly leave this world for a short time. After you return, you will change into another identity. Are you willing?]

[Will this affect the completion of this world?] Li Luo did not have any objection to himself must be “sacrifice”, but eagerly asked about another thing he cared about.

[It will not affect, as long as the male protagonist can achieve the peak in the end, then this world is still regarded as 100% complete.]

Li Luo finally put out the worry in his heart. At this current world, he has to maintain the aloof and cold image. Apart from the time when Chu Wuyong was usually looking for him to discuss about the cultivation issue where they talk a little longer, the other time he basically did not talk with Chu Wuyong.

It was estimated that the male protagonist only have the master and disciple feeling to him. He was originally distressed at how to make Chu Wuyong able to accept the sudden huge changes of his temperament, and then just like in the previous two worlds, continue to like him.

The current crisis was also not necessarily a no good opportunity.

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