The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 116

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Chapter 116: Return to the University (7)


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

Time passed and winter came, the desolate cold wind rolled up around the whole campus. Unlike the other times, the students also did not like to run outside at this time. Even during the rest time, most of them chose to nest in their beds and wrap around the warm quilt, and will not go out unrestrainedly.

Li Luo belonged to the kind of people who were afraid of heat and cold. In summer, he wished for the clothes on his body, the lesser the material the better. In winter, he wished he could wrap around the quilt forever.

Because they were close to the final exam, all the courses almost stopped. As a result, the students were getting more and more free time every day.

Li Luo simply nestled in his dormitory when there was no class. Just like now, he set up a small table directly on his bed, and his hand was covering a charging water bag, facing the pile of words on the computer.

After all, it was the novel that he had written before. Although the details were almost forgotten, he could still remember the general direction and climax point, even after he returned to reality from another world. Coupled with all these years of his writing exercise, his writing style would be much better than the previous inexperienced him.

However, in order to not damage the future development, Xiao Qi made slight changes to Li Luo’s current computer when it talked with Li Luo before. Therefore, when Li Luo was writing the plot, no matter what plot he wrote, this computer would automatically convert the plot he wrote into the original plot of the novel he had written before.

And this computer can also be connected to the star network, Li Luo can freely switch the computer interface to the star network, and write a new novel.

Li Luo was very satisfied with this. He can directly type his new novel on the computer and can also directly produce the original plot of his previous novel to earn income, which was simply great.

Unconsciously time passed and evening came, Li Luo just happened to be on a small climax of his new novel, his pair of big amber colored eyes had an obvious excited look.

Jin Chenji opened the dormitory door, walked in, and saw Li Luo with slightly raised lips and his eyes were bright as he looked at the computer screen, his fair and slender fingers were typing fastly on the surface of the keyboard, completely immersed himself in his realm.

After Jin Chenji slowly entered Li Luo’s life, he naturally knew what Li Luo was doing now. Although in his opinion, the earning of the job that Li Luo did was really very little for him, it did not matter as long as Li Luo liked it.

Jin Chenji thought that Li Luo was just like a child that holds the treasure, mysteriously took the money he had earned from the author’s remuneration to treat himself a meal. Jin Chenji’s lips couldn’t help but slightly curve as he looked at Li Luo who was still concentrating in encoding the texts, the expression on his eyes also became more and more gentle.

In these two years interacting with Li Luo, Jin Chenji also found that Li Luo was very slow about the matter of feelings. However, this also showed that Li Luo was still a blank piece of paper when it comes to relationships, and has not been contaminated by anyone’s color; he would not let Li Luo have this opportunity in the future. He would make Li Luo’s heart completely dyed in his own color, and can only be him alone.

But now was not the time, Jin Chenji slightly hung down his eyelids, he has not yet fully in control of the power within his family, he can not let Li Luo be exposed to those people. If he and Li Luo are just good friends, they will not care too much, but it was not the same if they knew Li Luo was the person in his heart.

Jin Chenji’s hand that was holding the take-away bag slightly clenched, and then when he slowly walked to the front of Li Luo’s bed, his expression had already changed to the same usual expression again.

AdvertisementDue to his excitement, Li Luo’s pale cheeks were covered with a thin layer of red. Then at this moment, he heard a low and pleasant voice that called his name.

“Xiao Luo, eat first, you can continue writing again after you finish eating your meal.”

Li Luo came back from his excitement state, and looked at Jin Chenji who was standing at his bedside, while carrying the plastic bag in his hand. Li Luo turned his head and looked at the time on his computer——19:30. Previously, after he finished eating lunch, he returned to the dormitory and began to nest in the bed while typing the words. He didn’t think that he had already typing the words in front of the computer for so long.

Moreover, once he was reminded by Jin Chenji, his originally not in the least hungry stomach, immediately became hungry.

Today, Li Lang went out for a date, and his other two roommates were not in the dormitory. If Jin Chenji didn’t remember him, he was afraid that when he reacted, it had long been impossible to go out and look for food to fill his stomach.

“Chenji, thank you for bringing me food, or else I will have to go to bed hungry tonight!” After Li Luo put his palms together and said thanks toward Jin Chenji, he also not politely with him took the bag that Jin Chenji handed over. Li Luo placed the plastic bag on the table in front of him. After opening the bag wrapped outside, Li Luo immediately saw the transparent packing box contained in it, precisely a few of the dishes he liked to eat.

Li Luo couldn’t help but feel warm in his heart, although Jin Chenji looked very indifferent, he was really very attentive about him.

After Li Luo finished eating his meal, he continued to start typing the words again until 11 o’clock and would soon light’s out. Li Luo closed his computer and climbed out of bed, he took advantage of the gap where the light that had not been turned off and ran to the washroom to wash his face and rinse his mouth.

He washed up with the fastest speed, then quickly rushed back to his bed and lay down inside the still warm quilt.

It was estimated that because he used too much brain power today, Li Luo right away fell asleep deeply on the pillow just after a few minutes.

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