The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 111

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Chapter 111: Return to the University (2)


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

After Li Luo reported, there was another student who led him to the dormitory that had long been assigned to him.

Although Li Luo had not set foot in his university, his alma mater for almost three years, this was a place where he has lived for four years after all. Even if he did not come for so long, every grass and tree here seemed to have long been engraved in the depths of his memory.

Even without that guide’s senior to lead the way, he was able to find the floor where the room number of his dormitory was located.

Li Luo looked around at the surrounding environment while he followed behind the senior, just like other students who just came to school. Only the other students were curious about the school they were going to live for four years, but he was full of nostalgia as he looked at the scene in front of him which was overlapping with the one in his memories.

Although it has been almost three years, and he had forgotten many details about the N University, but at first glance seeing these familiar scenery, immediately deepened his memory.


Soon the senior led Li Luo inside a dormitory building, and climbed the stairs up to the fifth floor, before arriving in room 505.

After they arrived at their destination, the senior also did not stay for a long time, he immediately left after he informed Li Luo that they had arrived, and ready to help other juniors.

Li Ning looked at the dormitory door and joked, “The environment is not bad. When your big sister went to college, the bed length was still the same as at the high school. This dormitory condition is much better than your sister at that time.”

Li Luo couldn’t help but glance at Li Ning, “Big Sister, you only studied there for half a year, before directly going abroad to study. I remember that in foreign countries it seemed to be a one-person room, right?”

Li Ning smiled at Li Luo and said very sincerely, “Don’t envy your big sister, if you are willing, your big sister can also send you to study abroad now.”

Li Luo immediately said in defeated, “Don’t, Big Sister, I can’t stand the fast food and culinary there.”

The two people laughed for a while, before Li Luo walked inside the dormitory.

Because it was a bunk bed, with a table next to the bed, the room of the dormitory could accommodate up to four or five people. In addition, there was a separate washroom in the dormitory, the accommodation conditions were quite good.

Li Luo did not come early, and even if the two beds in the room had been tidied up, he didn’t see the figure of two people. Furthermore, there was a boy with a somewhat sturdy build tidied up his own bed while his back facing Li Luo.

Because of the late arrival, the good position has been picked away, and the last two remaining were only the empty beds near the washroom wall.

Aware of the new person came, that boy who had originally turned his back to Li Luo, turned and straightforwardly faced Li Luo’s direction, before greeting him. “Hello, my name is Li Lang, the two roommates who came ahead went out to eat, and I will help you when I finish packing up.”

When Li Luo saw Li Lang turned over his head and greeted him, Li Luo couldn’t help but also smiled at him, “My name is Li Luo, and the one next to me is my sister, Li Ning.”

Li Lang was his college classmate for four years, and he was his another good friend besides Jin Chenji.

However, after graduating from university, Li Lang right away returned to his hometown and worked there. Although he usually kept in contact, it was too far away, and a meet-up would simply be impossible. Now that he meet his college close friend again, Li Luo suddenly felt that it was also very good that he could actually return to this time and stay for a period of time.

Li Luo chose the bed on the left as before, and Li Ning also helped Li Luo clean the bed first and then the table.

After the two of them cleaned it, Li Lang also finished packing up his bed, and came over to help Li Luo tidied up his bed.

Just as the three people almost tidied up everything, there was another movement at the door of the room.

Li Lang heard the movement, he smiled and said, “Maybe the two people who went out to eat came back, just Li Luo let’s also get you acquainted with them.”

The three people immediately looked towards the dormitory door, only to see a tall figure obstructing the sunlight from the doorway. His appearance that was hidden from the ray of light seemed to be more dazzling than the sunlight behind him.

That face was like the Heaven’s most beloved work of art, each strokes were just perfect, handsome and compelling. Those sword like eyebrows draw across into the temples, and those pair of dark eyes were just like the deepest night, it made people unable to see the slightest emotion in his eyes; the bridge of his nose was straight, and the beautiful lines of his thin lips did not have any curvature. The figure of his waist also narrow and his legs were long, there was no trace of imperfections.

Despite this he had been interacting and together for so long with this man who regarded as the male public enemy by people before, but when Li Luo saw this stunned face for the first time after a long time, he still can not help but frozen a bit, this time Jin Chenji was still unfamiliar with him, and he also did not see Jin Chenji’s appearance for a long time.

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