The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 85

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Chapter 85: Saint Magus 2.48


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Niiesque

After finishing breakfast, Li Luo sat on the sofa for a while. His body felt much more comfortable.

He stood up and randomly walked around the inside of the room for a few laps before stopped in front of the window.

It was the middle of winter and a thick layer of condensation had gathered on the window. Everything outside was covered by the fogged-up window and seemed hazy.

Li Luo stretched out his hand to wipe the condensation off the window to immediately reveal the snow-white world outside.

There was a pale, yellow-white sun hanging in the sky. It seemed as if it was frostbitten by the cold snow as well; the projected light had little heat and only gave the illusion of a warmer temperature.

In the blue sky, there were only a few clouds apart from the large expanse of falling snow. It was like a large piece of cotton wool had been ripped apart to pieces and was fluttering down from the high sky.

“Do you want to go outside and take a look?” Elvis’ voice came from behind Li Luo.

Li Luo withdrew his gaze from the window and turned around to look at Elvis, unknowing of when the other man came to stand behind him. “Then let’s go out together?”

It wasn’t as if he’d never seen snowfall before, but he’d only seen such a large shower of snow a handful of times during his years with Elvis.

Moreover, he’d been pressed to the bed by Elvis for the past few days and didn’t have the chance to go outside. Li Luo wanted to have a breath of fresh air.

“Okay.” Elvis looked at Li Luo once, before nodding his head.

When the door outside was opened, the breeze rushed in while carrying the snow. Hitting Li Luo’s face, he felt the ice-cold snow falling on his cheeks. Even so, it didn’t make him feel cold.

Li Luo walked out the door. He’d only seen that the snow outside had accumulated into a thick layer and as soon as he stepped on it, his feet immediately sunk into the snow.

Li Luo’s one step practically formed a hole. Because of his physical constitution, he didn’t feel cold with the close contact of the snow, but the road was still a bit difficult to travel.

After a bit of consideration, he added a layer of protective arrays to the sole of his feet, letting him float. When he took his next step, he left no trace on the snow.

Elvis followed closely behind Li Luo. He hadn’t used any magic, but his steps only left a shallow trace on the snow.

The heavy snowfall seemed to have been ongoing for a long time now. The roofs of all the houses in the city were covered with a thick layer of white.

The unique European spire-shaped buildings, coupled with the fluttering snowfall, gave the impression of a fairytale world.

For the whole journey, Elvis was constantly one step behind Li Luo. He let Li Luo walk in front of himself, slowly following after his steps.

Li Luo was unaware that behind him, Elvis’ eyes were covered with a layer of hazy mist that was about to fall as we followed closely behind Li Luo. Every time Li Luo turned back to talk to Elvis, the man would immediately return back to his original appearance.

Li Luo appreciated the scenery of this small city that they had moved to three years ago.

Although he had strolled around every part of the small city with Elvis before, it became completely different after being covered by a layer of thick snow.

Li Luo and Elvis walked on the snow for more than ten minutes, following the small road that had been mostly buried in white.

In front of them was the public square, where people gathered whenever there was a large event. Elvis walked forward and shouted at Li Luo, “Ludwig, let’s go over there.”

Li Luo looked at Elvis strangely. After all, there was nothing but white snow.

Even so, Li Luo also didn’t question Elvis and directly followed him. He took a few steps forward towards the large public square.

When Li Luo was just about to walk to the side of the public square, he saw the white snow suddenly tremble.

Then, a small animal formed of snow suddenly stood up from the pile. Snow shaped trees and flowers followed it before gradually extending to houses and various humanoid creatures.

They were the only moving things against the still scenery.

These creations were all incredibly realistic, other than being only a tenth of the expected size. Together, it looked incredibly vivid and lifelike.

It was just like a recently formed, brand new world.

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