The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 115

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Chapter 115: Return to the University (6)


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

The development of interaction between him and Jin Chenji after that day was also the same as before.

Because Jin Chenji somehow stayed in the 505 dormitory more frequently than before, coupled that he was often sitting beside him during lectures, Li Luo became well acquainted with Jin Chenji.

Just like the previous him and Jin Chenji, slowly familiarizing with each other. Although Jin Chenji seemed very difficult to get close to, but after he together with him for a long time, Li Luo found that he was very reliable, unlike on the surface behavior, as long as it was the promise he made, he would certainly achieved it.

And because in fact Li Luo has been together with Jin Chenji for several years, and only gradually lost contact after graduation, Li Luo still regarded Jin Chenji as his good buddy in his heart.

Therefore, Li Luo wanted to quickly recover their previous relationship, and his treatment of Jin Chenji’s attitude slowly became more and more casual.

In the eyes of all people, Prince Charming Jin seemed unapproachable, only towards Li Luo that he practically can be said to be easy to get along; it really made a lot of people shocked.

Li Luo, the only person involved, was completely ignorant. He only thought since Jin Chenji was his hardcore buddy, therefore it was as expected he would treat him this well.


In this way, two more years passed. Li Luo only spoke two words with Xiao Qi in these past two years, and then, Xiao Qi fell into a hibernation state again to store the system’s energy.

Li Luo knew that he would not be able to return to the Immortal Path of Devil Lord world before the system’s energy recovered fully, so he enjoyed this return to the university time with peace of mind.

His heart not at all without thinking about Chu Wuyong in that world, but even if he wanted to go back, it would not be possible until the system’s energy was full. Since this was the case, then he would also not want to increase his trouble. After all, he would go back eventually, merely because the special situation, he just has to wait for Xiao Qi to inform him when he can return.

Instead of worrying about when he can go back every day, it was better to take advantage of this hard to come by opportunity and properly enjoy his college life. After all, no one can return to college like him, and once again live the carefree days of the student.


And in these two years of interacting with Jin Chenji, Li Luo discovered that Jin Chenji would inadvertently reveal the common similarities in his behaviors and habits with Chu Wuyong, Elvis, and Qin Yu that he was overly familiar with.

After Li Luo discovered this matter, he secretly observed Jin Chenji but he did not find that sense familiarity again besides that time. He regarded himself as a good buddy and the kind that cared and was tolerant; there was no other movements that made him decide.

Perhaps because Li Luo, although he has warned himself in his heart that thinking of Chu Wuyong’s world was useless, moreover Chu Wuyong was the protagonist of that world and have the protagonist’s halo, it was simply impossible for something to occur to him.

But in fact, he still couldn’t help thinking about after he sent away Chu Wuyong at that time, where he would fell into in the end, and whether he would encounter any danger. Therefore, when he saw some similarities of Chu Wuyong with his good buddy in the real world, he can’t help but think more.

However, after several times observing, Li Luo decided that it must be because he was thinking too much; later on, he told himself that he would not think too much of the matter again.

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