The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: Saint Magus 2.16


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

Li Luo rushed a few kilometers away in the opposite direction of the Silver Flame Wolf, while carrying Elvis who had fallen into a coma, before slowly stopping his footsteps. During this time, he felt that his shoulders had been wet by some sort of warm liquid—it was the blood that constantly overflowed from Elvis’s mouth.

Li Luo was very anxious all the way, he was afraid that if he stopped his footsteps to check Elvis’ situation, the Silver Flame Wolf would wake up and catch up with them.

Only when he had arrived in a safe area did Li Luo stop his footsteps. He quickly looked around once to survey the area, and found there was a field of green grass in front, he immediately walked there while carrying Elvis on his shoulders. After putting Elvis on the grass, Li Luo found out that Elvis’ entire face was bloodless and pale like a blank sheet of paper. The clothes on Elvis’ chest were all wet with blood, moreover a large part of his own white garments were also stained with Elvis’ blood, which looked very shocking.

Li Luo looked dazedly at these bloodstains, and then he saw Elvis still unconsciously coughing up blood, he just felt his brain go blank. He didn’t know why these things that were obviously not written in the plot within the novel suddenly happened. However, when he thought about the last world that also had a lot of things different from the storyline, Li Luo quickly calmed down. Now the most important thing was how to make Elvis quickly recover. Li Luo remembered that Xiao Qi once said that he could scan a human body and immediately summoned Xiao Qi to come out, he didn’t wait for Xiao Qi to speak, and hurriedly said, [Xiao Qi, quickly help me see Elvis’ condition.]

[Okay, please wait for a moment host.] Xiao Qi also saw Elvis’ situation through Li Luo’s eyes, and instantly stopped saying anything, and quickly scanned and checked up on Elvis’ physical condition.

After a while, Xiao Qi told Li Luo, [Great Host, the condition of protagonist is very bad. He has two broken ribs, and one of them was inserted into his lungs, the oxygen contained in his blood is gradually decreasing, which is making his heartbeat slowly slow down. If he doesn’t get treatment as soon as possible, after a few hours, the protagonist will lose all signs of life.]

Li Luo suddenly felt his head buzzing, would he want Elvis to withdraw from the final exam? However after this failure, Elvis would be expelled from the Black Thorn, moreover Elvis had just recently started to look at the information on the second level of the academy’s library, if he was expelled from the Black Thorn, it meant he could no longer enter the second level, unless he continued to put great effort in the next semester’s final exam. This was actually a waste of time for Elvis, in addition the plot would slip away too much, who knew what would happened in the future. Li Luo made up his mind, and once again asked Xiao Qi, [Aside from withdrawing from the exam, is there any other way?]

Xiao Qi, [Wait a minute, let me take a look first.]

Li Luo, [En.]

After a short while, Xiao Qi quickly said in his mind, [Great Host, there is a cliff about four kilometers away from this place, with a freshly ripe Holy Fruit hanging on the cliff’s wall. As long as the protagonist eats it, he will recover very quickly.]

Li Luo breathed a sigh of relief, he turned his head and looked at Elvis that was lying on the grass, before he leaned over and once again picked him up, quickly walking towards the place where Xiao Qi was pointing.

On the way, he was careful not to let Elvis suffer any bumps, so it took more than ten minutes for him to arrive at the edge of the cliff that Xiao Qi mentioned, Li Luo placed Elvis carefully on the ground, and put him in the most comfortable position.

Since he was more flexible in the beast form, Li Luo changed back to beast form, before he rushed to the edge of the cliff, and he stretched out all of his claws on his four small paws, and inserted them into the hard rock, then climbed down from the top of the cliff, slowly moving to the place where the holy fruit was located.

The wind on the cliff was very strong, as it blowed a small snowball like figure on the cliff wall who was slowly moving. Even though his small body was blown up several times by the wind, he was firmly holding the rock, and continued to shakely climb down.

When he finally saw a layer of soft white light, which was a tree trunk that seemed to be carving from jade with the holy fruits above it, Li Luo immediately relieved.

At the top of the emerald green plant was two jade white fruits that looked like apples in his original world, and Li Luo could smell a very wonderful fragrance, even though he was still more than ten meters away from it.

Li Luo turned around to check his surroundings, after confirming that there was no danger, he instantly jumped to the plant. Climbing up to the top of the trunk, Li Luo used his two front paws to collect the two holy fruits and asked, [Xiao Qi, can you put these in your system space?]

[No problem, I’m able to.] Xiao Qi answered.

Li Luo moved once, while stretching out one of his claws, a thin layer of wind began encircle the claw tip, he waved his claw, and one of holy fruits fell down from the branch, Li Luo looked at the timing, before opening his mouth to bite the stalk under the holy fruit, then let Xiao Qi place it inside his system space, Li Luo striked the other one, Li Luo almost fell to the ground when he caught it, but he reacted quickly by using his four claws to hold the tree branch, so he didn’t fall down.

Finally, the two holy fruits were safely stored inside Xiao Qi’s system space, and Li Luo finally put out the worry in his heart, he turned around and began to return back.

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