The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 90

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Chapter 90: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.3


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

Li Luo stood on the high step and look at the thin figure brought over by a disciple in blue garment with his head hung down. He tried to hold back the swelling emotions in his heart before he slightly lowered his head and looked at the child standing below him and said: “Raise your head and let me see your face.”

When Chu Wuyong heard the clear and cold voice above him which as if the spring water of the mountain stream hit the rock; his heart did not know why but it slightly stirred.

Chu Wuyong was stunned that he stood there, dumbfoundedly, unable to follow Li Luo’s instructions. Seeing the boy’s state, the disciple that stood beside him opened his mouth and reminded Chu Wuyong. “Elder Gu called you, why don’t you hurry and raise your head.” His eyes filled with envy and hatred, eyeing this uninterested boy that came out of nowhere.

God knows what this boy had done to have this kind of unexpected luck. To be able to draw Elder Gu’s attention, this lucky fellow would unquestionably experience meteoric rise; he will surely have good days ahead. However, this boy didn’t know how to show his gratitude and this made people possess the desire to ruthlessly beat him up because even though Elder Gu told him to raise his head, he ignored him.

Chu Wuyong broke off from his trance when he heard the blue-clothed disciple’s words. He had a trace of doubt in his heart; why did his heart stir this much just by hearing this man’s voice? However, Chu Wuyong quickly pressed this trace of doubt to the bottom of his heart and slowly raised his head to look at the direction where that voice came.

In a short while, Chu Wuyong saw the face of the man against the glaring sun; he had his head slightly lowered to look at him (CW).

This man had a beautiful face with delicate features, but those pair of eyes looked like the moon reflected in a clear pool which appeared relatively cold. The expression on his face was indifferent, and the color of those tightly closed lips was luminous.

He had a tall and slender frame; the hands exposed outside his broad sleeves also looked like they were carved from a high-quality white jade. Under the sunlight, the man’s frame appeared to have been covered with a faint layer of halo.

His whole person looked like a lightly inked painting.

The more you look at the person, the more the people that observed him to have the urge to add a dense color to him.

Chu Wuyong could not help but look at the man with a trace of interest in his eyes, but he swiftly hid it in the depths of his eyes.

When Li Luo saw that the boy had raised his head and looked up at his face, his eyes could not help but waver from the sight of the boy’s malnourished and sickly appearance. He clearly understood that his initial condition must have been tragic.

However, the days when this body should have experienced a hard time should be before the protagonist Chu Wuyong’s arrival. The current Chu Wuyong did not appear to be the previously easy-to-bully boy.

Living in the immortal path sect opposite to his previous life, Chu Wuyong was bound to feel his hands and feet tied; it must’ve been uncomfortable.

Li Luo stared at Chu Wuyong for a short while before he opened his mouth once again. “Would you be willing to accept me as your master?”

Chu Wuyong slightly hung down his eyelids to cover the expression in his eyes and directly kowtowed to Li Luo, “Disciple Chu Wuyong pays respect to Master.”

Satisfied, Li Luo looked at Chu Wuyong and nodded, “Then from today onward, you will be my, Gu Qingchen’s succeeding disciple.” Moreover, if he placed Chu Wuyong by his side, he can easily observe the man himself, whether or not he was the one was looking for.


After the sect disciple selection concluded, Li Luo used his spiritual tool to take Chu Wuyong to his mountain peak.

Gu Qinchen liked quiet, therefore on his mountain, other than him, only a few children in charge of cleaning the place, stayed here. Their rooms located far away from Gu Qingchen’s residence.

Every time the cleaned, they moved softly and quietly as they feared to disturb Gu Qingchen.

Li Luo took Chu Wuyong to the courtyard where he lived, and there was a bamboo forest inside the yard. The green bamboo was like a slender female dancer as it swayed gently in the breeze while letting out a soft sound of whistling.

The courtyard was not big, and there were only three rooms; Li Luo stayed at the master’s bedroom, located in the middle.

Li Luo walked on the small road between the bamboo forest and to the front of the three rooms, he pointed his finger to the rightmost room, “You will stay there later, and I will live next to you. If there’s anything, you can come and look for me.”

“Yes.” Chu Wuyong did not show any sign of dissatisfaction with Li Luo’s arrangement.

In fact, for him, living next to such a high ranked cultivator was very unfavorable to his cultivation in becoming a Devil. A little bit of mistake and he would likely be discovered by Gu Qingchen who lived next to him.

You must know that an immortal path cultivator was despise those who cultivates the Devil.

The Devil, also known as a devil cultivator, to them was like a poisonous tumor that grew on Tianyun continent, it was a hidden danger that needed to be removed.

Every time a Devil was found, it would be chased and killed by countless Immortals.

In his previous life, Chu Wuyong was undoubtedly regarded as the most talented genius among devil cultivators. It took him only more than a thousand years to become the Venerable Devil of the great circle-stage.

Countless devil cultivators around the world come to this place to join Tianmo Sect, and in a few decades, Tianmo Sect became a sect that stood equal with the three great Immortal sects in the whole Tianyun continent; with that, Chu Wuyong was regarded as a well-deserved Devil Lord.

Composed of devil cultivators, this kind of sect naturally became something the Immortal Sect hated to the bone.

The three great Immortal sects sent a few elders and over ten thousand cultivators, surrounded Tianmo Sect several times but aside from failing they suffered heavy losses every time.

In the end, they can only turned a blind eye to the sect’s existence.

When Chu Wuyong reminiscent his past, he couldn’t help but think of the person who betrayed him——Yun Tianheng.

As soon as he thought of Yun Tianheng, his black pupils couldn’t help but flash a trace of dark purple light.

Although in his past life, he was very strict with other people, he did not guard against his “good brothers” who accompanied him during difficult times.

There, he had to pay such a painful price until the time he died. Only then, he discovered that he had been poisoned by Yun Tianheng for a long time and the spiritual energy in his body was sealed, only to be nailed to a broken cliff by Yun Tianheng’s sword and died.

Although he had already started a new life, but the debts of his previous life; he was not that generous to let it go.

This debt, he was determined to find Yun Tianheng and have him repay each and every one of them properly.

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