Chapter 120 Part 2

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Chapter 120.2:

Li Luo used his spiritual sense to look at the information that appeared in his mind, the expression on his face could not help but become a little weird.

He did not think that Chu Wuyong would unexpectedly defeat Yun Tianheng, and directly took over the Xuan Ming Palace——that was, he had created before, and then because of being plotted against by Yun Tianheng, that place fell into Yun Tianheng’s hands. The majority of the devil cultivators that were from the sect followed Chu Wuyong.

If it was according to the plot that he wrote, after Chu Wuyong defeated Yun Tianheng, he did not pay attention to this sect that he had originally created. The Xuan Ming Palace was chaotic because of Yun Tianheng’s fall. It was only after a few decades that it gradually calmed down. But at this time, it had also been badly hurt for so long, and there was no past scenery.

But now, even the time to defeat Yun Tianheng was not right. For this kind of change, Li Luo was also merely tangled for a moment, before continuing to read.

Then, Li Luo could not help but pause again when he read that Chu Wuyong was looking for a secret method that would be able to resurrect the dead cultivator.

Why would Chu Wuyong look for this kind of secret method? Li Luo somehow thought of his previous identity——Gu Qingchen, the body that he had sacrificed in order to let Chu Wuyong be able to escape safely.

Anyway, now that he knew where Chu Wuyong was, he still has to think of a way to meet him.

Of course, before he meets up with him, he has to hide his current face. Otherwise, looking back at the degree of injury inflicted to this body before, it was most likely that he would be killed before he was able to approach Chu Wuyong.

And he doesn’t have a second better choice, after all, he can only use the current body.

The next day after Li Luo made a good plan, he checked out from the inn and gave the shopkeeper a tip of two pieces of middle-grade spirit stone. Then he left the Precious Stone City while being sent-off by the shopkeeper who was beaming with happiness. Li Luo rushed toward the Xuan Ming Palace where Chu Wuyong was.

Li Luo drove a flying spiritual tool that he had randomly taken out from Yun Tianheng’s universal pouch. In this way, he rushed from Precious Stone City to the nearest city to Xuan Ming Palace——Black Patter City, in just five days.

Li Luo controlled the flying spiritual tool to land in a secluded place outside Black Patter City, then ate a medicine pallet that could change his appearance.

In a split second after he ate the medicine pallet, his original face which was very bright suddenly became ordinary but still appeared a bit delicate.

Li Luo examined his current face, after he confirmed that it didn’t have a trace of similarities to Yun Tianheng’s appearance, only then Li Luo lifted his foot and entered the Black Patter City.

Because it was located nearest to the biggest devil sect, the Xuan Ming Palace, the majority of the cultivators in the Black Patter City were devil cultivators.

There were also immortal path cultivators, but the number was relatively small, and most of them were fallen devil cultivators.

When Li Luo walked into the Black Patter City, there were many eyes staring at him for a long time, until they determined the breath of devil cultivator on his body, only then that they gradually shifted their line of sight.

In contrast to the simplicity and comfort of the immortal path cultivator’s city building, Black Patter City’s architectural style was mostly extravagant and luxurious.

AdvertisementLi Luo himself did not expect that he would come to this place, when he was writing it up in his book before. A large area of black gold and red that filled his field of view seemed to blind his eyes.

Li Luo used self-hypnosis for a while to adapt to the architectural style in front of his eyes, moreover, after he saw more, it felt——still very good to look at _(:з)∠)_.

But now he should put more consideration into how he will be able to enter the Xuan Ming Palace. After all, only after he goes in, he can have the opportunity to get close to Chu Wuyong.


Xuan Ming Palace was located in the southeast of Black Patter City, more than a hundred feet away from the Black Patter City.

If you drove a flying spiritual tool, you can arrive in two hours.

Li Luo was sitting on a disc-shaped flying spiritual tool, beside him were five youths with young and tender appearance, and in front of him was a big man with thick waist and wide shoulders.

It was also a coincidence that Li Luo happened to meet a person of the Xuan Ming Palace who was in charge of buying labor servants. This kind of servant was equivalent to the most inferior servant of Xuan Ming Palace. There was no qualification for cultivation, but at least he can enter the Xuan Ming Palace.

Li Luo bribed that man of the Xuan Ming Palace and “sold” himself out.

And this big man in front of him, was precisely the person in charge of buying labor servants in the Xuan Ming Palace. Because Li Luo and the other five youths’ identities were very humble, he didn’t look at them properly, let alone talk to them, and even his body did not emit any pressure, when he bought them.

Therefore, in these two hours, the journey was very quiet, and each of the youth who were basically ordinary people were also like quail; the atmosphere was afraid to come out.

Li Luo also followed the suit, he imitated the other youths to be scared and not dare to make a sound.

The big man’s cultivation level was lower than him. Naturally, the big man was unable to discover that among these servants that he purchased, there was a former devil lord in the level of Demigod stage mixed inside.

Finally, the big man took the six servants he bought and landed on the base of one of the peaks at the Xuan Ming Palace.

The six people, including Li Luo, were registered at the management office, and after all of them received a bamboo plate representing their identity, the big man led them away from the peak and flew toward the main peak, at a beautiful palace with everywhere carved from the jade.

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