The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 102

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Chapter 102: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.15


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

Because each match required a long time to finish, most of the disciples who participated in the finals had a few days of the rotation.

Chu Wuyong had no match in the finals until the fourth day; it was against an opponent arranged to him.

But even if he did not have a match on that day, Chu Wuyong was not like other contestants who took advantage of these past few days to rest and reorganize themselves in order to achieve the best state they can achieve at the time of the match. He still came to the competition site every day, and by the time when the matches were finished, he would go back home together with Li Luo.

Li Luo didn’t think there was anything unusual, but Elder Zhao who was walking a little behind their back observedLi Luo and Chu Wuyong’s interaction, and couldn’t help but squint his eyes.

He did not expect that Gu Qingchen and his disciple had such good feelings, but in this way, after his scheme was successful, he could give Gu Qingchen a biggest blow.

With this thought, the corner of Elder Zhao’s lips could not help but let out a faint trace of sneer.


Four days later, when in the sky only came out with the first ray of the morning light, the gate of the competition site in Clear Sky Sect was already crowded. Everyone was whispering with each other, discussing in a low voice, while waiting for the start of today’s match.

Because Chu Wuyong never finished a match for more than two hours, all the disciples were very optimistic about whether Chu Wuyong can achieve victory in this match.

And even though the opponent that Chu Wuyong faced today was also very good among all the contestants. However, compared with the strength that Chu Wuyong showed before, he seemed to be a little inferior.

Even so, before the match was over, it was unknown who could achieve the victory. Previously, it was also not as if there was no match with some strength difference, but in the end the winner was the one with a slightly weaker strength.

So for today’s match, almost everyone came in with a very elated mood.

Li Luo’s heart was naturally not worried about the matter of Chu Wuyong’s loss and win, he believes that with Chu Wuyong’s strength, it was impossible to lose.

Sitting on the side of Li Luo was Elder Zhao, even though he still maintained the tranquil and calm expression on his face as he looked at Li Luo from the corner of his eye, he was secretly letting out a cold snort in his heart.

Gu Qingchen, you can keep this abominable expression for now. He did not believe that after this match, Gu Qingchen could still keep his aloof appearance.

Don’t you very much treasured this only disciple of your? Then I will make him fall from the top of the limelight to the muddy abyss.


After the disciple who acted as the referee of the competition called his name, Chu Wuyong calmly flew up to the high stage in front of him.

Followed by a young man in black clothes, whose face looked somewhat gloomy.

After the youth came to the stage, those pair of hazel eyes stared fixedly at Chu Wuyong for a long time. His whole person was just like a poisonous snake waiting for an opportunity to strike its prey, just waiting for the referee to announce the beginning of the match, before he would open up his highly toxic fangs, and rushed over to bite Chu Wuyong.

Under the gaze of the youth, Chu Wuyong did not show any trace of discomfort, as if the youth’s uncomfortable sight was merely inadvertently, the cool breeze brushed over the ear.

When that originally somewhat gloomy youth saw this kind of appearance of Chu Wuyong, the ruthlessness in his eyes became more and more apparent. Just after the disciple who acted as referee announced the beginning of the match, that gloomy disciple named Song Qingyun abruptly took out his spiritual tool. He held a silver-colored cigarette pipe in his hand, before placing it to the side of his mouth and blew lightly. Immediately after, he spewed a thick black smoke from the mouth of the cigarette pipe, only after one breath of time, the whole competition stage was filled with black mist.

The disciples who watched the match under the stage looked at each other in dismay, and wore a sorrowful look on their faces. Now the competition stage in front of them was covered in black mist, how do they watch the match?

Could it be that they can only look at this black mist until the match was over? What kind of deceptive spiritual tool is this_ (: з) ∠ _? Can they apply for a group to kill the caster?

While the disciples below the stage mourned, Chu Wuyong inside the thick pitch-dark black mist did not have the slightest panic, those pair of black eyes on his handsome face calmly looked around, before he sat down and closed his eyes.

Not far away from Chu Wuyong, Song Qingyun looked at this movement of Chu Wuyong and his complexion could not help but become even more gloomy.

He did not think that Chu Wuyong would actually be so calm, obviously he was now in the dark and Chu Wuyong in the light. But looking at this appearance of Chu Wuyong, it was as if this situation, for him, there was simply no threat at all.

Song Qingyun couldn’t help but clench his teeth, as the color of eyes became even more dark and unclear. Sure enough, what Elder Zhao said was not wrong, this person was the biggest obstacle that hindered him from getting the first place.

Moreover, as long as he helped him complete this task, he would be able to pay respect to Elder Zhao as his master and became a succeeding disciple of Elder Zhao.

Song Qingyun put on a pair of special black gloves on his hands first and then flipped his palm a few times. Shortly after, a piece of translucent crystal item similar to colored glass appeared inside his hand, as it emitted a faint purple light.

Song Qingyun carefully prevented the item from touching his skin, while he held it in his own hand. When he attacked Chu Wuyong, he tried every possible method to get this piece of item to touch Chu Wuyong’s skin.

As long as it touched any region of Chu Wuyong’s skin, this crystal piece will be integrated into his skin, and then Chu Wuyong’s body will emit a faint devil spiritual energy.

And those Elders and Mountain Lords who sat not far away from the competition stage will certainly be able to immediately notice the fluctuation of the devil spiritual energy. At that time, even if only one burned incense stick passed, the crystal piece would automatically withdraw from Chu Wuyong’s body, and Chu Wuyong would also unable to explain as to why he suddenly emitted devil spiritual energy.

And to be able to emit devil spiritual energy, it only meant the person really a devil cultivator who the immortal path cultivators deeply hated, one can well imagine how Chu Wuyong outcome would be after this.

Song Qingyun’s held onto that crystal piece with only the size of shell and tightened his grip as he looked maliciously towards Chu Wuyong’s direction.

Song Qingyun lifted up his other hand, and placed the cigarette pipe spiritual tool to the side of his mouth again. Unlike before, the spiritual only spewed out a thin white mist this time and the white mist was not like those black mist which spread rapidly, rather, it lingered around Song Qingyun’s body and very quickly, Song Qingyun’s figure disappeared inexplicably in the thick black mist and has not been left behind even a little breath.

On the other hand, Chu Wuyong who originally had his eyes closed, suddenly opened them. He looked at the place where Song Qingyun stood just a moment ago and could not help but show a slight trace of interest in his eyes. There was only a trace nothing more and as soon as he closed his eyes again, he was not worried at all about his current situation.

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