The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 106

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Chapter 106: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.19


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

Above the peak surrounded by layers of white mist, was a nine-story pagoda towering straight into the sky at the top of the mountain.

Each of the pagoda’s eight corners was implicated in a long chain that was not fixed to the ground, rather it extended upwards, straight into the sky, making people unable to see the end of the chain.

The function of these chains was to absorb the spiritual power of the cultivators imprisoned inside the pagoda, then release out all of these spiritual powers to the vast world.

Therefore, cultivators locked inside the pagoda’s cell would feel that all of their spiritual power had dried up as if they were bound, unable to use any techniques, even a bit.

Chu Wuyong was sitting in the cell on the fifth floor of the nine-story tower. It had been six days since he was locked in this place.

He suddenly opened his tightly closed deep black eyes and looked at the array on the door of the cell, which was surrounded by layers of fine lines; his eyes flashed through a subtle purple light.

The day when he was on the competition stage, he would be able to escape from the Clear Sky Sect without hurting his life, even if he was besieged. Now that he was locked up in this cell, the chance of him being able to escape with his own ability has become less than 40%.

For him, this was a very disadvantageous situation.

However, on that day, Li Luo did not have the slightest doubt about him and stood in front of him. He even faced all the Elders and Mountain Lords on the stage for his sake. It made him felt as if shrouded by one kind of uncontrollable emotion and willingly obey Ye Tianqi’s arrangement to be taken into this Spiritual Lock Pagoda.

Of course, in that situation, he couldn’t have done anything that would make others suspect. But even in this kind of very unfavorable state, he felt very calm inside. It had only been six days since he was imprisoned in this Spiritual Lock Pagoda and didn’t see the person in his heart, but at the moment he actually somewhat missed him.

Although these six days were nothing compared to those ten years’ time where he was trapped in the secret place, Chu Wuyong discovered that he was still unable to endure it.

Compared to ten years ago, that person has now become a drug addiction that rooted deep to his bone marrow and he simply was unable to quit. Just let him smell the unique cold fragrance that emits from that person, and he would right away make him unable to restrain his desire to embrace that person and took possession of him.

Thinking of the things that he had been done those nights while that person lost consciousness, Chu Wuyong’s eyes flashed a dark light and could not help but deepened a bit.

Chu Wuyong closed his eyes, converging his own emotions and entered into a state of meditation.

Although he can’t feel any fluctuations of spiritual energy in the Spiritual Lock Pagoda and was unable to cultivate, there was no obstacle to cultivate a state of mind.

However, if it was a general cultivator who was imprisoned into the Spiritual Lock Pagoda, maybe they would not be like Chu Wuyong at this time, unexpectedly able to calmly forge his state of mind.


Li Luo rode his own flying spiritual tool, the leaf-shaped boat. His cold face still didn’t have many expressions. He had just come out from the main peak Red Cloud Mountain. Regarding this matter of Chu Wuyong, Ye Tianqi specially selected today and gathered all the Elders and Mountain Lords to discuss how to deal with this matter.

After these six days of investigation, although there was no evidence that proved that Chu Wuyong was a devil cultivator, they also didn’t find out why Chu Wuyong was able to emit a devil spiritual power that day and unable to find any clues that he had been framed by someone.

Li Luo also understood in his heart that since Elder Zhao wanted to deal with him, it was certainly impossible for him to leave any obvious traces.

Although they were unable to determine that Chu Wuyong was a devil cultivator and Chu Wuyong would not be killed, Ye Tianqi, as the Sect Master of Clear Sky Sect, also can’t leave such a hidden danger to continue to stay in the Clear Sky Sect.

Li Luo was also aware of this and as a result, when going to the Red Cloud Mountain today, he was mentally prepared.

When Ye Tianqi said that he would not punish Chu Wuyong, but he must expel Chu Wuyong from Clear Sky Sect, Li Luo was also not surprised.

He originally intended to follow Chu Wuyong and leave with him when he leaves the Clear Sky Sect. It’s just that now, because this kind of matter happened, their departure shifted to an earlier date, nothing more.

Li Luo didn’t feel any unhappiness in his heart. After all, he had to maintain the character of the original body in Clear Sky Sect and sometimes he also felt a bit tired. Now he knew that he can leave this place faster, Li Luo practically wanted to beat the drums in his heart.

The Spiritual Lock Pagoda was not too far from the Red Cloud Mountain, so after Li Luo drove the leaf-shaped boat for a few cups of tea’s time, he right away saw the dark gray pointed pagoda appeared among the clouds and mist.

At the time he was near the Spiritual Lock Pagoda, Li Luo felt that the amount of surrounding spiritual energy become very thin, and the closer he was, the thinner they were. One can well imagine how it was inside the pagoda.

Li Luo drove the leaf-shaped boat to the fifth floor of the Spiritual Lock Pagoda, then took out the golden small token that Ye Tianqi gave him from his sleeve. After he threw it to the Spiritual Lock Pagoda, Li Luo’s slender fingers made a few sliding movements in the air, and the arrays on the surface of the fifth floor of the Spiritual Lock Pagoda suddenly swayed and rippled layer upon layer, gradually revealed a door that can accommodate one person.

Li Luo put away the leaf-shaped boat, before he walked inside the pagoda.

After he stepped into the Spiritual Lock Pagoda, the original ripples immediately disappeared and the Spiritual Lock Pagoda returned into a nine-story pagoda without any window or door.

The reason why Li Luo felt reassured about Chu Wuyong and didn’t ask to see him in these six days, because no one could enter the Spiritual Lock Pagoda without the pass token that Ye Tianqi personally bestowed.

Therefore, Chu Wuyong was absolutely safe in the Spiritual Lock Pagoda and will not fall into Elder Zhao’s scheme again.


Inside a beautifully decorated palace, a pale like cold jade hand slowly caressed the white jade tea cup held in his other hand, his thick long eyelashes were hung down which made people unable to clearly see the expressions in his eyes.

After a long time, he put down the tea cup in his hand, and looked up, revealing a face that was more beautiful than the alluring woman who was waiting quietly below.

His dark red eyes seemed to be filled with a layer of dark light waves, making people horrified. His light red colored lips hooked, and there a trace of madness and ambition was shown in his smile, “Since God gave me such a good opportunity, I will personally take a trip and let our former devil lord give us the last power he had before ceased, for our great cause.”

Although the nature of the alluring woman below was very casual, but when she faced the man above, she was very respectful. After hearing the man’s words, the alluring woman immediately knelt down on her knees and saluted, “This subordinate congratulates the Lord in advance, wishes the Lord success and soon break through from the Demigod stage.”

The red-eyed man did not respond to the alluring woman, but his mood was clearly very pleasant. He had been trapped in the Demigod stage for hundreds of years, and it was time to seize the opportunity to get himself out of the bottleneck and take it to the next level.

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