The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 97

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Chapter 97: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.10


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

Li Luo saw Chu Wuyong standing at the door and asked, “Wuyong, do you have any matter to discuss?”

Chu Wuyong stood at the door of the room for a little while, until Li Luo asked him. He turned around and closed the door behind him, before turning back and looked at Li Luo, who was sitting in meditation on the bed.

“Master, this disciple had just practiced the first part of the new cultivation method that you gave me in the room some time ago. There are a few points that this disciple don’t understand very well.” Chu Wuyong eyes slightly swept a glance at Li Luo, before moving away his line of sight. Chu Wuyong did not know why, but he was actually somewhat nervous, and the hands inside his sleeves were involuntarily clenched.

He had not experienced this kind of feeling before, even when his close friend plotted against him in his previous life, and he was almost dead, he did not feel a trace of panic, nervousness, and fear.

However, in Li Luo’s view, Chu Wuyong was still the same as usual. He looked very calm and self-sustaining.


When Li Luo heard Chu Wuyong asking him for guidance about the cultivation issue, he quickly summoned Xiao Qi, who was still on standby.

“Just say what you don’t understand, I will listen.” After Li Luo heard Xiao Qi’s response, he kept the cold expression on his face and looked at Chu Wuyong, who he didn’t notice as to when he had walked in front of him.

Chu Wuyong did not stand in front of the bed, instead, he kept a short distance from Li Luo. His pair of deep eagle eyes have an unknown expression, as it met Li Luo’s gaze. The original dark, like a bottomless deep pool, eyes seemed to quickly flashed a trace of purple light.

But Li Luo did not discover a trace of the change of emotion in Chu Wuyong’s eyes, and still concentrated on repeating Xiao Qi’s words, pointing out to Chu Wuyong, and striving not to make the path of the male protagonist, who would make the whole cultivation world restraining in fear someday, crooked.

Chu Wuyong’s dark eyes continuously let out a trace of the purple light, while Li Luo who was sitting upright on the bed was looked at by Chu Wuyong’s eyes. As time went by, after half an hour, Li Luo stopped speaking, and his whole person seemed to be staying still there, motionless, and the look in his eyes became gray. It seemed that at this moment he has completely lost his consciousness, and turned into a wooden man who can’t speak nor move.

At this moment Chu Wuyong’s eyes completely turned into dark purple, the dense purple color covered his entire pupils, and the color was close to pure black.

Chu Wuyong looked at Li Luo who had been completely still and lost his awareness under his control, before releasing the tightly clenched hands inside his sleeves, which have been feeling numb. Then he slowly walked to the bed, reached out his hand to Li Luo’s cheek, but dropping it halfway. After repeating this action several times in hesitation, his palm touched Li Luo’s cheek, and caressed it a few times with extremely cherish.

Then, Chu Wuyong’s eyes fell on Li Luo’s lips, which were slightly opened because of his speech just a moment ago.

Exposed in between the petal of his light red lips was a little pearly set of white teeth, and the tip of red tongue, just like the petals of a flower that had just bloomed bashfully in spring.

As Chu Wuyong looked at those lips that was extremely moving in color and shape, the color of his eyes could not help but darkened even more. He rubbed those light-colored lips with his finger until the faint color turned into bright red. Only then that he took a heavy breath, before he couldn’t help but lean over and kissed those lips that had been tempting him for a long time.

As soon as he came into contact with those hot lips, Chu Wuyong was unable to control himself and put his tongue to enter the slightly opening of those lips, before holding the back of Li Luo’s head and kissed him deeply.

The beast that had always been repressed in his heart had finally tasted the trace of sweetness it longed for, yet completely unsatisfied, growling and wanting more.


Nobody in the cultivation realm would believe that the cold hearted and emotionless Devil Lord Chu Wuyong, who look down disdainfully to the whole world, would be out of control because of one person.

And the precious elixir that he collected in the mysterious secret place that made the entire people in the cultivation realm crazy, was used for medicine powder that would make his master vulnerable to his own control.

Just to be able to touch this person in front of him.

In the past, he regarded other people’s lives as nothing, and would do everything to fulfill his desire. But he never thought that he would do something to this degree for a person, this kind of…indecent.Ezoic

Chu Wuyong kissed Li Luo’s lips a few more times, before he broke his kiss to Li Luo’s cheek and slid to the side of his neck, his deep colored eyes looked at that fair as jade neck, as he left a deep red mark on it.


Sniffing the faint plum blossoms fragrant from Li Luo’s fair skin, Chu Wuyong left a few more hickeys on Li Luo’s neck.

Chu Wuyong lifted his head, and once again kissed Li Luo’s lips. After that, he looked at the marks he made for a while, then slowly stretched out his hand to erased all the marks that he had just made.

As of now, the difference between him and Li Luo’s rank was still too much, that he could only control Li Luo for two hour. He estimated that after a while, Li Luo would wake up.

Chu Wuyong did not like this, he hoped that he could improve his ability as soon as possible. He wanted to get this person in front of him, and make this person belong to himself, forever.

Chu Wuyong arranged Li Luo’s body back to the previous appearance, before he stepped back a few steps and stood in his original place. Fortunately, the robe he wore was loose, and covered the tent in his lower abdomen which rose up because of his desire.

After Chu Wuyong stood in the same place for a while, Li Luo’s eyes regained its usual color, and his face still had the same cold expression before Chu Wuyong approached him. He did not discover, even a bit, about the small section of time that had been “stolen” by others.

With that kind of cold expression, Li Luo continued speaking to Chu Wuyong, completely unaware as to what the person in front of him had just done to himself.


In a secret room illuminated with only a small lamp, a pair of dark red eyes suddenly opened in the darkness.

Those pair of eyes were just like the pupils of a ferocious beast, as it looked at the table in the corner of the room, to a small lamp with faint blue light which don’t know when it had lit up.

The owner of those red eyes stared at the glass lamp for a long time, apparently didn’t dare to believe what he saw. Only then that he was certain that the faint blue light that was lit up was not his illusion.

In the next moment, the owner of those red eyes appeared in front of the glass lamp. The look in his eyes was crazy and very feverish as he looked at that blue light in the small glass lamp with the size of a palm which seemed to be extinguished at any time.

Immediately after, he held up the glass lamp, and burst into loud laughter inside the sealed secret room, saying in a mad and frightful voice, “I know, I know that your soul will not be so easily destroyed, Chu Wuyong…”

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