Phoenix Rising Over the World



Genres: Romance, Gender Bender, Historical

Translator: Waterlily

Phoenix Rising Over the World is a completed novel written by 雪的印迹. It consists of 194 chapters.


She was once the all-commanding queen of business, but when she woke up once more, she found herself disguised as the second young master of the Prime Minister’s residence!

Additionally, a certain aloof Emperor, whose status was high above everyone else, had his eyes set on ‘him’ for a rather long time now. From the expression in his eyes, that desire only seemed to grow more and more!

Until one day, it burst… catching ‘him’ completely unprepared!


Chapter 1 — Death

Chapter 2 — Crossing Over

Chapter 3 — Probing

Chapter 4 — Abandoned Book Pavilion

Chapter 5 — Clashing with Zi Xihan

Chapter 6 —Wedding Banquet

Chapter 7 — Learning in the First Study

Chapter 8 — Commotion in Class

Chapter 9 — I Will Not Kneel to Him!

Chapter 10 — Remaining in the Palace

Chapter 11 — Moving into the Falling Flower Pavilion

Chapter 12 — Yuan Xiao

Chapter 13 — State Banquet and Marriage Alliance

Chapter 14 — Zhou Family?

Chapter 15 — Who Is She Longing For?

Chapter 16 — The White Shadow Within Abandoned Book Pavilion

Chapter 17 — Rebound!

Chapter 18 — Accepting a Disciple

Chapter 19 — Disappointment

Chapter 20 — Everyone Wishes to Marry the Prime Minister’s Second Young Master

Chapter 21 — Prime Minister is Critically Ill

Chapter 22 — Zi Haotian Suffers From Strange Poison

Chapter 23 — Zi Haotian’s Death

Chapter 24 — Summoned into the Palace

Chapter 25 — Succeeding the Position of the Prime Minister, Attending Court

Chapter 26 — Disparity in Treatment

Chapter 27 — Wo Buren Deliberately Making Things Difficult, How to Manage a Flood?

Chapter 28 — Setting Down a Military Order

Chapter 29 — Fierce Battle

Chapter 30 — The New Prime Minister’s Residence

Chapter 31 — Yue Ran

Chapter 32 —  Lingering Fragrance Pavilion

Chapter 33 —Visiting a Brothel

Chapter 34 — Dance Competition Between the Four Miss Beauties

Chapter 35 — Number One Miss Beauty Yue Lengxin

Chapter 36 — The Guest of Honor

Chapter 37 — A Lead

Chapter 38 — The Emperor Got Jealous

Chapter 39 — Eating Dinner Together

Chapter 40  — Probing

Chapter 41 — Cold-Hearted

Chapter 42 — [Untitled]

Chapter 43 — The Fake Prime Minister

Chapter 44 — Finding the Truth

Chapter 45 — Arrived In Yan Yang City

Chapter 46 — To Poison

Chapter 47 —  Sneak Into the Yang Residence

Chapter 48 — Substitute In As the Doctor

Chapter 49 —

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