Chapter 114 Part 2

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Chapter 114 Part 2:

When Li Luo awoke from his sleep, he only felt that his head was still a little dizzy, and then he remembered what happened last night, Li Luo immediately felt that his whole face burning up again.

He was certainly drunk last night, but he still remembered it very clear about what happened after he got drunk. This time, sure enough, he was still the same as himself at that time, still doing that thing.

Although he knew that if it not because of this incident that he may not be able to interact with Jin Chenji for a lifetime, he still felt very embarrassed when he thought of himself at that time.

Li Luo couldn’t help but bury his face in the quilt, ready to be an ostrich and forget about it.

Just as Li Luo felt entangled, a low and pleasant to hear voice came from his bedside, “Wake up? Get up and drink some honey water.”

Li Luo immediately recognized the owner of this voice——Jin Chenji. Because the desire of wanting to be quickly familiar with Jin Chenji, Li Luo overcame the insignificant shame in his heart at this time; he opened the quilt, before he sat up on the bed. Then he looked at Jin Chenji who was holding a glass containing light yellow honey water, while lifting his head and looked straight at him.

Li Luo quickly climbed out of bed. After he thanked Jin Chenji, he took the glass in his hand and drank it cleanly in one breath. Li Luo felt the warm honey water went down to his belly, he didn’t know whether it was a psychological effect, Li Luo immediately felt a lot more comfortable.

After saw Li Luo finished drinking the honey water, Jin Chenji naturally took the empty cup from his hand and said, “Go brush your teeth first, I also bought breakfast.”

“Okay, thank you, classmate Jin.” Li Luo also did not decline, and immediately went to the washroom.

Because he played too much last night, when Li Luo woke up, the rest of the dormitory people looked at each other in dismay, before looking at the very calm Jin Chenji.

They originally thought that after Li Luo woke up, Jin Chenji would certainly find Li Luo to settle accounts, so they had already discussed how to help Li Luo last night. If Jin Chenji really want to fight, they also planned on going to support Li Luo and persuade him.

They didn’t anticipate that nothing happened this morning, moreover when they saw Jin Chenji’s appearance, there was nothing different from the usual. They didn’t know if it was just their illusion, but the oppressive momentum around Jin Chenji’s body seemed a lot more soft than usual.

Jin Chenji seemed to be aware of everyone condensed gaze, but he still kept his eyes at Li Luo’s direction and did not turn around, before his low and pleasant to hear voice slowly sounded, “You all wake up, I also bought breakfast for you.”

Everyone couldn’t help but be shocked again, oh my God, they did not hear wrongly, right? Jin Chenji also bought them breakfast?!

They can’t restrain themselves to look out of the window. Were they still dreaming? Or, was the sun actually rising from the west today?

They can’t be blame for being shocked. After all, the number of times Jin Chenji stayed in the dormitory in this one year simply could be counted with just ten fingers.

Not to mention that Jin Chenji did not have too many intersections with any of them, and he did not even say over a few sentences; exactly the example of a detached and aloof Prince Charming.

And such Jin Chenji, actually brought breakfast for all of them?

After Li Luo washed his face and rinsed his mouth, he thought about the matter of last night and couldn’t help but wipe his face with a towel for a few times.

He thought that a few years ago, he was also very embarrassed as he was now, but he remembered that Jin Chenji would certainly disregard the uncomfortable situation after his drunkenness, and brought him honey water and breakfast. Li Luo remembered himself at that time was also very embarrassed, but he still apologizes to Jin Chenji.

And now he naturally wanted to apologize at Jin Chenji too. After all, although he was drunk last night, but it was the fact he inexplicably kissed the others, if he was not drunk, all this matter would not happen.

Li Luo washed his face again to let himself calm down, then he took a breath and walked toward Jin Chenji.

“Classmate Jin, I was drunk last night, so for the thing that happened…I am sorry.”

Jin Chenji did not speak, as his deep eyes looked at Li Luo who was still has slightly red cheeks, only after paused for a moment before saying, “It’s nothing, you don’t need to worry.”

Li Luo got the same answer as the previous self, he immediately smiled without any burden to Jin Chenji, and did not notice that after Jin Chenji saw his smile, his eyes flashed a full of possessiveness look.

At that time, it was also because Jin Chenji seemed very easy to get along, not at all the same as at the surface, that he and Jin Chenji feelings became more and more good; even better than his close buddy Li Lang.

Also from this day, the number of times Jin Chenji appeared in the dormitory has increased significantly.

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