The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 72

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Chapter 72: Saint Magus 2.35


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

Both Li Luo and Elvis were sitting inside a cave, and there was a fire burning in the middle of the two of them, as the light emitted from the fire made the faces of the two men be dyed in a layer of faint orange.

Yesterday morning, because of sudden heavy rain, the two men abandoned the idea of doing battle with a magical beast, and then searched with the fastest speed for a place to stay, only to find this suitable cave after more than an hour.

After sleeping in the cave for one night, listening to the rain outside, which still did no show any signs of stopping, Li Luo and Elvis continued to stay in the cave and finished their breakfast that settled against the fire.

The rain lasted for an exceptionally long time, even after one day and one night it still did not stop.

It was not until the afternoon that Li Luo heard the rain outside gradually becoming pattered.

“Elvis, the rain seems like it’s going to stop.” Li Luo’s eyes brightened, he immediately stood up and said, “I will go to the cave’s entrance to take a look.”

After that, Li Luo walked toward the cave’s entrance which was not far away. When he arrived at the entrance, Li Luo used his hand to push away the vines hanging down on the cave’s entrance, he lifted his eyes and looked out, sure enough, he saw the original downpour, now gradually become continuous drizzling. The distant sky also showed a bright color, immediately afterward the outline of the sun slowly revealed high in the bright sky. Then, a seven-colored rainbow bridge right away appeared there.

The rainbow bridge was not as indistinct and hazy as Li Luo had seen before, rather it hung very clearly in the air, with two gray clouds floating at both ends of the bridge. Against the projection of bright yellow-colored light from the rear and the dense forest under the misty rain, everything looked like a dream and fantasy, just like entering a fairy tale world in general.

Li Luo was instantly fascinated by the beautiful scenery in the front of his eyes, the tip of his nose smelt the very fresh and clean air after the rain settled in the forest, and suddenly felt the exhaustion in his whole body wash away.

Elvis walked from behind Li Luo’s body to his side and saw the little emotions flashing in Li Luo’s eyes, and couldn’t help but hook the corner of his mouth.

Right at this moment, Elvis suddenly felt an inexplicable tremor in his heart, as the blood in his whole body gradually boiled up along with it.

This familiar feeling made Elvis’ azure eyes shrink for a moment.

Elvis took back the hand that wanted to encircle Li Luo’s waist and looked towards the direction that made him feel familiar.

Li Luo also noticed the change in Elvis’ mood, he withdrew back his line of sight, and turned his gaze towards Elvis, before asking, “Elvis, what’s the matter?”

“The third item has appeared.” Elvis narrowed his eyes, “And, it is moving.”

Finally appeared?

When Li Luo heard Elvis’ words, his eyes couldn’t help but immediately brighten up. This meant, he and Elvis could finally enter the new transcript.

Elvis figured out the speed and direction of that thing’s movement before reaching out his hand and embraced Li Luo’s waist, then took Li Luo to jump off from the cave’s entrance that was located in the middle part of a mountain.

Before the two of them landed, a tree root regiment rapidly rose up from the ground and caught the two men, then along with Elvis’ jumping, the same tree roots would continuously emerge above the ground, steadily transporting the two men to the location.

When the two of them rushed toward that thing that made Elvis feel a reaction, it seemed to be aware that someone was behind its back and chasing after itself, as the speed of it’s running became even faster.

Elvis was continuously chasing after the thing in front of them that was moving fast and constantly changing direction while holding Li Luo.

Finally, after almost two hours, the animal which ran away while constantly changing directions in front seemed to be tired, and its speed slowly decreased.

Elvis instantly took this opportunity and rushed in that direction even faster.

After only ten minutes, the two men saw a magical beast that looked like a lion, with one long horn on its head leaping forward and running away.

Apparently sensing that the thing that had been chasing itself before was already not far away from it, the magical beast turned around and looked back. Its deep purple eyes flashed through a dark light, immediately afterward it squatted down its back legs as it ran, to accelerate a bit of speed, and increased some distance from Elvis and Li Luo.

When Elvis approached the magical beast, he felt that the resonance in his body became more and more clear, he also increased his speed to catch up with that magical beast.

The two men and one beast played this kind of chasing war inside the vast Mountain Range of Magical Beasts.

The size of that magical beast’s body was just like a lion, all muscles in its were knotted, and every step that fell on the ground caused very small vibration. Its huge head occasionally turned to the left and right, trying to find the way, in addition, to avoid the spells that Elvis cast, the magical beast’s speed continuously changed between fast and slow. Until it ran to a hill surrounded by some strange rocks, only then did the speed of this magical beast look as if it was being hindered by the strange terrain, as its speed slowed down.

The magical beast moved his huge head, before turning over its body, seeming like it wanted to change direction and continue running. However, how could Elvis permit it to have the chance to once again change direction and escape, he immediately began to softly chant a spell, before landing on one of the erected stones.

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