The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 94

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Chapter 94: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.7


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

When Li Luo returned to his Blue Feather Mountain, the moon had already slipped past the highest point and shifted toward the east.

But after Li Luo came down from the leaf-shaped boat, he saw Chu Wuyong still sitting beside stone table in the courtyard.

Because there was no lighting equipment, Chu Wuyong’s figure only showed a black shadow. But Li Luo, who is already at Nascent Soul stage, could clearly see the appearance of the person who sat there, waiting silently for his arrival.

As the current Chu Wuyong is already a cultivator at middle stage of Foundation Building, so even if he does not sleep for a few days and nights, he can still maintain a very full spirit. However, after he left, Chu Wuyong had no idea when he would come back, but he still waited for him for a long time in the courtyard, as if he could not rest at ease until he returns.

Li Luo lowered his head and looked at Chu Wuyong’s direction, the corner of his lips slightly raised. His heart was also full of joy for this action of Chu Wuyong.

However, Li Luo quickly converged his own happy expression, he walked to Chu Wuyong’s side. When he saw Chu Wuyong also turned his head and looked at him, Li Luo’s light colored lips slightly opened, before asking: “Wuyong, why are you still sitting here?”

Chu Wuyong’s eyes could not help squinting, after he looked at the person in front of him, which had a bit embarrassing expression in his face, as if it was covered with a layer of mist, furthermore those light pink colored lips looked more plump and moist.

Under the strong pressure and impulse which possessed his own heart, he desired to pull down this person in front of him and kissed him strongly, Chu Wuyong tightly clenched the palms on the side of his own legs, before quickly let go.

He still needs to wait, at the moment, he was still too weak, it was impossible to get this person in front of him with his current ability.

“Disciple would go back right away to rest, so Master should also quickly go back to the room and have a rest.” Li Luo who stood in front of him did not notice, even a bit, the darkness on Chu Wuyong’s eyes under the cover of the night.

“En, wait a minute! Since you are still here, I don’t have to talk to you about this matter tomorrow.” When Li Luo recalled the matter that they had just discussed at the Night Moon Hall, he immediately stopped Chu Wuyong who just got up and wanted to leave.

“You also have seen today’s unusual vision, this is a sign of the cyan lotus secret place’s opening at the back mountain of our Clear Sky Sect.”

The Clear Sky Sect’s cyan lotus secret place, Chu Wuyong has also heard about it in his previous life.

However, although the cyan lotus secret place had opened and the Clear Sky Sect welcomed the cultivators on the Tianyun Continent to enter together, but it did not welcome Devil path cultivators. As a result, Chu Wuyong also never got a glimpse of the cyan lotus secret place that is well known throughout the whole Tianyun continent.

“…You are the only disciple under my name and you are already a cultivator at the Foundation Building stage. The trial of the cyan lotus secret place this time, you will go in together with other disciples.”

Chu Wuyong also had no objection to this, although by entering the cyan lotus secret place meant that he would not be able to see this person in front of him for several months, the length of the cultivation is very long, compared to the very long life of cultivator, a few months can only be regarded as nothing more than a moment.

Not to mention this time secret place only take a few months, some of the cultivators may take several years of Closed Door Training.

But even so, the thought of not being able to see this person in front of him for a few months, Chu Wuyong still had some reluctance in his heart.

Chu Wuyong couldn’t help but be shocked by what went on in his head, he actually already care to this kind of degree toward the person in front of him. Since this is the case, then he must get this person in front of him, make him completely belong to himself.

No matter what method was used, and how long it takes.


Time passed very quickly and it had already been five days. On this day, the weather was very sunny and cloudless, the sky was blue and there were not many clouds. There was only a huge round sun that hung on the east part of the sky, casting a dazzling ray of light towards the ground.

In these past five days, there were some cultivators who arrived at the front of the Clear Sky Sect’s main gate.

However, these people were only scattered of rogue cultivators, almost all of the real and important troops who came to participate in this trial of the cyan lotus secret place arrived on the fifth day.

From the distance, on the sky that originally had no trace of clouds, suddenly appeared more than ten piece of fast and floating of the dense “clouds”.

These “clouds” were flying very fast toward the direction of Clear Sky Sect’s location. Only when these “clouds” were all near that people could see that these were in fact not the clouds drifting in the sky, rather the group of cultivators that rode their flying spiritual tool.

Because many cultivators came to participate in the cyan lotus secret place this time, the Sect Master of Clear Sky Sect, Ye Tianqi, had already given instructions one day in advance and had people stationed in front of the main gate of Clear Sky Sect to welcome these far-away guests.

By the time when all these assigned cultivators finished receiving, it was already the afternoon of the next day.

And the cyan lotus secret place will be officially opened in three days’ time. These cultivators who have come from all over the Tianyun continent were all under Ye Tianqi’s arrangement, entered the guest rooms that have long been arranged for them to rest, preserved their strength while waiting for the opening of the secret place three days later.


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