Chapter 36 Part 7

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Li Luo was awakened by the ringing of a phone call, he was reluctant to wake up, he lightly groaned and frowned. Li Luo closed his eyes as he groped the bedside and took the ringing phone, the mobile phone was still vibrating, while he drowsily pressed on the answer button, “Hello?”

“Hello, what hello?! I’m your older sister. This damned child, how long has it been since you went out? Get the hell out of here and eat with me, do you hear?!” The voice of the woman sounded from opposite direction, roaring directly into his ear.

Li Luo suddenly sat up from the bed, his train of thought seemed to still stay in the scene of Qin Yu with tears streaming down from his eyes as he looked at him. Li Luo scratched his hair, his mood was depressed as he said, “Don’t want to go—”

“OK, you just wait there, I’ll pick you up now.”

“Hello, wait a minute, big sister, big sister?!” Li Luo only heard a “Toot-toot-toot” busy tone over the phone, he had no choice but to end the phone call.

Half an hour later, a hasty knock sounded at his door. Li Luo with hair looking like a bird’s nest put on his slippers and walked over to open the door.

Standing outside the door was a tall and hot woman with curly hair, she was wearing a professional suit, with a matching pair of black high heels. She appeared to be a very capable and neat big beauty—it was the older sister of Li Luo, Li Ning.

Upon seeing Li Luo, Li Ning rapidly reached out her hand and pinched his white and tender cheek, only then did she take a glance at his messy hair. A finger coated with red nailpolish poked Li Luo’s head as she said, “Didn’t I tell you to get ready to go out? Why do you still have this sloppy appearance?”

“Big sister, I do not want to go out.” Li Luo said, as he lowered his head.

Li Ning raised up one of her eyebrows, looked at Li Luo for a few seconds before she said, “OK, quickly go change your clothes, or do you need your big sister’s help to change your clothes directly.”

Li Luo helplessly turned around to the bathroom and changed his clothes into a t-shirt and jeans. He also combed his hair properly after he dipped it in water. Finally Li Luo walked to Li Ning’s side with his still downcast mood.

Li Ning dragged Li Luo up, after closing the door, she quickly pulled Li Luo all the way downstairs before getting him to sit in the car. She sat in the driver’s seat, Li Ning opened the roof above her sports car and then rolled down the car windows. Only when the car was completely turned into a convertible, did Li Ning step on the accelerator, and drive out.

The early spring wind was mingled with the fragrance of flowers. It was blowing on Li Luo’s cheeks, as he breathed out the fresh air as if he was washing the dirt out of his own body. In addition, the warm sunshine which was getting close to the evening, in this season it was very warm and gentle.

Li Ning took a deep breath, and then smiled as she turned around and looked at Li Luo that was sitting next to her, “Do you feel better?” When she saw Li Luo’s original somewhat downcast look improve a bit, did she went on and say, “Do not stay at home when you’re in a bad mood, it will only make you even more depressed. You should go out and eat more with your sister, go out for a drive. All day long holed inside your little room, those who are familiar with you know that you are a workaholic with your writing, but those who don’t would think that you are growing mushrooms inside!”

Li Luo was blowed by the wind for more than ten minutes, the uncomfortable feelings in his heart seemed to disperse a lot along with the wind, at this time when he heard the thing that Li Ning said, he could not help but smile.

Seeing Li Luo’s smiling expression, Li Ning felt relieved, “Tell big sister, in the end what made you unhappy?”

“Nothing, just encountered some problems when writing.” Li Luo couldn’t tell his real troubles, so he could only tell a small lie.

“Oh, then you can just put it aside for the time being, go out for a walk more. Now your big sister will take you to dinner. You don’t have think about it for now.”

“En.” Li Luo smiled. His gloomy mood, after being infected by his energetic sister, had become cheerful.

Li Ning stopped her car in front of a private restaurant, and walked over to the front desk. The receptionist that was stationed there quickly got up when she saw Li Ning and said with a smile, “This is Miss Li, right? The private room that you ordered is number A22, please wait for a moment, I’ll ask the waiter to come over and take you there.”

“Okay.” Li Ning nodded politely toward the receptionist, and waited until a young woman in the attire of staff clothes came over to lead the way, only then did she and Li Luo go inside.

After ordering a dish that she liked, Li Ning seemed to remember something, facing Li Luo that was sitting opposite of her, she said, “Little Luo, did you read the newspaper this morning?”

“I didn’t, what’s the matter?” Li Luo asked in puzzlement.

“Hey, do you still remember your roommate in college, that Jin Chenji.”

“En? What happened to him?” Li Luo was biting his chopsticks, as he asked in puzzlement.

“He was in a car accident and was reportedly out of danger this morning, at this moment, he was placed inside an intensive care unit in the hospital, but is still unconscious.”

“Car accident?” Li Luo opened his eyes wide in disbelief.

Jin Chenji was Li Luo’s classmate and roommate in college for four years, he was a handsome man with no close friends. He not only looked handsome, but also had a very good family background, moreover he was skilled in all respects, really an ideal man.

It was said that when Jin Chenji was in high school, he had already had an internship in the company owed by his family. After graduating from high school, he took over a project with the worth of ten million yuan and successfully doubled the profits of the project. After entering university, even though he needed to work in the company and attend school, he still could balance it properly. He also served as the president of the student council in his college, practically just like some of the overbearing CEO male protagonist figures in a novel.

To be able to become the classmate and roommate of such a Prince Charming level man, a normal person would think of holding this golden thigh. However, Li Luo always felt their personalities were incompatible, absolutely unable to go out together, until that one event happened which not only changed their relationship, but also let them become friends.

However, after graduation, their contact gradually became less. Moreover, Jin Chenji had to take over the CEO position at his family’s company, he was afraid the busy Jin Chenji already had long forgotten about him, this hardcore otaku that only knows how to stay at home every day.

To suddenly hear something bad happened to Jin Chenji, Li Luo couldn’t help but tense up, “Exactly what is going on?”

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