Chapter 116 Part 2

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Chapter 116.2:

In the middle of the night, Li Luo half consciously felt his legs became more and more cold the longer he slept. He turned over his body several times and eventually couldn’t stand the cold feeling, as he suddenly opened his eyes in the darkness.

After waking up, Li Luo discovered that the cold feeling was not just his own illusion. He clearly felt that the large part of the bed on which his thigh rested was wet, and the ice-cold and wet feeling stuck to his thigh. It was a big winter, it would be strange to not feel cold!

Li Luo only remembered that at this moment, during his third-year in university, there was indeed such a thing that happened. After he went back to sleep for a while, there was heavy rain outside, and the ceiling of their dormitory was leaking. The leaking place was just right above Li Luo’s bed, it was also considered to be his bad luck.

Li Luo reached out and touched his own long trousers. Fortunately, it was only a little wet, but a large part of the quilt that was covered on his body was already wet. The wet quilt was definitely not warm, so he would be woken up by the cold, and in this situation, it was also impossible for him to lie down and go to sleep again.

Li Luo took his charging mobile phone on the bedside and looked at it’s screen. It was already five o’clock in the morning, only more than an hour away from dawn. Li Luo simply did not want to sleep again, and he also did not want to disturb the other sleeping roommates. Li Luo half sitting up without making a sound, as his back leaned against the wall, and simply playing with his mobile phone.

When the first roommate got up dazedly and saw Li Luo who was already sitting over there while playing the mobile phone, he was immediately startled by him, “Fu*k, Xiao Luo, you got up so early today ah. When it’s a rest day, you usually will rather not leave the bed until midday, right?”

Li Luo immediately had some black lines, he did not expect that he actually had such an image in the eyes of his other roommates besides Jin Chenji and Li Lang. However, as a hardcore otaku who do not like to go out frequently, liked to sleep in was also very normal right, cough cough!

Li Luo was speechless for a moment, before he helplessly pointed his finger to the place above him and said, “It’s raining heavily outside and this side is leaking, how can I sleep? I was awake in the freezing cold last night.”

“Alas, what is this situation? Our dormitory is said to be the best dormitory in the school, how can it leak?” That roommate—Fang Junpeng, after Li Luo’s reminder, immediately looked at the ceiling above Li Luo’s bed that had long been wet in a large chuck, and still constantly dripping down the water.

Under Fang Junpeng’s loud voice, the remaining three other people who had not yet woken up were also woken up.

“……what’s the situation ah, what’s going on? It’s all leaking like this, how can people still sleep?”

“Even if we report it to the dormitory manager, I am afraid that Xiao Luo would not be able to sleep on this bed for the next several days.”

“Where would Xiao Luo sleep later?”


Li Luo looked at everyone that just woke up and right away discussed his “placement problem” for the next few days, and feeling himself, the main person who was suffering had now become a bystander _(:з)∠_.

“In these next few days, you can live with me first.” Just as everyone was discussing in full swing, a steady male voice sounded, and just like the ice water poured in the big winter, instantly silenced everyone.

Li Luo knew long ago that Jin Chenji had bought an apartment in the district near the N University, and he would return to the apartment he had bought every time he finished the class.

Nowadays, Jin Chenji would not stay in the dormitory, but also would return to stay in that apartment.

The previous Li Luo also had been staying in that apartment for a few days, and he still had a little impression over there.

Now that his bed was already like this, and it would be the final exam in two days. If he lived in the dormitory, he would not sleep well at night, and his condition would be not good at the exam.

Going to Jin Chenji’s apartment was also his only choice now.

At this time, everyone also seemed to be melted from their frozen state, and they all “recovered”, “So big brother Jin have a place for you to live. Then Xiao Luo, don’t refuse the good intentions of big brother Jin, and go live over there first until the ceiling is fixed before coming back.” Although Jin Chenji’s age was not the oldest in the dormitory, but don’t know when it started, except for Li Luo, all of them used this to call up Jin Chenji.

——Hey, he doesn’t seem to say no? Li Luo couldn’t help but pull the corner of his mouth, and then looked towards Jin Chenji, “Chenji, then I will go to your apartment and disturb you for a few days.”

There was a glimmer of light flashed through in Jin Chenji’s pupils, and his thin lips also seemed to be slightly curved, “En.”

Therefore, the placement problem after Li Luo’s bed encountered disaster was settled down.

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