The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 110

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Chapter 110: Return to the University (1)


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

Li Luo’s blurry consciousness was drifting in the darkness for a long time. He did not know how long time had passed before he gradually regained his consciousness.

Previously, after handing over that spiritual tool to Chu Wuyong, Li Luo right away gave his body to the system Xiao Qi to control. He originally thought it would be easy to leave that world, just like the two previous worlds.

However, when Xiao Qi manipulated his body to explode himself up, Li Luo felt kind of acute pain that made him faint. Under this kind of pain, Li Luo fainted unconsciously.

Li Luo opened his eyes, but he did not see that familiar ceiling of his own room, rather like inside a car.

Li Luo immediately turned his eyes, and looked at the person who was driving the car in the front, only to see Li Ning wearing a pair of brown sunglasses and a beautiful fiery red dress.

Seemed to be aware of Li Luo’s line of sight, Li Ning slightly turned her head and gave Li Luo a glance, before saying, “Xiao Luo, are you awake? We almost arrived at the school, and you just woke up, quickly moist your throat.”

    • Xiao” — which mean ‘Little’. Appended to a person’s given name to show familiarity & affection.

School? Li Luo’s mind became more and more confused, why would his sister take him to school? And which school are they going to?

[Great Host, because of the special circumstances and being forcibly leave that world, Xiao Qi used most of the energy to resist the pain that the Host would feel and protect Host’s soul from being damaged. At the moment, Host you have come across originally, only one third of the possibility, returned to a few years ago. Because the system consumed too much, it may not be possible to let Host return to normal time and space after a few days, please wait patiently.]

Li Luo did not think that he would actually return to a few years ago, but he had already crossed over in the world of several books, so he also did not feel very astonished when he returned to the past.

Xiao Qi seemed to recall something, and then said in Li Luo’s mind: [Because currently this is a few years ago in the real world, Host must not use the thing’s known in the next few years to affect the reality, otherwise it is likely to cause bad consequences, please be sure to remember this host.]

Cough cough, in fact, as the hardcore otaku who liked the fictional worlds of anime, comics and games, regarding that kind of society news and some developments, he was basically unclear, and something he want to do, he simply can’t do at all. As a result, that kind of rebirth and changing one’s life trajectory and so on in the novels, for this strange creature that always stayed at home, it was simply unrealistic……What bought a lottery ticket and stock, then get rich overnight, sorry, he completely has no impression _(:з)∠)_

Li Luo silently turned his head and looked outside the car window, watching the familiar and unfamiliar street scene along the way, Li Luo suddenly understood what school Li Ning said to him.

This road was clearly a commercial street that they must pass every time he was sent to school by his sister. He was now clearly in his way to the location of his university——N University of H City.

So, he currently returned to at least three years ago?

Looking at the familiar scene in front of him one by one, the nostalgia feelings could not help but rise from Li Luo’s heart.

He has not set foot in this road for nearly three years.

After graduation, he basically stayed in the house he rented, and rarely went out unless there was anything he needed.

And now that he saw this familiar scene, Li Luo’s mind can’t help but emerge many pieces of scattered memories, and as these scattered memories flashed within his mind, it evoked even more memories.

Soon the car drove to the front of the N University’s big gate, Li Luo looked at the crowd at the school gate, and the huge banner above which says “warmly welcome the 10th freshmen”, and immediately he knew that he had returned a few years ago.

He was now clear that he returned to the year where he had just entered college!

Because it was the year for freshman enrollment, there were many parents who sent students to the university. Although the N University’s gate was very wide, it still can’t withstand many people, as a result it was very crowded. Li Ning was simply unable to drive in, and can only find a place to park nearby.

Li Luo got out of the car, and then took his suitcase from the back compartment of the car. Li Ning locked the car, and took off her sunglasses and put it in the small bag that she was carrying, and then went to the crowded school gate with Li Luo.

As they didn’t want to squeeze in with the crowd, the two of them stood behind and waited when people became a little less before they entered the school gate.

When they had just entered the school gate, there was a boy with a little acne on his face who came up with a bright eye toward them. While he asked Li Luo about which faculty’s freshman he was, he couldn’t help but took a peek at Li Ning from the corner of his eyes, and then went on a bit of a daze.

Li Luo lightly coughed and this instantly brought back the boy’s soul that was about to drift toward Li Ning, “Senior, you still haven’t told me where to sign up.”

After his soul come back, that acne boy’s face immediately became red, “I…I will lead you over now.” After he finished speaking, he practically walked forward and used his hands and feet.

Li Ning couldn’t help but cover her lips and let out a laugh, before moving close to Li Luo’s ear and said, “Oh my! Xiao Luo, I didn’t expect the present little young to be really amusing.”

What was this little young, his sister seemed to be only a few years older than him? And his sister must did this on purpose, otherwise why would she talk so loudly in his ear?

Li Luo obviously saw that acne boy immediately turned red from the face to the tips of his ears.

After he led Li Luo and Li Ning to registration place, the acne boy immediately flew just like run away, as if the beautiful woman who made him dazed just a moment ago, now changed into a red-blooded female monster who will eat people.

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