The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 117

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Chapter 117: Return to the University (8)


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

Now that it has been settled down, Li Luo got out of bed and washed up, took a big bag and packed up his own change of clothes. So when they were ready to go at Jin Chenji’s place, he could carry the bag directly and left.

Today, because of this sudden incident, everyone simply went to eat breakfast in the nearest cafeteria. When they came back, and in passing, they went to the dormitory manager and reported the matter of the leaking ceiling above Li Luo’s bed.

After returning to the dormitory, Li Luo took out his major’s books to review for more than an hour, and then turned on the computer to start typing the words.

Jin Chenji looked at Li Luo who was wrapped in a fluffy duvet until to his neck, just like a shrinked hamster, his hand was covering a charging water bag while typing the words. Jin Chenji cannot help but feel somewhat amuse in his heart. That shrinked neck, and that messy and fluffy hair of Li Luo’s head appeared particularly adorable in his eyes.

He walked to the side of Li Luo, who was still immersed in the ocean of piled words, while holding back the urge to reach out his hand and touched the fluffy hair on top of Li Luo’s head. Jin Chenji’s deep black eyes swept a glance at Li Luo’s fair and seemed particularly eye-catching fingertips that were somewhat reddened because the cold, before he slightly bent over, with his consistently calm and restrained manner, he leaned close to Li Luo’s frozen red tip of the ear, and used a voice that was a bit lower and more magnetic than usual, he said, “Xiao Luo, anyway, you will go over, or we can going over there in advance now. When we get there, I will turn on the air conditioner, and you will be more comfortable.”

Li Luo only felt that the side of his ear was brushed over by a scorching breath, and Jin Chenji originally very pleasant to hear voice, when he lowered his voice, revealing an even more male charm.

After Li Luo heard Jin Chenji’s voice, he immediately felt that his ear was a little numb. He couldn’t help but reach out his hand and touched his numb ear. Then he turned his face and saw Jin Chenji’s impeccable handsome face.

Being unprepared and faced with this face of Jin Chenji, even if he often sees it, Li Luo still couldn’t help but be shocked. This face, which seemed to be precisely adjusted by the computer, really gave people a lot of impact. Coupled with Jin Chenji’s perfect tone of voice, it was no wonder that many girls were fascinated by him.

Li Luo looked blankly for a moment, before his soul came back in an instant. The words that Jin Chenji had just said were replayed, and there were only three big characters in his mind “open, air, conditioner”.

Li Luo’s eyes immediately lit up, he said without any hesitation, “Then I will pack up a little bit, wait for me five minutes.”

After he finished speaking, Li Luo saved the original document on the computer, and turned off the computer before putting the computer into the computer bag. Then Li Luo went into the washroom and put his washing items and towels into a bag. When he came out, he saw that Jin Chenji had stood there waiting for him, while carrying his computer bag in one hand and his change of clothes bag in the other.

Li Luo walked to Jin Chenji’s side, he looked at his own stuff in his hands, and said, “Chenji, these are my things, let me carry it by myself.”

“No need, let’s go.” Jin Chenji did not give Li Luo the opportunity to refuse, and right away walked to the door of the dormitory and went out while carrying his things.

Li Luo felt a bit embarrassed and touched his nose, but he also felt very warm in his heart by these actions of Jin Chenji; he couldn’t help but raise his lips. It was really his greatest luck to be able to have such a friend.

Li Luo also no longer thought much, he quickly walked a few steps, keeping up with Jin Chenji’s pace.


The apartment bought by Jin Chenji was in a district not far away from N University. This district was newly built, about a few years ago. All the facilities inside were the latest, and the gate was also allocated with a security guard. It was the district with the best surroundings public security.

Li Luo followed Jin Chenji into the sixth district unit, eighth floor. Soon after, Jin Chenji opened the right side of the heavy anti-theft wooden door and went in with Li Luo.

The inside of the house was still the same as when Li Luo came a long time ago, it was very clean, unlike the place where a particular guy lived. The entrance of the house was directly facing a living room. There was a more than ten inches LCD TV hung on the wall of the living room. In front of the TV was a small side table and three sofas.

This house bought by Jin Chenji was a typical three-bedroom apartment, but in addition to the master bedroom, the other was a study room and a gym room with various sports equipment. It can be seen that this was his own private space, and did not think that any guests would come in.

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