The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 123

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Chapter 123: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.28


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

Chu Wuyong lived countless years, even if he would be unclear for a while, he could determine if someone is harboring impure motives. He was schemed and killed by Yun Tianheng, whom he originally thought as his good brother. But after all, it was naturally because the first impression was the strongest, and he had faced life and death situations together with Yun Tianheng for many times that he did not notice Yun Tianheng’s wolf ambition. Now that he clearly noticed, the aura of the person he was observing now appeared very pure to him.

Although the aura of the young man beside this person was a lot purer than those around him who have many thoughts, it was still slightly worse compared with this person. This pure aura, he only felt it on the body of one person.

When Chu Wuyong thought of that figure with plum blossoms fragrant, he couldn’t help but feel that his heart began to ache faintly again. He would not have taken over the Xuan Ming Palace again if he had not wanted to find a secret method that could resurrect a person, like in the legends. And recently, the people he sent out to search for that secret method had news…

After Chu Wuyong thought until here, there was a faint trace of purple flashing through his eyes. He would get the secret method, and no matter what kind of price he had to pay to resurrect Gu Qingchen, he would not hesitate.

Chu Wuyong no longer looked at the crowd, who was gazing at him with a lot of hopes that he would choose them as his personal servant. His slender fingertips shot out a golden light dot, then he turned around and once again walked into the room behind him, “The person who gets the golden bead, stay behind, and the rest leave this place.”

Li Luo only saw a golden light dot flashed before his eyes, and then he felt a smooth and round bead in his hand.

Although the people around Li Luo have slightly lowered their heads, they all secretly paid attention to the whereabouts of the golden bead that Chu Wuyong mentioned. At this time, they naturally saw the golden bead fall into Li Luo’s hand. Immediately, the gaze filled with countless emotions of envy and even bitter resentment fell on Li Luo’s body.

There was only a slight trace of envy in the eyes of the young man standing next to Li Luo. He patted Li Luo’s shoulder and whispered, “Xiao Luo, you are so lucky to get chosen by the Lord to work here. If you have time, remember to come and look for me to play.” After that, he also didn’t stay for long. He followed the crowd that even though they envied Li Luo, but due to Chu Wuyong in the room separated by the wall, they can only silently leave this not too big courtyard.

Only after less than one burned incense stick of time, there was no person left in the courtyard beside Li Luo.

Li Luo pinched the golden bead in his hand. He then looked at the strange yet familiar courtyard in front of his eyes, and touched his nose. He didn’t expect that his luck would be so good. However, Chu Wuyong only said that the person who got the bead to stay behind, he didn’t say what he was going to do, and since he already stayed, it was not good to just continue standing foolishly in the courtyard.

Li Luo looked around and simply picked up a broom from the not far away corner, then began to sweep the ground in the courtyard.

So when Chu Wuyong walked out of the room, he saw the thin figure that he left behind holding a broom and cleaning the courtyard with not many fallen leaves. However, the person who cleaned it was obviously clumsy. After sweeping the leaves into a pile, he constantly found that there were a few leaves left behind at the back, and he once again turned around and swept the leaves back into a pile.

Chu Wuyong looked at the foolish action of this person in front of him, and didn’t know why but he felt his mood become inexplicably good. Chu Wuyong stood quietly in place, watching the thin figure sweep the fallen leaves. Only when that figure walked to him and called him did Chu Wuyong returned to his senses.

When Li Luo was sweeping halfway through, he found that Chu Wuyong was looking at him. Then, he acted as if he didn’t discover it and continued to sweep the maple leaves, until all the fallen maple leaves in the courtyard were dumped to the fixed place to put garbage at the entrance of the courtyard, only then Li Luo turned back to the courtyard and walked to the front of Chu Wuyong, and called him while saluted, “Lord.”

Chu Wuyong didn’t think that he would actually be in a daze by looking at a servant sweeping the courtyard. He looked at the young man respectfully standing in front of him, his expression could not help but show a trace of coldness, “What’s your name?”

AdvertisementLi Luo naturally couldn’t say the real name of his current body, and he was too lazy to think of a fake name, so Li Luo just used his name in the real world, “Lord, I…this slave is called Li Luo.”

Chu Wuyong didn’t know why but he felt the word “slave” that came out from the mouth of this person in front of him was exceptionally harsh. Moreover, when he heard those two words “Li Luo”, he somehow felt a slight movement in his heart. He frowned and continued with a cold voice while pulling a long face, “In the future, in front of this Lord, you can call yourself ‘I’.”

“Yes, Lord.” Li Luo was willing to comply with Chu Wuyong’s advice, and he also breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. After all, he was born in a democratic country and he was not used to addressing himself as a slave.

Chu Wuyong nodded slightly, and then looked at Li Luo who was lowering his head, “You’ll live in the room built beside this courtyard, and you’ll usually clean this courtyard. But you don’t have to go in and clean the room behind this Lord.”

“Yes.” Li Luo responded again.

In fact, Chu Wuyong had already explained everything he must do. At this time, he only has to tell the boy in front of him to leave. But, looking at the young man who was lowering his head in front of him, Chu Wuyong did not know why he said, “Lift up your head and let this Lord take a look.”

Li Luo’s heart couldn’t help but thump, but after he thought that Chu Wuyong’s current cultivation was actually only at the initial stage of Demigod, Li Luo’s heart once again calmed down. He slowly raised his head and looked at Chu Wuyong who was standing in front of him.

The male protagonist slightly lowered his head as he looked at him. There was no trace of expression on his handsome and angular face. Those deep eyes seemed bottomless, making people unable to see his current emotions clearly. His thin lips also didn’t have a slight trace of curve. The whole person’s aura appeared very cold and condensed.

He was dressed in a black robe, and looked just like a high ice mountain in the night, bone-chilling cold.

Chu Wuyong finally saw the appearance of the young man. It was a very ordinary face. But his features were delicate, and those pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes added a touch of bright color on his plain face, so the whole face appeared fresh.

“You can withdraw.”

After a while, Chu Wuyong opened his mouth and said.

Li Luo gave Chu Wuyong a salute, and then withdrew, leaving this not too big courtyard.

Chu Wuyong told him to stay in the small house beside the courtyard. It was located at the edge of the left side of the courtyard wall.

The small house was estimated to be about the size of a two-room house, with a small private kitchen. Compared with other servants who stayed with two or three people in one place, the conditions don’t know how many times worse. It was no wonder that those servants were so jealous of him when they saw him get this opportunity.

Li Luo also didn’t have many items. When he returned to the house where he lived before, he only took a moment to pack everything. He only spent less than an hour and quickly returned to this small house to settle down.

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