The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 124

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Chapter 124: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.29


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

Unconsciously, Li Luo has become Chu Wuyong’s personal servant for more than two months.

In these past two months, the number of times that Li Luo and Chu Wuyong met each other could simply be counted with just ten fingers. Li Luo also went in and basically swept the courtyard a bit to sort it out once a day. Of course, he never went inside the room that Chu Wuyong specifically mentioned.

Although Li Luo has no method to be able to get closer to Chu Wuyong, but at least he came back to Chu Wuyong’s side, he can slowly find a solution to the next matter.

But now the most important thing was the Lotus Blossom Immortal’s Cave that would be opened next year. He doesn’t know whether Chu Wuyong had already got a token.

However, the current him also didn’t have any means to know Chu Wuyong’s movements. But with Chu Wuyong’s protagonist halo, this opportunity should not run anywhere.


On this day, Li Luo sorted out the courtyard a little as usual, and then returned to his room when the sunset glow filled the sky.

Today, he had no intention in going to the dining hall to get his own meal. After all, every time he passed, he would receive the jealous gaze of a group of servants.

So he decided to cook his own meal in the small private kitchen in his room today. The ingredients have been prepared by him one day in advance.

Because he was alone, Li Luo only prepared a bowl of noodles for himself to eat.

Li Luo’s cooking skills is actually not bad, but because of the residence property, he was too lazy to do it. As a result, he would eat outside or call take-out, and rarely cooked for himself.

The bones have been put into the pot and boiled when he went to clean the courtyard. Now there was still a small fire in the stove. Li Luo opened the lid of the pot and looked inside, and then added a piece of firewood below.

After that, Li Luo kneaded the dough a few times, and then used the rolling pin to make a layer of thin sheet, then cut the dough into a thin strip of noodles.

When the other ingredients have also been handled, Li Luo once again looked at the bone soup, before deciding to take a bath first. After that, he should be able to cook the noodles with the boiling bone soup.

After Li Luo thought until here, he right away went to fetch a few buckets of hot water and poured it into the bathtub that he had placed inside the bedroom. After preparing a change of clothes and place it at the side, Li Luo took off his clothes and entered the bathtub.

AdvertisementThe ancient bathing conditions were indeed not as good as the modern times, but this bubble hot bath was still very comfortable.

Li Luo simply released the bind on his hair and let it scatter, and then washed it up.

Afterwards, he leaned on the side of the bathtub and took a comfortable bath.


While Chu Wuyong was sitting on the bed in the room, the tip of his nose smelled a faintly discernible fragrance, and he abruptly opened his original closed eyes.

This smell gave him an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

Chu Wuyong stood up from the bed without hesitation. He quickly pushed the door open and went out. The sense of cultivator at his level was very sharp, so he soon discovered the source of this fragrance.

Chu Wuyong’s figure flashed, and he soon appeared at the entrance of the small house where Li Luo was staying.

After standing in front of the small house, the original faint fragrance suddenly became rich in an instant.

Smelling this scent, a piece of memory in Wuyong’s mind emerged involuntarily.

That was when he had just recently become Gu Qingchen’s disciple, at that time, his body was very thin and weak because of the original owner.

His master looked very aloof and indifferent, but in fact his character was very gentle.

At the end of each year, Gu Qingchen would personally cook him a bowl of hot noodles for a few days.

Until he came back from the secret place, it may be because of his big age, or perhaps because the people who traveled to Blue Feather Mountain began to get many, Gu Qingchen didn’t make any food for him again. But this familiar smell was deeply imprinted in his memory.

In his whole life, he never met someone like Gu Qingchen who had no purpose when he was being good to him. Even at the end, he died in order to protect him.

As the tip of his nose sniffed this familiar smell, Chu Wuyong pushed the door open to enter the small kitchen.

He saw a row of fine noodles placed neatly on the chopping board of the kitchen table. Beside it was a bowl filled with vegetables such as cabbage and mushroom, and the small pot was placed on the stove as the boiling water emitted a steam.

When Li Luo, who was taking a bath, heard the sound of Chu Wuyong opening the door, he quickly stood up from the bathtub and wiped his body dry in a fast speed before quickly putting on the robe on his body.

He didn’t have the time to take care of his long hair, and he can’t use the techniques. He can only hastily wipe his hair half dry, and let it drape behind him while still damp. Then he put on his shoes and quickly trotted to open the door that linked the bedroom and the small kitchen.

After Li Luo saw a tall figure standing in front of the stove, he immediately slightly lowered his head and courteously greeted Chu Wuyong, “Lord.”

Chu Wuyong’s deep eyes swept a glance at Li Luo who half-bowed his waist. The young man in front of him was obviously rushing over, as he was only wearing a large robe on his body, without a belt tied up on his waist. His wide neckline exposed a slender white neck and a small piece of collarbone, and more part was hidden in the shadow of the robe.

The black long hair was draped behind him while still damp, and the white robe was slightly wet. Those long legs without the pants were very fair, just like a piece of art carved from the fine jade.

Chu Wuyong’s eyes become slightly heavy, “Is this noodles made by you?”

“Yes, Lord.” Li Luo did not understand why Chu Wuyong suddenly came here. When he heard Chu Wuyong’s question, he could only answer it obediently just like a good servant.

“Make a bowl for this Lord.” Chu Wuyong continued to say.

When Li Luo heard Chu Wuyong’s words, he could not help but be stunned.

Not hearing a reply, Chu Wuyong’s brows wrinkled slightly, and his voice became a little colder, “What? Still need this Lord to say it again?”

Only then Li Luo reacted, he hurriedly took a look at the bone soup inside the small pot. At this moment, the soup has become milky white, as it was bubbling with a rich aroma. The meat on the bones have been cooked soft, and looked pretty good.

Originally, he wanted to eat the noodles alone, so he didn’t make much of it. He didn’t expect that Chu Wuyong would suddenly appear. After making a bowl of noodles for Chu Wuyong, the noodles he had made before were certainly not enough. Naturally, he also can’t give himself first, and can only silently give Chu Wuyong the noodles first.

After a while, Chu Wuyong received the noodles that Li Luo cooked for him. He didn’t feel a little bit uncomfortable and sat down at the side of the small table. Then he picked up the chopsticks and clipped a mouthful of noodles and ate it.

When the familiar taste spread in his mouth, Chu Wuyong couldn’t help but slightly narrowed his eyes, then looked at the direction of Li Luo who was making the second bowl of noodles at this moment.

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