History’s Strongest Manager



《사상 최강의 매니저》

Genres: Action, Comedy, Supernatural, Monster, Cunning Protagonist, Hunters, Knights, Mutants, Magic, Management

Translator: Jen

History’s Strongest Manager is a completed novel written by 글쟁이S and consists of 333 chapters.

[Jen: Everything Kang Joon does is so satisfying, and he’s badass but not unrealistically overpowered.]


What kind of Hunter works without management these days?

20 years after the first appearance of monsters, hunters need managers these days.


Seol Yeong: “What are you even good at? Why should I hire a middle school dropout that can’t even make a bank account or work a computer?”

Kang Joon: “I’m good at bullshitting.”

Seol Yeong: ”……Excuse me?”

Kang Joon: “That’s what management is all about, isn’t it?” *cheeky smile*


Chapters 1-38

Suspicious Party

Chapter 39

Chapter 40

First Practical

Chapter 41

Chapter 42

Chapter 43

Chapter 44

Introduction to Negotiation 101

Chapter 45

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