The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 71

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Chapter 71: Saint Magus 2.34


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

When the great elder who was standing nearby saw this situation, he immediately stepped forward in front of the patriarch that had staggered back a step and blocked Elvis.

The somewhat muddy old eyes were staring at Elvis, the great elder pondered for a moment before saying, “Elvis, for what reason did you return to the clan?” The words the great elder said didn’t mention that Elvis was trespassing into the main house, but were as if he was returning to the Roxis Clan because he was a clan member, the level of the great elder’s speech couldn’t be said to not be high.

After he heard the great elder’s words, Elvis’ expression became even colder as his gaze swept over the great elder in front of him. Li Luo also looked hatefully at the enemies in front from Elvis’ shoulder, there was a faint golden light filling his amber eyes. His tail was standing up, as he bared his sharp teeth at the great elder and the patriarch, posing in a posture of attack.

“You may have long since forgotten how my grandmother died, but I will never forget the way she had died.”

Elvis did not step forward again, but instead stood in the same place, the corner of his mouth was curved in a sneer, and then he spoke the largest amount of words that he had ever said to the great elder and the patriarch from the very beginning until now, “You maybe don’t remember what I said last time. I am not a member of your Roxis Clan, and I also don’t want to waste my time explaining these matters that don’t make any sense.”

The great elder felt that Elvis was getting more and more dangerous, his sleeve shook lightly before a magic staff that he used for decades appeared in his hand.

Just as the great elder had gone into a defensive posture, the next moment, a python made of green vines appeared in the air, it instantly opened its big mouth wide, before rushing toward the place where he and the patriarch were standing.

The great elder immediately waved his magic staff and summoned another snake made of vines to block Elvis’ attack. The two snakes immediately fought with each other, as its huge body rolled around the room, issuing a loud noise, making the tables and chairs beside them vigorously sway, before it was thrown to a distant place and broken into pieces.

However Elvis’ attack was far more than that, and in the next second, the great elder obviously felt that his legs were slowly sinking down. The great elder discovered that the floor under his feet had turned into a thick layer of quicksand, and it continued to greedily devour the legs of him and the patriarch.

Upon seeing this, the patriarch also picked up his magic staff and began to wield his magic to help himself and the great elder out of the quicksand that devoured them.

However, when he began to cast his magic, he discovered that he had no way to get rid of Elvis’ magic. The patriarch was immediately startled, this kind of situation would only occur when the opponent’s level was higher than himself. He looked into Elvis’ direction in disbelief, he was clearly still a four-star Junior Magus, but the fact that he was unable to remove the magic that Elvis applied was also true.

What the hell is going on here?

When the great elder saw this, he quickly cast a spell to save himself and the patriarch from their current predicament.

But at the same time, he did not notice Elvis’ next move.

That dark green vine snake that originally battled against the other dark green vine snake that the great elder had summoned, suddenly split into three. The big one still wrestling with the one in front of it, while the other two moved quickly to the great elder and the patriarch.

Caught unprepared, the great elder and the patriarch’s bodies were bound by the two vine snakes, and they were quickly wrapped into two dark green cocoon-like objects, as the two people who tightly wrapped in the two dark green cocoons immediately were unable to move even the slightest bit.

This time, not only the patriarch but even the great elder looked towards Elvis in disbelief, his rank was obviously two levels higher than Elvis, he was a Great Magus. However, he discovered his ability was unable to cope with even one-half of Elvis’, after a few fights, he immediately made one careless move, and permitted himself to fall under Elvis’ calculations.

Fortunately, Elvis did not have any intent to kill them, so the great elder and the patriarch were only trapped there and unable to move. Except for being uncomfortable, there was no other danger.

Elvis’ eyes were serene and cold as he looked at the bound bodies of the great elder and the patriarch, and even their mouths were blocked, before saying, “If you can guarantee, that you will not use me again for your clan’s fame in the future, I will immediately release you, moreover I’ll close my mouth about what happened today.”

After speaking until here, Elvis paused for a moment, and then said with eyes showing obvious killing intent towards the great elder and the patriarch, “If you promise me now, but let me hear a rumor like this spreading afterward, in that case, I don’t mind once again taking a bit of trouble upon myself to come and dispose of you.”

The great elder’s muddy eyes stared at Elvis, and he understood that Elvis was telling the truth. His threat was also completely not a joke. At the moment, if he wanted to kill both of them, they had would’ve long been dead, yet he let them go. Obviously, it was not because he was worried about them, rather he didn’t want to go through the trouble.

This child, now already had no affections remaining toward the clan he grew up with. For him, they were now worse than strangers.

The great elder’s expression was depressed, regarding death, everybody was afraid of it, including him. He couldn’t speak, so he was only able to nod at Elvis, to express his answer that he promised him.

Elvis did not immediately let them go but turned his gaze to the patriarch who had not yet responded.

When the patriarch made contact with Elvis’ incomparable ice cold eyes and saw the great elder had already nodded and agreed, he also immediately nodded his head at Elvis.

Elvis released the two of them, then swept his eyes over the great elder and the patriarch, “Remember your words.” After that, Elvis used a teleportation scroll and quickly disappeared from the room, immediately transferring himself out of Mika City.

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