The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 67

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Chapter 67: Saint Magus 2.30


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

That young man came back very quickly, and there was a storage bag on the tray that he held, “The goods that you gave me have been looked over by our master of appraisal, and this is your change for the bill.”

Elvis didn’t look at it, and rather, directly placed the auction item and the money inside his storage bag, before standing up and preparing to leave.

The young man placed his right hand that held the tray on the side of his body, then put his left hand on his chest, before bending down his waist toward Elvis, “You’re welcome to come again.”

Elvis didn’t say anything, and just slightly nodded his head, he picked up Li Luo and quickly walked out of the private room, then left the auction house.

At this time, the night scene had become very dense, and there weren’t many pedestrians on the road. Only the white glow of the moon hanging high in the sky illuminated their way back.

When Elvis returned to the inn with Li Luo, the entrance of inn had been closed. He needed to call a clerk that was on duty as gatekeeper and confirm his identity before he would be able to enter.

After Elvis returned to his room and closed the door, Li Luo instantly jumped down from his shoulder and changed into human form, ready to take a shower in the bathroom.

However just as he turned around, the belt that he just tied on his flexible waist was immediately firmly locked by the arm that had stretched over from behind his back.


Warning: Mature Content

“What’s wrong?” Li Luo had just turned his head when Elvis immediately seized this opportunity to lean over and kiss his lips.

Before he could react, his body was already pressed down onto the bed, and the belt of his robe was also untied, revealing the fair and smooth skin underneath.

The color of Elvis’ eyes was deep as he stroked the smooth skin on Li Luo’s chest, even those two points of pink flesh had long been turned into bright red colors under his care, tempting Elvis to lean over his body and suck and kiss them up.

Li Luo’s passion also rose up by Elvis caresses and fondles, as the skin on his entire body was covered by a thin layer of pink.

With blurry eyes, Li Luo looked at Elvis who covered his body with his own. When Elvis was entered inside, he couldn’t help but groan in pain.

Elvis’ movements immediately paused, he quickly hugged Li Luo’s waist, before kissing him deeply.

In order to let Li Luo get accustomed to his invasion, as they had been not done it for a long time, Elvis’ movements were relatively gentle and slow, before he was unable to control his desire as his movements started to become even more bold and fierce.

He was just like an insatiable beast, that ate their prey under their body and not willing to give up until there was nothing that remained.

Li Luo was eaten over and over again, a large patch of the outer corner of his eyes were red, and his voice was a bit hoarse.

After they once again changed to other posture, Li Luo finally couldn’t stand it and wanted to escape from Elvis’ embrace by grabbing the bed sheet, but was hooked back in the waist as Elvis once again encircled his waist, before once again heavily invade and occupy his body.

“E…Elvis, don’t, I can’t stand it…”

“You can’t stand it? Didn’t you look at that female auction host very happily? En? Now I’m doing this to you, and you already can’t stand it?” Elvis narrowed his eyes, then kissed the side of Li Luo’s neck that had long been covered with hickeys, the sound of his voice was hoarse unlike usual, but it sounded particularly sexy.

Li Luo’s muddled brain was only able to respond after quite a while before he understood the meaning of it. Elvis was jealous. However, he only looked at the female auction host a few glances, however, that was just taking a look, nothing more. He absolutely didn’t have any other idea at all. Was it necessary to be jealous like this?

“It doesn’t matter, you had looked at her a few times, so I will doing you several times more as much as every time you looked at her.”

Li Luo immediately felt his originally sore waist become even more painful, it was already hard enough to fulfill Elvis’ original needs if he had to do it several times more than usual, he felt that he would be unable to climb down from the bed afterward.

Elvis’ azure eyes which had been changed into dark blue color were looking at Li Luo who was obviously frightened, the corner of his lips was slightly raised with a touch of a curve that was hard to notice. He narrowed his eyes, and leaned his head closer to Li Luo’s face, his lips were very close to the edge of Li Luo’s ear, as he said “You can also learn how to please me, and make me happy, if you able to, I will shorten the time limit of the punishment?”

“Please you?” Li Luo’s head was still very misty, he was not slightest aware of Elvis’ sinister intention, as he repeatedly said.

“Yes, please me.” The smile on Elvis’ lips become even deeper and obvious, “For example, you take the initiative first.”

Without realizing it, Li Luo entered into the pit that Elvis dug, then according to Elvis’ request, he took the initiative to let Elvis eat him several times. In the end, his ears and tail came out on their own, as he was finally unable to endure Elvis’ overwhelming stamina, he was completely eaten clean from the inside out.


End of the warning

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