Chapter 61 Part 2

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The patriarch looked at Salina who was only standing there blankly, opening her mouth, but unable to say the second sentence, and immediately sternly gazed at her, “Salina.”

Serena’s body immediately shook, she looked at Elvis and opened her mouth, but still couldn’t say anything.

Elvis’ line of sight swept over Selina and then gaze coldly at the patriarch, he naturally knew what their purpose was, but he didn’t want to waste time on them and didn’t want to talk any nonsense with them.

The patriarch did not know why he felt his back was somewhat cold when his eyes made contact with Elvis’. He was an Intermediate Magus, and also one of the best experts in the clan. Only the two elders who were six-star Great Magus could pressure him. However, because he was the patriarch, the two elders would not take any action against him.

But today, in front of a boy who hadn’t even grown his hair, he felt a sense of oppression that had never been experienced before, it was really inconceivable.

The patriarch’s eyes could not help but drift for a moment under Elvis’ gaze, and even his footsteps could not help but slightly retreat a step back.

The great elder quickly stepped forward and unobtrusively supported the patriarch’s back. He was one of the two six-star Great Magus in the clan, but even he felt a sense of inexplicable threat when confronting Elvis.

However, it was precisely this trace of feeling, that made the great elder look at Elvis and feel more satisfied in his heart.

As long as they could make Elvis return, he would definitely become a big help to the clan, even more, one of their clan’s strong backers in the future.

The great elder showed a smile, and said, “Elvis, good boy, you have been suffering outside all these years.” Then he slowly walked forward and wanted to pat Elvis’ shoulder, but under Elvis’ gaze, his smile stiffened and he also quickly drooped down his hand to his side, “Elvis, the clan would happily welcome you back, as long as you return, we will definitely give you the best resources.”

The best resources?

Elvis’ eyes contained a ridiculous sneer as he gazed at him, he was given this preferential treatment just because they saw his value. If he had no value in the future, it would be no surprise if he was once again abandoned by them.

These people were the type of people who only looked at their own interests, they would mercilessly abandon those who had no use or value. He had already tasted that painful consequence which was unforgettable until now.

“I’m not a member of the Roxis Clan, why do you want me to go back?” Elvis lowered his head and stroked Li Luo with his hand, “You probably got the wrong person. I’m sorry, I don’t have time to waste on explaining these boring matters.”

The great elder immediately choked up after listening to Elvis’ words. He remembered that two years ago, they had used magic to remove Elvis’ name from their clan genealogy records, only when Elvis once again dripped a drop of his blood on top of it and then had the patriarch and every elder cast the spell, could they make Elvis’ name and surname once again appear on the genealogy records.

Now that they heard Elvis say so, the great elder and the patriarch who were standing on one side glanced at each other, their intestines turned green from regret.

How could they have imagined that Elvis, who had become a waste, would turn over so quickly and become an even more dazzling genius than before? Now they had wanted to ask this genius to return to their clan, but it was no use crying over spilled milk, what’s done is done and couldn’t be reversed.

The great elder and the patriarch’s face turned green then white, as they looked at Elvis’ departing back, it was not good to continuously persuade.

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