Where’s Your Daddy?

Where’s your Daddy?

Genres: Romantic fiction

Author: Miaomaio11

Where’s your daddy? is an ongoing novel written by Miaomaio11.


Lu Rushi, Mom of a 9-month-old baby got irritated every time someone asked about the kid’s dad

“I am not married,”

“Yes, the kid is mine though!”

Waiting for pity or criticismn, Instead she heard words, ” You’re strong”
Li Wei “Will you marry me?”

“Are you mad? Why would I marry you!”

Li Wei: “You see I need a girlfriend to prevent my engagement; you need a man to show your family. Let’s say for six months. Let’s have a marriage contract for six months. You have a father of your child; I get a girlfriend.”

“Ba ba..bab…..” Lele babbled.
(: don’t forget me dada)

“Yeah, this kid is a bonus.”



Chapter 1: Two bored men

Chapter 2: I need a girl

Chapter 3: Not my style!

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