Chapter 65 Part 2

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The more Elvis saw Li Luo like this, the more he wanted to bully him. He took a piece of pastry and placed it inside his mouth, but he didn’t eat it, instead, he stood up and walked to the front of Li Luo’s body, leaned over and fed it to Li Luo with his mouth, before the tip of his tongue followed the pastry and entered Li Luo’s mouth.

The pastry in between the two men’s intertwined lips and teeth was swallowed into each of their stomachs, as a thick milk fragrance filled the exchanged breath between the two of them, forming a very ambiguous atmosphere. Li Luo raised his head and felt the heat of Elvis invading his mouth, immediately made the temperature of his whole body rise a bit.

Elvis’ eyes grew darker, and when he looked at Li Luo’s slightly red cheeks, he couldn’t help but feel that he almost wanted to instantly devour this person in front of him here.

However, Elvis just bit Li Luo’s lips once in the end, before moving his face away.

Although no one would come in without his permission, he still didn’t feel safe, and he was not interested in letting the people at the auction house speculate about what happened inside.

The main purpose of him coming here was to find the item that he needed.

Only by collecting all three of that kind of items, would he be able to use the skill left behind by the previous Saint Magus to put them together into a magic staff that was most suitable to be used by a Saint Magus.

He couldn’t let go of something that could enhance his strength.

Previously, at the time when his grandmother died, he had realized how important strength was to a person. Only when you were strong enough, were you able to protect the people or the things that you wanted to protect. Also, you didn’t have to ask others for help and keep your hopes on others.

Elvis went back to his seat, only after sitting down for a while, was he able to press his restless desire.

Li Luo was not much better than Elvis, or even worse. At least Elvis’ expression appeared no different than usual on the surface, as his handsome face still looked as if there weren’t any waves. However, in contrast, there was a thin layer of red on Li Luo’s face. His eyes also seemed to contain water vapor, which one glance was enough to attract the desire of man.

Only after patting and rubbing his face a few times, did Li Luo feel a lot better, and his originally accelerated heartbeat also gradually slowed down.

Right at this moment, a clear feminine voice suddenly sounded inside the private room, Li Luo’s soul shook a bit in fright, as his heart skipped a big beat.

“Everyone, welcome to our auction house, I hope you all will be able to bring back the items that you desire today.” Li Luo looked down, and saw a beautiful woman with long blond hair and dressed in a skirt only to the knee and blouse that revealing her shoulders, standing on the auction stage a few meters long and wide.

Although their private room was on the second floor, Li Luo was able to see everything in the auction platform clearly. Even the teardrop marks in the corner of the woman’s eyes could be seen very clearly. It was estimated that the private room had been set up with a special type of magic, so it seemed that even though the charge was so expensive, it was certainly not without any reason.

The female auction host’s upper chest was so imposing as if it was about to burst from the blouse that wrapped her body, making most of the men on the scene attracted by her figure, as their gazes were practically glued on this female auction host’s body.

The female auction host was not affected by those hot gazes, while still smiling, she said, “Then I will not speak any more superfluous words, and quickly begin to show our first auction item.”

After she finished speaking, the female auction host slightly turned her head over and looked at the two muscular men who pushed a cart, which was covered with a white cloth, to make the people unable to see what was inside. After pushing the cart to the center of the auction platform, the two muscular men immediately walked off the auction platform from the other side.

The female auction host walked to the cart covered with white cloth and pulled it off, before her gaze swept over the audience in the front of her, and said with a smile, “The first auction item is a magic-eating flower from the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts. This was one of the main materials for making an intermediate magic staff.”

“The magic-eating flower is only able to grow at the Black Rock Mountain in the middle part of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts. There will always be a fifth rank magical beast protecting it, moreover, the cliff where the magic-eating flower is located…” As she spoke, the two round breasts on her chest also moved up and down following her breathing, causing all of the men in the spectator’s stage to look straight.

Although Li Luo already didn’t have any interest in dating women now, he also couldn’t help but take a few glances at them, before quickly placing his gaze to the auction item on the cart that the female host unveiled.

Although Li Luo quickly turned his line of sight away, Elvis who was sitting on the side, still noticed his small movement. Elvis’ eyes flashed, as the slender fingers of his hand lightly knocked on the armrest, silently writing it down in his heart.

Anyway, him and Ludwig’s days were still very long, he could collect this account slowly.

Li Luo was concentrating on looking at the items to be auctioned and did not know that his small movement just a moment ago had long been noticed by a certain person, moreover he also carefully recorded it down in his heart and would make Li Luo repay it with a large sum.

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