Chapter 71 Part 2

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Although all of this action seemed to have gone for a long period of time, in fact, it only took less than five minutes from beginning to end.

Shortly after Elvis left, another six-star Great Magus who had felt something was wrong, and several elders rushed over. When they came to this place, they found that only the great elder and the patriarch were standing inside the room, there was no one else, and although the room seemed to have experienced a battle, the patriarch and the great elder looked like they weren’t injured even in the slightest.

The other six-star Great Magus, which was an old man with a head full of white hair, looked at the patriarch and the great elder, then opened his mouth and asked, “Who was it that broke open our defensive arrays? Are you all right?”

The patriarch’s eyes flashed, and he was just about to say something, but the great elder in front of him snatched his chance and said, “There isn’t anything the matter with us, as for the problem of the defensive arrays, maybe there was some mishap that occurred. Just now I and the patriarch were in the mood to have some exercise, so the both of us exchanged pointers with each other, it’s why the scene seems so chaotic, afterward, I’ll let that person come over to clean and tidy it up.”

By the time when all of the other people left with puzzled faces, the patriarch was unable to hold back and asked the great elder, “Why didn’t you just let me tell them about Elvis?”

The great elder let out a long sigh, “Have you still not seen it clearly? Even I could only fall under his calculations and be captured in the end. Although he appeared to be only a four-star Junior Magus, his strength was immeasurable. Furthermore, he really has no attachment to the clan.” It could even be said that because of that year, he still had hatred for them in his heart.

“Regarding him, since we can’t make him stay, we also can’t offend him——so, just do like what he said. That year, we were also too ruthless to him, and now we shouldn’t blame him for treating the clan so coldly. ” The great elder sighed again, he shook his head, and with his hands clasped behind his back, as the originally straight back now looked somewhat crooked, he slowly walked out of the room.


At this moment, Elvis was outside Mika City with Li Luo in his arms after he used a teleportation scroll to transfer them. The reason why he let the great elder and the patriarch off was naturally also not without any backhand.

On his way from the St. Helier Magic Academy to Mika City, he quickly practiced summoning different groups of creatures.

When rushing to Mika City, Elvis had summoned two small eavesdropping beasts, these two eavesdropping beasts which were just as big as the mosquitoes in their world were very easy to hide. Before he left, he had already placed these two beasts on the great elder and the patriarch, in addition, one hidden magic.

As long as those two people say what he doesn’t want them to, the result would only be to die on the spot.

After finishing dealing with this matter, Elvis instantly returned to St. Helier Magic Academy with Li Luo.

Before heading to Mika City, Elvis had already finished reading one-half of the remaining magic scrolls on the second level of the academy’s library.

It was estimated that it would take another half a month before he would be able to finish the rest.

After that, there was no difference for him whether or not he would stay at St. Helier Magic Academy. And compared to staying here, in fact, it was better to stay inside the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts and temper his ability. Moreover, in the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, he didn’t have to hide his real strength and it was more beneficial to practice his skills.

Elvis said his own plans to Li Luo, he thought that Li Luo would show an expression of distress and disappointment, as he liked the human world more, and didn’t like the lifestyle of eating and sleeping outdoors.

However, Elvis didn’t think that Li Luo seemed like he had long since known that he would make this plan after he opened his mouth and mentioned this matter, Li Luo immediately accepted his proposal.

Thus, after two weeks, one person and one cat quietly disappeared from St. Helier Magic Academy, no one knew where they went to.

And when Elvis and Li Luo appeared again, the whole continent had long since undergone earth-shaking changes.


After leaving St. Helier Magic Academy, Li Luo immediately turned into a human form and accompanied Elvis. Only when he was fighting in the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, would he change back to beast form as it was more convenient for battle.

In these few months of constant search for suitable magical beasts to battle, not only was Elvis more consolidated in the realm of the six-star Great Magus, even Li Luo felt that the protection array that he created around his own and Elvis’ bodies was one circle bigger.

Every time after they hunted magical beasts, Elvis would immediately take out its crystal core, and every month he would choose one of many cities to go and exchange the crystal cores of magical beasts with magic stones.

Because after getting those two items, Elvis had no clue about the third one. In order not to miss any possibility, Elvis paid close attention to the auctions of all cities, as long as there was an auction in a certain city, he would take Li Luo there with him to participate and see if he could find the last item.

But very, unfortunately, in the past three or four months, the two of them did not gain anything.

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