The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 64

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Chapter 64: Saint Magus 2.27


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

Yale City was one of the main cities at Galing Empire, so it was very prosperous.

The people were coming and going on the streets, it seemed very lively. Moreover, because this was the competition between a few famous academies, and there were a lot of people from around the world or other countries coming to watch the competition, as a result, there were a lot more people in the Yale City at this moment.

Of course, the first few rounds were relatively a large-scale knockout competition, it wasn’t open for the public, and only until later, the people outside these academies were allowed to go in and watch the competition, which was certainly not provided free of charge. Everyone around the arena of competition, except for the disciples of these few academies, had to pay the entrance fee before they could enter.

The more exciting the competition was, the more expensive the entrance fee you had to pay, although the admission fee was very expensive, it was set within the range that most people would able to accept, thus many people come over in order to see the few last rounds of competition which were the most exciting part.

This competition which had been continued for hundreds of years was also able to promote the reputation of every academy that participated to the greatest extent, making these academies that were originally already famous in the continent become even more well-known and deeply rooted in the people’s hearts.

Because there were quite a lot of disciples in the St. Helier Magic Academy that felt bored and went out to stroll around Yale City, thus Li Luo immediately changed back to the cat form after he came out of the room, Elvis picked him up and held him in his arms, before walking toward the main street.

Li Luo stuck his head out from Elvis’ bosom, he looked at the location of the auction house’s map in his mind, while looking around without blinking, deeply afraid that he would miss his target in the blink of an eye.

In fact, Elvis’ current position was still two or three blocks away from the destination, basically, there was no need to start looking so early. Li Luo was only able to maintain it for more than ten minutes before he immediately became unable to endure it and buried and rubbed his face against Elvis’ embrace, especially the soreness in his eyes after looking for a long time, he only felt a bit comfortable after rubbing it a few dozen times.

After his eyes were comfortable, Li Luo did not pay attention to the surroundings as attentive as before, and just nested in Elvis’ embrace and directly looked at the distance between them and the auction house in his mind. He also did not look around as diligent as before, and only when he saw something that he was interested in, he would stick his head out and look at it for a while.

[Let’s go to the mages’ trading market here and take a look, there should be a lot of things to look at in that place.] Elvis suddenly said to Li Luo, after walking for a while in the market where the people were coming and going.

Elvis had become an Intermediate Magus now, and he was already able to write his own magic scrolls. Before, Elvis had been practicing the space magic’s scroll every day in his dorm room, and currently also reached a small success. A small brocade purse that hung on Li Luo’s neck was the storage bag that Elvis made for him.

Moreover, it was estimated that his rank should almost breakthrough into a six star Great Magus, by the time he breakthroughs he would be able to practice the skill to summon creatures with powerful fighting strength.

Of course, if it was just the ordinary six star Great Magus, they should only able to summon some relatively low-level creatures. However, Elvis was the protagonist of this world, and naturally different from other people.

When Li Luo wrote about this character, he instantly gave him one great golden finger. So when he entered the realm of the six-star Great Magus, as long as Elvis’ magic power was full or more than 60% remained, he could summon different creatures that were one rank higher than his own level.

Of course, no matter at what level the creature was that he summoned, it was necessary to write a magic scroll.

The better the quality of the magic scroll he wrote, the greater the chance of summoning success. These materials would be collected by the mage himself.

[En.] Li Luo looked at the location of the auction house from the corner of his eye, and thinking about how many days left before it started, moreover Elvis now really had this demand, he couldn’t force Elvis to go in that direction, so he immediately nodded and responded.

Elvis casually stopped a passer-by and asked about the direction of the mages’ trading market, then took Li Luo towards that direction.

The location of the mages’ trading market in Yale City was slightly remote, and it took almost half an hour for Elvis and Li Luo to get there.

Unlike the other open markets, the mages’ trading market could only allow Magus to enter.

Therefore, there were special law enforcers guarding the entrance of the trading market, and only after thorough inspection, would you able to enter the trading market.

The general test procedure was to examine the magic robe first and then ask them to cast a very simple spell. As long as you passed all of it, you could immediately go in.

So compared to the open market, there were a lot fewer people here, and all of the people who were coming and going were wearing mages’ magic robes.

Elvis was allowed to go inside after he had finished all the inspections at the entrance.

From the outside, you would completely be unable to see the mages’ trading market at all, because every mages’ trading market was an independent space formed by a few Magic Instructors using space magic. What was displayed on the outside was merely the appearance of a door, only after you entered the door, you would able to see the real appearance inside.

However, because it consumed too much manpower, only some main cities in each country would have a mages’ trading market.

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