The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: ‘Saint Magus’ 2.4


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

Even after a long time passed, there was still no reaction from the crystal stone. The man that was standing on the side had long lost all hope for the recovery of Elvis’s magic power. So when he saw this scene, he did not have any unexpected reactions. He merely looked at Elvis, before turning his eyes away.

Elvis looked at the unchanging crystal stone, as the hope in his heart once again turned into disappointment. Although this kind of situation also happened in previous years, he never gave up hope. Elvis released his hand from the crystal stone. The hand inside his sleeve clenched tightly, and his fingertips broke into the delicate flesh of the center of his palm, but his face did not show any expressions. He merely lowered his azure eyes slightly, hiding the lost look inside his eyes. Holding Li Luo, he slowly walked down from the high platform.

EzoicThe people in the public square were almost gone as Elvis took the test, leaving only two or three ordinary kittens. When Elvis finished the test, the kittens had long since disappeared.

Seeing that all of the youths had been tested, the man once again covered the crystal stone with the black cloth curtain. After that, he did not stop and left the square directly.

The public square was immediately restored to its original spacious and empty appearance, and quietly waited for the next opening. As a result, no one found out that on the top of crystal stone covered with the black cloth curtain, a faint bright yellow light suddenly emerged, but these rays of light soon disappeared like a wisp of smoke.

“It was just raining yesterday. There must be a lot of fresh mushrooms in the woods outside the city. Grandma and your Aunt Mela will be going out of the city to pick up some mushrooms. Go to the kitchen for your lunch, you only need to warm it up. Grandma also made some pastries and placed them there to eat. Wait for me to come back in the evening, I’ll cook you some mushroom soup.” Vicia said to Elvis that held a cat toy in the shape of stick and rolled it around, as he teased the little white cat with short legs on the ground. Vicia’s arm was holding a bamboo basket, as she sat in the living room with a smile on her face.

“Okay, Grandma.” Elvis turned his head and waved his hand towards Vicia, with a cheerful smile on his face. “Be careful on the road, and come back early.”

Vicia nodded, she stood up and walked to the closed door, before quickly going out.

Elvis lowered his head and shook the stick again to tease the cat, but he saw the little cat that was originally running around and from time to time and stretch out his claws to catch the cat stick, unexpectedly squat on the ground, and covered his eyes with his two front paws. His fat butt was facing him, it was not willing to play anymore.

Li Luo felt that his own moral integrity had disappeared completely after he became a cat. His claws were itching to catch something, and he was doing his utmost to scratch at things. He also liked to lower his head and lick his claws from time to time. When he come back to his senses, he already finished doing it. Furthermore, he completely didn’t have any resistance when his head and lower jaw was being stroked, not to mention the wool ball and the cat stick. He estimated that if he was given a few pieces of catnip, he might be so happy as though he would fly to the sky.

Although I had warned myself in my heart, I would not do this again the next time, but it is no use.’ After encountering any of the conditions described above, he can’t control himself as if he was being manipulated. He felt himself being completely beyond being saved _ (: 3) ∠) _.

When could he be in human form again? Although in this form he could eat and drink, also the protagonist was very good to him, but he was not born this way, rather a human being. In his heart, he still wanted to sit at the table and eat like a normal person, and communicate with other people.

Li Luo was squatting down on the carpet, he closed his eyes as if he still felt awkward. In fact, he had sunk his thoughts into his mind, intending to take a look at the storyline to confirm the time when he could change back to a human form.

Li Luo called out that light dot in his mind, and the dot of light was like a picture scroll, as it unfolded within his mind.

Li Luo quickly turned to the synopsis of the current period of time, and flipped it over, as he searched for the information that he was looking for. However, after a while, he immediately paused after he fling aside one section of words, he went back to that section, and then looked over only at that one paragraph in his mind. Today, there will be a large-scale horde of magical beasts that rarely happened after a few decades in Mika City, and the protagonist’s grandmother still did not return before the horde of magical beasts happened. After the horde of magical beasts broke out, the protagonist immediately sought to help to the clan, but did not get any assistance.

EzoicAfter the horde of magical beasts in Mika City stopped, the protagonist who saw his grandmother’s dead body outside the city completely gave up on his clan, and immediately broke off the relationship with the clan and left Mika City.

That is, from that time onwards, the protagonist began to gradually become strong.

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