Chapter 100 Part 2

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Many disciples who decided to participate in the competition showed a determined to win the first place look. Even more, there were a lot of people who began to secretly sized up the disciples who were going to participate in the competition around them, evaluating how much their own chance of winning?

As one of the individuals in charge of the big competition of Inner Sect this time, after Li Luo announcing the matters to pay attention to, he and the other fellow elders walked down from the high platform and came to the sidelines to sit down in the seat prepared.

After all the elders were settled, a disciple in blue garment flew to the competition stage. He was the disciple who was appointed to host the preliminary round. The following candidates to compete will be recited by him.

The disciples waiting below have long been eager to give it a try. This time, the big competition will not only allow them to show their faces in front of these elders, but also allow them to test the result of their painstaking cultivation over these years.

Chu Wuyong was completely different from the eager disciples around him. His black pupils were calm and there was not a slight undulating emotions within, as if he merely came here for a walk.

Only when his eyes were in contact with the person in white robe with cold facial features, who sat on the high class seat in the front spectator’s stage, there was a trace of undulating emotions emerged.

The competition would start very soon, Li Luo didn’t have much interest in other disciples’ match, he would accept disciple, except Chu Wuyong, there will be no second person.

On the contrary, the several elders who sat next to Li Luo spectated the match of their disciples with somewhat eager eyes, while discussing with each other from time to time.

For them, these old guys, the road of cultivation is very long. Day after day, they did meditation as a means to cultivate, although so many years have passed, sometimes it would feel somewhat boring. Something like this competition, it was a rare thing that can be used to relieve exhaustion.

Li Luo maintained the original cold and unapproachable image, he did not talk to those elders beside him, but he was also happy and relaxed.

Sitting in one side of Li Luo, was an old man with white temples and beard, he secretly looked at Li Luo from the corner of his eye. His eyes flashed a trace of resentment and disgust, before it abruptly hid behind the gray eyes.

Immediately, he gathered his long and wide sleeves, then turned his head and showed a very amiable smile on his face which had a few traces of wrinkled, and slowly said: “The disciples who participated in the competition this year, were a lot more compared to ten years ago. Elder Gu, you have personally taught your only disciple for so long, and now, you saw so many disciples’ match, do you think your baby disciple can win this competition in one fell swoop?” This sentence was said with a teasing tone, it seemed to be a joke in general.

However, the object of this sentence was Gu Qingchen who in the eyes of everyone always cold and does not like to communicate with people too much.

Suddenly, the elders who were still discussing in a low voice on the sidelines unconsciously quieted down.

Li Luo could not help but curse the old fox in his heart. If this question was asked to someone other than him, the others might have responded with a joke. However, with Gu Qingchen’s temperament, it was impossible to know how to answer back to this question while avoiding the focus of the problem and blur the main points. What he said was bound to be the real thought in his own heart.

Originally, Gu Qingchen was somewhat out of place among the elders because of his poor communication. If he honestly say how his own disciple was, then the old fox next to him would reply how it compared with the disciple of who and who and it may really pull some extreme hatred.

Li Luo’s fair fingers on his lap slightly moved, his pair of phoenix eyes, which just like the cool limpid autumn waters at the late autumn, looked straight to the old man who was looking at him with smiling expression, “Elder Zhao,”——this elder was the person who Li Luo needed to be wary of, as he was a person who had a grudge against him. After he called him out, Li Luo paused for a moment, before he continued, “What’s the final result? It would only depend on one’s ability to do it. In the end, who knows who can get first place?”

The smile on the old man’s face immediately became stiff, not waiting for him to respond, the other elders on the side immediately interrupted this conversation.

Elder Zhao can only temporarily put down the idea of provoking with words. After all, he can’t be too obvious and can only step down and follow the other elders.

Li Luo also ignored him, he simply turned his gaze to Chu Wuyong in between many disciples. He had seen the list of the match before, and now it was almost Chu Wuyong’s turn to compete with another disciple.

Sure enough, after the end of three matches, Chu Wuyong’s name was called by the disciple who hosted the competition on stage.

Li Luo slightly straightened his sitting posture and looked at the competition stage. Although he clearly knew in his heart that with Chu Wuyong’s ability, nothing could happen on this preliminary round and he would always win until the finals, Li Luo still felt slightly nervous for him as he looked at Chu Wuyong on stage.

Elder Zhao on the side swept a glance at Li Luo, the side of his lips slowly revealed a trace of a subtle sneer.

Gu Qingchen, you should carefully take a good look at your disciple now. Wait until the finals, I will take care of him properly and make you collect his corpse when it’s over.

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