Chapter 93 Part 2

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Li Luo’s spirit immediately came back, his eyes that had just revealed a trace of misty due to being caught in his own thoughts immediately became clear. The corner of his phoenix eyes slightly picked as he looked at Chu Wuyong who was sitting opposite to him, before he slightly opened his light-colored lips, “What?”

He did not know that his somewhat lazy appearance actually possessed a trace of strange seductive demeanor, that is, in the eyes of Chu Wuyong.

Chu Wuyong’s eyes darkened, and he quietly turned his eyes, then looked at the sky above him, indicating Li Luo to follow his sight, “The notice just appeared in the sky.”

Li Luo followed Chu Wuyong’s gaze, and sure enough above their heads, there was a huge blue section of words composed of spiritual power:

#To all the Elders and Mountain Lords, come quickly to the main peak Red Cloud Mountain to discuss important matters.#

After he read this section of words, Li Luo immediately understood the following plot.

Due to the revelation of cyan lotus secret place’s opening, the elders of other sects will lead their chosen disciples to Clear Sky Sect and prepare to enter the cyan lotus secret place together.

Ye Tianqi, the Sect Master of Clear Sky Sect, also decided to select a candidate. But before that, every time the secret place was opened, he would gather all the Elders and Mountain Lords and discuss it in the main hall of Red Cloud Mountain, Night Moon Hall.

As one of the elders, Li Luo naturally also going to go.

Li Luo stood up and threw a sentence to Chu Wuyong, “Wuyong, this teacher needs to take a trip to Red Cloud Mountain, just tell the children outside to clean up here.”

Then, Li Luo right away rode on his own flying spiritual tool, the leaf-shaped boat, and rushed to Red Cloud Mountain’s direction.


When Li Luo arrived at the main hall of Red Cloud Mountain, Night Moon Hall, there were already more than half of the Elders and Mountain Lords waiting.

When all the Elders and Mountain Lords were present, as they sat on the chairs which had long been arranged in the main hall, Ye Tianqi who was sitting on the main seat opened his mouth and said, “Elders and Mountain Lords, you all should have seen the unusual vision that have just taken place. If there is no accident, after five days, the people of other sects from all over Tianyun continent will come to the Clear Sky Sect to participate and enter this secret place.”

While they heard Ye Tianqi’s round of speech, the more than thirty people sitting underneath did not say anything, just sitting silently and continue to listen to Ye Tianqi’s words.

“According to past rules, each elder can recommend three of his disciples, while each of the Mountain Lords can recommend fifteen disciples from their own peak. Do you all already have suitable candidates now?”

Chu Wuyong was the only disciple under Li Luo’s name. Furthermore, the current Chu Wuyong was also a cultivator who had just entered the middle stage of the Foundation Building. Naturally there was nothing wrong with this quota.

The old man wearing a black robe, who sat in the back of the main hall, suddenly looked at the seat in the middle. There was no change of expression on his face and the whole face was cold, just like Li Luo. The old man’s light gray eyes squinted, then he lifted up the hem of his clothes and stood up.

After the old man stood up, Ye Tianqi who was sitting in the main seat directed his gaze towards that person.

“Elder Li, what do you want to say?”

“Sect Master, all of the Elders and Mountain Lords here was able to fill the number of quota, and still need to abandon a few disciples who they originally quite fancy to recommend. But there is only one disciple under Elder Gu’s name, I feel that the other two quota on Elder Gu’s name should not be wasted. After all, it is also a great opportunity for a disciple to be able to enter the cyan lotus secret place.”

When Li Luo heard Elder Li’s words, he couldn’t help but turn over his face and cast a glance at this already half-white haired old man.

Under Li Luo cold gaze, which was similar to a cold spring of mountain stream, Elder Li unconsciously feel his back had a slight cold.

Li Luo turned his own head back and did not refute Elder Li’s words and just said in light tone to Ye Tianqi:, “I only have Chu Wuyong as my disciple. Now he is one, and he is also the only one in the future.”

Ye Tianqi did not think about this issue until Elder Li proposed it. But after listening to Li Luo’s words, he would not say anything to Elder Li’s suggestion.

Ye Tianqi lightly coughed, and then said, “Since the rules of the Clear Sky Sect from ancient times to the present are like that, then we still have to follow the rules. Everybody think, which disciple is more suitable to recommend. After all, the cyan lotus secret place can only be opened once every ten years. Even if there is no chance this time, you can recommend the disciples who unable to go experience the trial of the cyan lotus secret place the next time…”

Ye Tianqi said a few more words, to solve this shackle.

In the Night Moon Hall, it took two full hours, before everyone finished discussing their own candidates.

Li Luo naturally elected the only disciple under his name, Chu Wuyong, but this time, after what had just recently happened, naturally no one came out again to express any objection.

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