Chapter 40 Part 2

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Every year, the Roxis Clan, where Elvis belonged to, would hold the examination of the magic power contained in the body of their clan members for free.

This year was no exception. There were many young men and young women in their teens that participated in testing their magic powers gathering at the public square, even though the sky above ws still not bright yet. Everyone was full of anticipation, yet afraid, as they looked at the high platform in front of them. Occasionally, there was a bit of whispering between the youths that had good relationships. However they were talking in a very low voice, the people that were not close enough to listen absolutely couldn’t hear clearly.

As the sun rose, the number of people in the public square became more and more, and the people who talked with each other also became more numerous. However, the voices were still low, so it was still not noisy.

Only when almost everyone was assembled, Elvis arrived while holding Li Luo in his arms. After entering the square, he silently went to the end of the line without making a sound.

Even so, many people still noticed him. The majority of them were staring at him with a look of mocking and disdain, of course, there was more a look of pleasure in other people’s misfortune inside their eyes.

Previously, when Elvis had still not lost his magic power yet, every time their parents taught them, they would surely take Elvis as an example, which made them hate Elvis very much in their hearts.

Now that Elvis fell from his high altar and became a waste, the happiest people were naturally them.

Shortly after Elvis arrived, a man with two white hairs on his temples and dressed in a black robe, stepped inside the public square, before standing on top of the high platform in the front of a crowd of youths. His brown eyes lightly swept down, which made all of the originally whispering voices suddenly disappear, and the square was so quiet that even the sound of a needle falling to the ground could be heard.

The man withdrew his line of sight, turned around and looked at the half height object covered with a black cloth curtain behind him, before stretching out his hand and pulling the black cloth curtain off, revealing a piece of sparkling and translucent crystal stone that was much taller than that a person.

The man stretched out his hand under the black robe, faintly revealing five stars that embroidered on the sleeve, and his hand held a magic staff with a sapphire embedded in its tip. He immediately began muttering something in his mouth, after a while, the sapphire above the magic staff emitted a dazzling light, and a beam of light immediately shot towards the huge piece of crystal stone.

The originally sparkling and translucent crystal stone, suddenly shined as it was filled with many clusters of white light, like a mist, it slowly floated inside the crystal stone.

“It’s ready. Let’s start with the first child.”

The man withdrew his magic staff, and looked at Tals who was standing at the front most of the line, a rare smile appeared on his serious face.

Tals was just like a peacock who became the center of attention by ten thousand people. He couldn’t hide the proud smile that formed on his face, although he tried to suppress it, as he lifted his foot and walked up to the high platform.

When he put his hand on the crystal stone and began to enter his magic power into the crystal stone, a majority of the audience under the stage were holding their breaths and stared at the changes in the sparkling crystal stone with their eyes wide open. Seeing the original white color of the crystal stone gradually become a dazzling red light, the youths below could not help but let out a gasp, they did not think that Tals unexpectedly already reached the level of apprentice magus! Moreover, it seemed like it was also very solid.

The man standing next to Tals nodded with satisfaction, and said, “You’re very good, the next one.”

With a prideful expression, Tals turned around and looked at Elvis who was standing at the very end of the line, the proud expression in his eyes became even more obvious. Now he was the one who became the focus of attention from many people, and the stumbling block that was always surpassing him far previously, already became his dust.

The youths that were standing in front of him gradually reduced, but Elvis behaved as if he did not see it, he merely lowered his head and stroked Li Luo within his bosom. Li Luo felt very comfortable when the back of his fur was being touched softly, his eyes were closed as he took a nap.

Only after the last young man in front of him went to the high platform and took the test, and the man in the front without any emotion looked at him, did Elvis lift up his head, and directly walk up to the high platform with Li Luo in his embrace. When he arrived, he then held Li Luo in one hand, while he placed his other hand onto the crystal stone.

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