The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 120

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Chapter 120: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.25


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

Li Luo followed the shopkeeper. As he walked up to the third floor, the shopkeeper led him to the left and innermost room, before stopping. After they arrived at the room’s entrance, the shopkeeper turned around and faced Li Luo, “Guest, please come in, and please wait for a moment. The receptionist would come over soon.”

Li Luo didn’t speak, he just slightly nodded his head before pushing the door open and went in. Li Luo saw that the room was not a bedroom, but an elegantly decorated tea room.

When he saw Li Luo walking into the room, the shopkeeper once again said, “If you have any other needs, you can pull that red rope at the side of the wall. If no one will come out after a cup of tea’s time, I will come over to deal with it.”

Li Luo immediately understood, the shopkeeper meant was after he and this side finished talking, he could call him, and then he would come up to take him to the real room.

“Then I will trouble the shopkeeper.” Li Luo said.

“No trouble, no trouble, it’s good as long as the guest is satisfied.” The shopkeeper now completely regarded Li Luo as a wealthy precious guest, and only wanted to obediently serve him, so he can get more benefits.

After all, the cultivators who were able to buy information from the intelligence organization generally all have a bit of the family background. He knew that the price of every piece of information sold here was not cheap, and was not bought by ordinary cultivators.

Therefore, his current attitude toward Li Luo was even more attentive.

Li Luo closed the door and sat in front of the only table in the room, and poured a cup of tea. Before he finished drinking the tea, a black clothed man opened some unknown mechanism from the roof, and suddenly appeared in front of him.

The black clothed man had a tall and slender figure. At first glance, Li Luo immediately knew he was a man in his prime, but his face was covered with a mask, making people unable to see his appearance clearly.

“What information do you want to buy?” The black clothed man did not say any superfluous words with Li Luo, and immediately went straight to the subject.

“I want to know the information of a person.” Li Luo’s fair fingers unconsciously rubbed the fine white teacup in his hand. He didn’t see Chu Wuyong for more than three hundred years. He completely didn’t know what appearance he has become now.

Moreover, coupled with the previous speculation, Li Luo could not help but somewhat hesitant to see Chu Wuyong.

“Who’s information?” The black clothed man did not pay attention to Li Luo’s small movement. For him, determining their transaction was the most important thing.

After the black clothed man asked this, only then Li Luo broke away from his emotions. In fact, he thought these were now also of no use. It was better to first determine the current situation of Chu Wuyong, and then plan the next step to do.

Li Luo settled his mind and looked in the direction of the black clothed man. He spit out the changed voice line from under the cloak, “I want to know the information of the former disciple from Blue Feather Mountain of the Clear Sky Sect, Chu Wuyong.”

“Chu Wuyong?” The black clothed man’s eyes flashed a trace of surprise expression. Originally, if someone wanted to search for information about someone in the cultivation realm, they have to record the prompts provided by the client, and report it to get the information, then send this information to the consulting client.

But this Chu Wuyong, if it was the Chu Wuyong that he knew, then even he has heard a little. However, the black clothed man did not rashly open his mouth, rather continued to ask, “The information of this person, we can provide it to you, as long as you are willing to pay us five pieces of top-grade spirit stone.”

Li Luo has no objection to the price. There were three or four hundred pieces of top-grade spirit stone in his universal pouch, “Yes.”

“First pay me five pieces of top-grade spirit stone. After five days, I will come to find you with the information.” The black clothed man said.

Li Luo did not say much, but immediately took out five pieces of top-grade spirit stone from his universal pouch and threw it to the black clothed man.

After the black clothed man took the spirit stone and confirmed there was no mistake, he quickly disappeared from the room.

Li Luo also did not stay in the room any longer. After the black clothed man disappeared, he pulled the red rope that the shopkeeper had said before, and let the shopkeeper take him to his room.

Five days passed quickly. Within these five days, Li Luo had been staying in his room and did not go anywhere.

By the time of the fifth night, Li Luo was sitting at the side of table in his room while eating dinner made of the highest quality spiritual beasts and spiritual dishes delivered by the shopkeeper, when the window of his room suddenly opened a bit, and a blue-white jade slip was thrown in.

Still not waiting for Li Luo to see clearly, the black shadow that appeared in his window was fleeting, and silently left, as if it had never appeared.

Li Luo went to the window, and picked up that jade slip, then walked back to the side of the table and leaned the jade slip on his forehead. In an instant, countless pieces of information were passed through from the jade slip to his mind.

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