Chapter 127 Part 2

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Chapter 127.2:

Li Luo looked at the scene in front of him, and found that the two men who placed him into the prison that day were not among the opposite group, and he really wanted to cry but had no tears.

Now even if he doesn’t want to leave, he also has no choice but to leave with Hong Xiu, otherwise he may not be able to keep his little life. God knows what those people will do to him after they catch him.

Hong Xiu sneered at those people, although her tone was still uncontrollably charming, her eyes didn’t contain the slightest amount of emotions as she looked at those people who have long been eager to try, “Previously, all of you were the subordinates of the Lord, and now the Lord has only temporarily lost his influence. You immediately turned your head, became Chu Wuyong’s dog and fawned at him. This kind of attitude is really disgusting.”

“You—” The opposite people’s faces immediately darkened, “Just wait, we will tear up this mouth of yours and let’s see how you could still scold us.”

The smile on Hong Xiu’s face became even more gorgeous, “Hehe, with only you?” Her voice had just barely fallen, when the dim cell corridor was unknowingly filled with a layer of light pink mist, quickly engulfing the people in the area.

After a short time, within the original dim remote prison, there were countless of people’s screaming.


Chu Wuyong dodged the attack of the huge dragon-shaped phantom. When the huge dragon phantom saw its own attack that didn’t hit Chu Wuyong, it immediately looked up to the sky and let out an angry roar. The whole body of the huge dragon flickered, after being covered with a layer of dazzling golden light, it rushed over to continue attacking Chu Wuyong.

Chu Wuyong was holding a big sword that shone a thick cold light. His whole person harmonized with this big sword, his entire filled with a thick and fierce aura, just like this big sword. He looked expressionlessly at the huge dragon phantom that was rushing towards him. The big sword emitted a few frozen sword’s qi, and then Chu Wuyong didn’t dodge the huge dragon that was advancing towards him while roaring and opened its large mouth wide, instead he lifted the big sword and welcomed it.

Just when he was about to be swallowed into the huge dragon’s stomach, the purple light within Chu Wuyong’s eyes flashed, and the big sword’s whole body was immediately surrounded by a layer of purple qi. Then Chu Wuyong held the big sword with his two hands, he lifted it up toward the huge dragon and ruthlessly chopped down. Immediately, the sword qi with a sort of imposing pressure was able to split open the mountain and the sea, chopped and splitted the air, and advanced towards the huge dragon, and chopped it over.

The huge dragon’s head was unable to resist the sword qi and was immediately chopped and smashed. The dragon’s body also couldn’t withstand it and gradually shattered into small pieces. After a while, it was turned into a small box wrapped in the golden mist. That round and dense golden mist was only a few points lighter than the golden color that he saw before.

Chu Wuyong took the big sword back into his ocean qi. The big sword was buzzing a sound, and seemed to be dissatisfied that it just came out not long ago and it had to go back. But in the end, the big sword still obediently stayed in Chu Wuyong’s ocean qi that was located at his dantian, steadily floating there.

Chu Wuyong walked to the small box placed in the main hall under the owner statue, and reached out his hand to open the box. The golden mist that protected outside the box didn’t obstruct Chu Wuyong’s action, instead it dispersed, letting Chu Wuyong smoothly open the box.

The small box was only at the size of two palms, and there was a cutting horn quietly lying inside. This was the secret treasure that Chu Wuyong wanted to get the most——the most important material in the resurrect secret method, the dragon’s horn.

Chu Wuyong carefully picked up the small box with the dragon’s horn inside and looked at it. He found that there was no problem. He took the dragon’s horn and when he was about to put the box back, his movement paused, and he looked at the box where he had just picked up the dragon’s horn. This box seemed to have a double layer.

Chu Wuyong opened the second layer, and there was a gold-rimmed silk scroll lying quietly inside.

Chu Wuyong unfolded the scroll and took a look at it, immediately the expression on his face couldn’t help but change. He didn’t think that he actually would find this thing when he went to the secret place this time in order to get the dragon’s horn.

This scroll was naturally the thing that Li Luo hoped Chu Wuyong would get, the most suitable cultivation method for Chu Wuyong’s current body constitution.

Chu Wuyong put away these two things, and then carefully examined the main hall. After discovering nothing else, only then did he turn around and walked to the teleportation array in the main hall, and returned outside.

At this time, there were two groups of people outside who were fighting without any conclusion.

The two men among them were precisely the one who had been ordered by Chu Wuyong to take away Li Luo, the two people that he currently most trusted.

After Chu Wuyong participated in the battle, the battle situation quickly divided out in victory or defeat. The four or five cultivators who had originally been besieging Chu Wuyong’s subordinate, saw Chu Wuyong had already come out, left right away after they suffered defeat. They had long been afraid of Chu Wuyong’s fighting strength and this unintentionally influenced their battle.

“Wu Xin, Wu Chen, thanks the Lord for helping.”

“No problem, the time is also almost up, and I also got the things that I need. Let’s go to the teleportation point now, and wait to be sent out of the Lotus Blossom Immortal’s Cave.”


After simple healing Wu Xin and Wu Chen, Chu Wuyong took the two of them, drove the flying spiritual tool and rushed toward the teleportation point.

At this time, Chu Wuyong still didn’t know that Li Luo, who he had ordered Wu Xin and Wu Chen to put in the Xuan Ming remote prison, had been forced to “escape from prison” more than half a month ago.

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