Chapter 128 Part 2

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Chapter 128.2:

The light of the array became even more dazzling, and the wind from the array was blowing up, as the robes on Chu Wuyong’s body blew and fluttered up.

But other than that, no other changes occurred.

Chu Wuyong’s expression gradually became colder. After successfully activating the array, the caster only needs to inject their own spiritual power, and then the person who they thought in their heart would be resurrected to this side by the magic array.

Unless, there was no breath of that person’s soul. But even if Gu Qingchen destroyed his Nascent Soul, the seven spirits and six corporeal souls would be scattered and can’t be gathered into a complete soul, but it was impossible to be unable to summon over.

The figure of Li Luo once again flashed within Chu Wuyong’s mind. He quickly withdrew back his spiritual power, then regardless of the stuffy and sorrow feeling that came from his heart, Chu Wuyong arrived in front of secret room’s door with the fastest speed, “Wu Xin, go to the room in my courtyard where Yun Tianheng previously lived and get his clothes for me.” Because he spent too much spiritual power, even speaking would make Chu Wuyong gasped for breath.

Wu Xin didn’t ask, he accepted Chu Wuyong’s order and quickly went out to take a piece of Li Luo’s clothes. He returned and passed over the robe to Chu Wuyong.

Chu Wuyong took the robe and returned to the side of the array. This time he didn’t enter the array, rather he placed that robe with a bit rough material into the array.

After the robe entered the array, it didn’t fall to the ground. Instead, it was suspended in midair by the wind. The luster and calm light from the array rushed out to the robe, and even wrapped up the whole robe, making this ordinary robe covered with a layer of flickering beads of light.

Chu Wuyong felt that his heart was totally agitated when he saw this scene in front of him.


Li Luo was sitting on a stone bench, as his pair of spiritless eyes looked at the front. He couldn’t help but sigh.

It had been more than half a month since Yun Tianheng’s most capable subordinate, Hong Xiu, “broke into prison”. According to his calculations, Chu Wuyong should also come out from the Lotus Blossom Immortal’s Cave. He don’t know how Chu Wuyong would think about him, after he returned to the Xuan Ming Palace and found out that he had escaped. But if he still wanted to return to Chu Wuyong’s side, it was simply difficult as if ascending to heaven.

Now, he estimated that he has been labeled as Yun Tianheng in Chu Wuyong’s heart. If he saw him again, Chu Wuyong was unlikely to be like this time, merely clutching his lower jaw before letting him go. He may have directly killed him after looking at his face.

Moreover, he doesn’t believe that after eating this loss, the next time, Chu Wuyong would still like this time, this kind of not sending someone to investigate the person, and right away put him on his own side to use.

So what else can he do now? He was also very desperate ah.

Li Luo continued to sigh, he felt that the breath of his life had been spent sighing only in these past few days.

Hong Xiu looked at the not far away Li Luo who seemed to be covered with a layer of invisible loss while watching the sunset, and could not help but also feel a little gloomy.

Even if it was the Lord, he would still feel frustrated because of the failure. After all, he was originally the Devil Lord of the Xuan Ming Palace who was admired by ten thousand people. But now he can only be with her and a few other subordinates, and in order to hide from Chu Wuyong, he has no choice but to keep a low profile, it was not in line with his previous publicity evil and unrestrained character.

Therefore, for more than half a month, the Lord would not be the same as the usual, and very silent.

Hong Xiu took another look at Li Luo who was thinking about life under the sunset. After thinking more, she decided not to bother him. She turned around and prepared to go back to the room, pondering about where they should go next.

At this moment, her sixth sense made her feel that there was something wrong in the place. As soon as she turned around, she saw a man she never wanted to see appeared in the sky of the courtyard that they rented. Hong Xiu’s complexion drastically changed, she took out her own spiritual tool while flying toward Li Luo who was still sitting in a daze, “Lord, be careful!”

Before Li Luo was able to react, he right away felt that he was vigorously held into a broad chest. Then his chin was pinched to lift up his head, before his lips were kissed firmly by someone.

Li Luo’s eyes widened, as he looked at Chu Wuyong who was bowing his head and kissed his lips. He was completely confused about what was going on. Hong Xiu who was ready to fight, in addition Wu Xin and Wu Chen who came over to follow Chu Wuyong, were also equally stunned.

After the shock, Hong Xiu finally returned to her senses, “Chu Wuyong, what do you want to do towards the Lord, quickly let go of the Lord!”

“Wu…Wuyong? You first…wu…” Li Luo also finally reacted. When he thought of several people watching himself being kissed, Li Luo immediately felt somewhat shy. He just moved his lips a bit, wanting to make Chu Wuyong stop, but his lips were once again chased by Chu Wuyong and continued kissing.

This kiss was really long, Li Luo only felt that he was about to be suffocated by Chu Wuyong’s kiss, moreover Chu Wuyong’s arms were tightly wrapped around his waist, and his big strength was almost enough to break his waist.

Chu Wuyong tightly hugged Li Luo, as if he was finally holding his entire world.

From now on, he would never let go of this person in his bosom again.

He would not once again watch helplessly as he disappeared before his eyes, unable to do anything.

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