The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: ‘The Wild Dragon Proud Days’ 1.32


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

Li Luo regained his consciousness and found himself lying down on the top of a bed. After he opened his eyes, Li Luo immediately swept his gaze around in a circle, and found out there was not the figure of Qin Yu inside the room.

Li Luo sighed in relief. Just as he was about to sit up from the bed, Li Luo felt something was wrong. He instantly lowered his head and found his upper body was naked, and only a thin layer of red muslin clothes were draped over his shoulders, basically the same as not wearing anything. Through the clothes, he could clearly see two small points on his chest, as well as his fair as jade skin against the faint red colour of clothes, but it just made his skin appear even more fair and transparent.

Li Luo, “……” Wait a minute! What’s going on here?

Li Luo teared open the quilt from his body, and sure enough he did not wear pants. Moreover, his whole body from top to bottom was wrapped with red muslin. In addition, his waist was tied with red ribbon, which made his original thin waist appear even more slim.

Li Luo looked at the dress on his own body and felt powerless. He quickly checked the progress of storyline in his mind. It had already progressed to 99%. The last time he checked it, it was progressing so much, but it immediately stopped there, and no longer changed.

Li Luo didn’t have any other way, he could only cover his body with a quilt, and call out Xiao Qi, to let it help him get a set of clothes that were stored inside the system space.

Xiao Qi was unlike it used to be, it would appear leisurely, 【Great Host, do you need something? 】

[Xiao Qi, help me get a set of clothes.] Li Luo said quickly. Wearing these kind of clothes, made him feel uncomfortable all over.

【I’m sorry Great Host, I can’t do that, I can’t let anyone else find out about my existence. Xiao Qi has recently scanned this room, and there is no clothing to wear QAQ. 】Xiao Qi’s voice sounded somewhat embarrassed.

Li Luo still wanted to say something, but Xiao Qi said hurriedly in his mind, 【Great…Great Host, the protagonist has come back, I’m going first, once he leaves, you can call me again! 】

—What will you use then!

Li Luo was stunned and his body immediately stiffened when he heard from Xiao Qi’s mouth that the protagonist was the person who had come over.

Sure enough, only a few seconds later, the originally tightly closed door was opened from the outside. Li Luo, who stared blankly on the bed, could not see clearly the scene outside because there was a screen completely blocking his sight, so the people on the outside also can’t see him.

Li Luo heard many sounds of footsteps, but soon these sounds quickly went further and further from the room again. However Li Luo was able to clearly feel, Qin Yu was standing behind the screen.

Until half a cup of tea’s time passed, only then Li Luo saw the tall and straight silhouette walk around from behind the screen, his black pupils gazed straight towards Li Luo’s direction. At the moment when he saw Li Luo, his eyes seemed to flash a faint dark light, but it soon vanished.

At this moment, Li Luo had already changed back to his original appearance. His long, black hair had not been tied up, as it was scattered loosely behind his back. His shoulders were much narrower than the other man that came in. That piece of red muslin on his body was just like a touch of light red mist, as it wrapped tightly around his body. On his chest, the shadows of two points were faintly discernible, in the folds between the muslin.

Li Luo looked at Qin Yu who was standing there. Their gazes were locked as Qin Yu also looked at him. They did not speak, as he and Qin Yu stared silently at each others’ faces for more than ten seconds, before Li Luo finally broke the silence as he asked, “Yu, can you help me get a set of clothes to wear?”

As he listened to Li Luo’s words, Qin Yu half narrowed his eyes. With an expression like a smile yet not quite a smile, Qin Yu hooked up the corner of his lips.

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