The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 74


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Chapter 74: Saint Magus 2.37


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

In the misty and dense forest, there was a constant flash of dazzling rays of light, accompanied by earth-shattering vibrations, as well as the roaring sound of a beast.

A slender figure of a man was faintly discernible from inside the dense fog, and his whole body seemed to be encircled by a layer of golden light.

Every time the claws of the magical beast that did battle against him touched this layer of golden light, the magical beast would immediately issue the sound of a painful roar, although the magical beast wanted to use its claws to tear this human in front of it to shreds, it was unable to take one step further and touch the slender figure.

Beside the slender figure, there was also a small and round cat that had fully grown up to an adult that was the size of two and a half palms.

Its speed was very fast, forming a white shadow as it moved around the magical beast, and left a pair of seemingly small claw marks, but when the magical beast was not careful, the shadow always leave behind a long wound, and sometimes the wounds were so deep that you could see the white bones underneath.

This person and that small and round cat were Elvis and Li Luo.

Three months ago, under the guidance of Brian, Elvis succeeded in getting the three items, and through a strange magical array, synthesized a magic staff with the height of more than half of a person, and seemed to be surrounded by the sun, moon, and stars’ splendor.

The magic staff that he was holding in his hand now, which seemed to be a very beautiful magical staff, was precisely the magic staff that they crafted.

After more than three hours of a fierce battle with that magical beast, Elvis launched a final attack and stabbed its heart, the magical beast fell to the ground and made a mournful sound but no longer was able to stand up. Soon after, the magical beast stopped breathing, its huge body slowly turned into a lump of mist, before quickly dissipating into the air.

Elvis landed on the ground, as the golden light that surrounded his whole body also quickly retracted inside the magic staff. When he saw that fierce magical beast had finally turned into a void of mist, Elvis did not have a trace of a bewildered expression on his face or in his eyes, in the past three months, he had seen such a situation too many times.

Three months ago, after he got the magic staff that was the most suitable for a Saint Magus——the Mingxi spirit staff, Elvis immediately entered the first level area with Li Luo.

The first trial level was relatively simple after he entered, Elvis instantly practiced the scrolls of magic and martial arts skills provided inside, and he only spent three days to master them, he also finished the trial in one day.

But starting from the second level, the scrolls of magic and martial arts skills that needed to be mastered got harder and harder, and Elvis took more than two months to pass the second level, at the moment, he and Li Luo just passed through it and went to the third level.

It took eight days for Elvis and Li Luo to advance a little farther.

Li Luo landed from midair, then changed back into his human form, before walking to Elvis’ side, he looked at the dense fog in the front, the white mist covered that place, he was unable to see the situation inside.

Behind him and Elvis, was the blue sky, a dense forest, short and green bushes, a field of green grass, and various scenery that set each other off nicely.

The front and behind had formed what appeared to be two entirely different worlds.

Because they just finished a fierce battle, both of them felt that they had consumed too much their physical strength, and needed to replenish it.

Elvis caught two rabbits within the range of forest scenery, then went to a small stream to wash away the bloody smell, before he had begun to make a fire and roasted them. Because he often went inside the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts to exercise, Elvis was already very skillful at roasting meat, not long after, the air was filled with the meats fragrance.

After he had roasted them properly, Elvis cut one of the back legs of a rabbit and handed it over to Li Luo, then he cut another back leg with a knife, and unhurriedly ate it.

Li Luo took a bite of the fat rabbit leg, the whole rabbit’s back leg was roasted very deliciously by Elvis, the outer skin was crispy and the meat inside was very tender, when he took a bite, its fat liquid went straight into his mouth.

Elvis looked at Li Luo’s amber colored cat pupils that were squinting as he ate, and couldn’t help but slightly hook the corner of his lips and lower his head, then kiss those moist lips which were soaked in the fat liquid after taking a bite of the rabbit leg.

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