The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 130

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Chapter 130: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.35


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

On that day, inside that room that was just like the room where Gu Qingchen originally lived, Chu Wuyong seemed to have finally settled his previous obsession after completely possessing Li Luo. Afterwards, he took Li Luo to stay in a palace that was several times larger than the previous courtyard——this palace was the place where the original Demon Lord lived.

After he took Li Luo to stay in this palace, Chu Wuyong immediately renovated and reorganized the entire palace, changing the originally very luxurious palace into a style that he and Li Luo prefer.

If such a huge project was handed over to an ordinary person, it would take at least more than a month to finish. But Chu Wuyong handed this matter to the elder in charge of affairs in the Xuan Ming Palace, so it took only three days for the entire palace to be transformed according to what he had ordered. Moreover, these transformations were done quietly, it did not disturbed Chu Wuyong and Li Luo who lived in it.


The early morning sunlight passed through the window and softly sprinkled in the large room, on to the body of a youth who was lying on the bed with dark blue sheets.

The youth had a face that was somewhat more beautiful than the peach blossoms moistened by the morning dew. At this time, his delicate and long brows were slightly wrinkled. The original light colored lips were like dyed with first-rate rouge, and also slightly swollen, just as if they had been loved dearly and firmly by someone not long ago.

And the youth’s soft and smooth black hair was scattered and spread on the bed, which made his skin look even more white and bright. The thin quilt only covered his abdomen and buttocks and exposed the skin above that was dotted with peach blossom petals-like marks.

The youth’s waist was imprisoned by an arm, he was firmly pasted to the body of the person behind who had much thicker and broader build than him.

Seemed to be disturbed by the morning light, the youth’s eyelashes trembled, as his eyes slowly opened, it revealed a pair of misty red eyes.

“Xiao Luo, are you awake?” A low and pleasant voice came from his side. Li Luo only felt that his chin was slightly lifted, and then a person’s warm lips fell on his lips.

Seeing that Li Luo didn’t respond, Chu Wuyong chuckled and then simply drove straight into Li Luo’s mouth, swallowing Li Luo’s breath into his own mouth. Until Li Luo’s breathing became hurried, and he also had the reaction that he should not have, only then did Chu Wuyong reluctantly retreat. After all, not long ago, he had been asking for many times to the youth under his body.

Li Luo was slightly panting and looked at Chu Wuyong who was supporting his body to lean over above him. The other party looked at him with his pure black eyes. Those eyes were just like the most serene and deep night, but carried the obvious love toward himself. That kind of strong emotions that can’t be covered, as if his feelings for him had long penetrated into every cell of his body.

Li Luo didn’t know whether he was bewitched by Chu Wuyong’s appearance, as he couldn’t help but hook his arms around Chu Wuyong’s neck and took the initiative to kiss Chu Wuyong’s lips.

Because of this action initiated by his sweetheart, Chu Wuyong’s always calm black eyes couldn’t help but slightly widen. Immediately, he kissed the youth with full possessive desire that was completely different from Li Luo’s kiss which was just like the lick of a kitten, and once again grasped the initiative. Afterwards, he heard the light humming of the youth that was more like a small cat, Chu Wuyong was unable to keep holding back. Under the slight radiance of the morning light, he once again fully occupied the body of the youth beneath him.

This way, Li Luo was once again forced to perform another dual cultivation in daytime. Li Luo felt that his whole body had become even softer, and the strength of his legs that hooked Chu Wuyong’s waist were all gone.

By the time it was finally over, the sunlight outside was approaching midday.

Li Luo once again exchanged a deep kiss with Chu Wuyong, and then he was carried by Chu Wuyong while his legs wrapped around Chu Wuyong’s waist. Chu Wuyong pushed open the small door connected to the room, and walked into the bath filled with steaming mist.

The water inside the bath was the hot spring water that Chu Wuyong has specially drawn out, and it would not stop supplying the water day and night.

Chu Wuyong carefully cleaned up Li Luo’s body, and then he took a bath towel and personally wiped dry his body, as if he regarded Li Luo as a large baby that needed to be taken care of in all aspects. Moreover, when he did these, although his face was still expressionless, his mood was obviously very cheerful.

When he saw Chu Wuyong wanting to put on his clothes, Li Luo couldn’t help but stop Chu Wuyong, or else while helping him dress, Chu Wuyong would continuously touch and kiss him, he estimated that this action of wearing the clothes would not finish even after the sky had turned dark.

At this time, Li Luo had also recovered most of his strength. He didn’t let Chu Wuyong help him, and very quickly put his clothes on.

When the two men walked out of the door, the sun that was originally in the middle of the sky, at this moment, leaned towards the west, indicating it had long passed lunch time.

Chu Wuyong looked at Li Luo who was walking at his side, and couldn’t help but want to say what he had planned these days. He wanted all the people to know that this person beside him belonged to him, “Xiao Luo.”

Li Luo turned his head and looked at Chu Wuyong with a confused expression. Those pair of red eyes didn’t have any trace of stain, carrying his full trust, just like the best gem, as it shone brightly, “Wuyong, what’s wrong?”

Chu Wuyong reached out his hand and brushed Li Luo’s long hair that fell on his forehead behind his ear, and then printed a kiss on his smooth forehead, “Let’s hold a ceremony and become my Dao companion.”

After that, no one can separate us.


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