Chapter 94 Part 2

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Li Luo, who stood on the high slope of a mountain peak, looked down at the valley surrounded by mountains.

At this moment, the group of cultivators with fluttering robes gathered together in the valley. Some of them were from the same sect gathered together and whispering with each other in discussion, while some stood alone in a place where there were fewer people, silently looking at the front.

Chu Wuyong was the kind of person who doesn’t like to be with the crowd; he preferred to stay alone in one place.

Li Luo was standing above the high slope covered by shrubs, watching Chu Wuyong who silently stood aside as if the cultivators next to him served as his foil background. His seemingly cold eyes could not help but reveal a trace of a shallow smile.

Only in this place, where no one around, can he revealed his yearning expression to Chu Wuyong. He could not show his emotions, even in the presence of Chu Wuyong.

The current body that he had was different from the previous two worlds. His body at the previous two worlds were still small; growing children would always undergo various kinds of changes before they finally grow into a complete adult. As a result, there was nothing strange about the change of personality.

But with his current body, his character and so on had long left an impression on many people in Clear Sky Sect. If he suddenly changes his personality, it would only arouse doubts in people’s hearts.

He now only hope that Chu Wuyong would grow up quickly so he could leave Clear Sky Sect. As such, he will also leave Clear Sky Sect together with Chu Wuyong.

Just then, a huge cyan lotus slowly appeared above the heads of cultivators.

When it just appeared in midair, it still took the form of a flower bud, but as time went by, the petals of the flower bud gradually opened, blooming into a huge cyan-colored lotus flower.

In the middle of the lotus flower, where the lotus seed head was originally located, emitted an exotic and soft of faint yellow rays of light.

Seeing this scene, the cultivators who had been waiting in the valley all stopped talking. Under the command of the high-level cultivators who led them, they flew into the center of cyan lotus flower in an orderly manner.

Li Luo who stood on the high slope, watched Chu Wuyong’s figure disappear inside the light.

By the time all the people left the valley, Li Luo took out his leaf-shaped boat and returned to his own residence on the Blue Feather Mountain.

At the cyan lotus secret place this time, Chu Wuyong would not be like the other cultivators that entered together with him, able to come out after three months.

After he entered another secret place, he had to wait until the next opening of the cyan lotus secret place to be able to come out together with the next group of cultivators that participate in the trial.

Therefore, after today, it would take more than ten years before Li Luo able to see Chu Wuyong again.

Li Luo walked into the courtyard where he lived before looking at the stone table where he and Chu Wuyong had eaten breakfast together not long ago. He could not help but feel his mood somewhat low.

In ten years’ time, if he had to live alone in this small courtyard and passed the time alone like this every day, then he would certainly be unable to stand it. Before, with his lover at his side, he hasn’t felt bored. Now, as he looked at this empty courtyard, he actually felt exceptionally cold and cheerless.

Therefore, when he knew that Chu Wuyong was going to enter the cyan lotus secret place before, Li Luo had already thought about where he will stay for these ten years——he decided to retreat to his Immortal’s Cave for Closed Door Training.

Then spend these ten years in star network and play the game of the future.

Anyway, he was an otaku previously in the real world, as long as there is internet, it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t go out for a few months.

Although that’s what he thought, Li Luo still walked to the side of the stone table and sat on the seat where Chu Wuyong frequently sits for a long time, before he stood up and rode the leaf-shaped boat to the mountain base where the Immortal’s Cave he had been staying previously.

After he arrived at the Immortal’s Cave, Li Luo looked at the place inside which was full of dust and still absolutely empty, he suddenly remembered one thing. After going out of here that day, he forgot his original plan to decorate this Immortal’s Cave right away.

Li Luo looked over the Universal Pouch in his own bosom. He then went out for a trip, and after he repaired the wooden bed, chair, table, cabinet, the appearance inside the cave changed drastically.

By the time everything was fixed, Li Luo patted his own hand and looked at the cave that gave a thick smell of homey feeling, before he nodded with satisfaction.

Anyway, it was impossible for someone to come in here, so even if it was arranged like this, it will not be seen by others. With that in mind, he decorated it according to his own preferences, this should not be a problem.

After Li Luo looked around in satisfaction, he went to the cave’s entrance right away and set up a defensive barrier, sealing off this place from the outside.

Before that, he also sent a message to Ye Tianqi stating that he was going to undergo Closed Door Training. Therefore, even if there was anything that happened in the sect, it was impossible to find him. With this he can also carry out his otaku life in easy and to his heart’s content.

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