The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 103

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Chapter 103: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.16


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

The black mist was just like a thick ink, as if it were filling and surging at the protective array around the competition stage.

Nothing in front of the mist can be seen clearly. Surrounded by a layer of black mist, it was as if in the deepest dark night.

Chu Wuyong’s posture was still casual as he sat on the ground, he placed his slender and powerful palm on one of his legs and stand up, it seemed even more casual and at ease.

At this moment, the thick black mist seemed to have undergone a very small change. The black mist around Chu Wuyong suddenly twisted, and a chilly wind blade formed and attacked Chu Wuyong’s defenseless back.

Chu Wuyong did not seem to find the slightest danger by this straightforward pressure, he still kept his original leisurely appearance; but when the wind blade was about to touch him, his figure was just like smoke, it scattered after being hit then gathered together randomly again and still maintained that sort of sitting posture in the same place.

When Song Qingyun who hid in the thick black mist saw this scene, he could not help but slightly widen his eyes; somewhat didn’t dare to believe the fact he saw. He basically hasn’t seen clearly as to how Chu Wuyong dodged his attack, moreover Chu Wuyong still continued to sit in the same place after that, which was clearly a silent taunt for him!

Song Qingyun’s complexion darkened a bit, and as he looked at Chu Wuyong’s figure surrounded by black mist, his eyes became more and more gloomy. Then, his presence that appeared in a very short time of breath was once again hidden in the black mist.

Afterwards, Song Qingyun mounted for the same sneak attack like that countless times. But no matter how he attack, even though it seemed able to successful, but at the last second when the attack almost successful, Chu Wuyong unknowingly used some method to dodge it.

After countless attempts, Song Qingyun’s black face had almost turned into a lump of coal. He simply had no method to silently get close to Chu Wuyong’s body, not to mention how to make the crystal piece in his hand touch Chu Wuyong’s skin.

Previously, he tried to probe Chu Wuyong again and again, not only he thought about injuring Chu Wuyong before the match barely began, he also wanted to use his own spiritual tool to make the elusive attacks to be able to disturb Chu Wuyong’s mind.

But he did not expect that he did not hurt Chu Wuyong even a bit, in the end. He himself felt suffocated, almost want to vomit blood because of Chu Wuyong’s appearance. Chu Wuyong was so calm as he let him attack, as if he was just a jumping clown who displayed his slight skill before an expert, there was no point for him to spend the slightest amount of energy.

Song Qingyun clenched the hand with that crystal piece tightly, while he swept a glanced at Chu Wuyong’s direction. Since the method of using the spiritual tool to mount a sneak attack does not work, then he can only thought of other methods.

But didn’t wait for him to take out the other spiritual tool, Chu Wuyong who has been sitting on the ground from the beginning of the match, suddenly stood up.

Song Qingyun looked at Chu Wuyong’s movement, somehow he suddenly felt a panic in his heart, as if he was the one in the dark, and he was the prey being watching attentively by the hunter.

But how could this be possible, even though all of his previous sneak attacks had failed, Chu Wuyong had not discovered his whereabouts.

There was no mistake, he was still on the favorable side, and he can’t be in panic because of the previous failure.

Song Qingyun sorted out his somewhat complicated thoughts with great difficulty, but found that Chu Wuyong’s figure unexpectedly disappeared in front of him. It was as if he used the spiritual tool to let Chu Wuyong unable to find his trace, and now he was also lost the whereabouts of Chu Wuyong.

Song Qingyun looked at the place where Chu Wuyong originally sat down, his pupils couldn’t help but shrink.


The outcome of this match was no suspense for Chu Wuyong. As early as a few days ago, Chu Wuyong had already entered the middle stage of Core Formation. Although it was still unstable, but to deal with Song Qingyun who was in the late stage of Foundation Building and almost become a Core Formation stage’s cultivator, it was more than enough.

Chu Wuyong’s figure was hidden in the black mist that Song Qingyun used to deal with him. He was just like a black panther hiding in the darkness and watching its prey, silently approaching the completely ignorant prey and ready to strike and kill its prey at the most suitable time.


Song Qingyun completely did not think that the situation would completely reversed from the original situation in an instant. He who had the upper hand, has now become the one to be in a disadvantage position.

The spiritual tool in his hand did not give him the information on where exactly is Chu Wuyong’s location, and he can only faintly feel that Chu Wuyong was near his vicinity. But for the specific position, he simply did not know.

Song Qingyun took out the defensive spiritual tool and looked around the black mist behind him, but Chu Wuyong in black garments seemed to melt into one with the black mist.

Chu Wuyong looked at Song Qingyun who was obviously not too far away, with his pair of deep black eyes. His fingers moved slightly, and the black mist around him gradually changed into a black panther, before it directly pounced towards Song Qingyun.

Although Song Qingyun was very puzzled about the fact that Chu Wuyong suddenly disappeared within the scope of his spiritual tool arrangement, but his strength was also almost equal to someone who had breakthrough into the Core Formation stage.

Therefore, when the black panther was about to pounce towards his back, Song Qingyun noticed that something was wrong, and turned over his body quickly, while the long ruler spiritual tool in his hand flashed a stream of light, he scattered the black panther that had been condensed from the black mist and pounced towards him.

After the black panther was hit by Song Qingyun’s attack and dissipated into the black mist, then merged with the surrounding black mist. It was as if the attack just a moment ago, merely Song Qingyun’s illusion, nothing more.

After he scattered a few more black panthers condensed by black mist, Song Qingyun finally determined that he fell into the illusion set up by Chu Wuyong.

Originally, he created these black mist with his spiritual tool to confuse Chu Wuyong into the illusion, but he didn’t know when it started, the environment that was originally advantageous to him, on the contrary Chu Wuyong used it to deal with him.

Song Qingyun couldn’t help but secretly grind his teeth, and felt even more jealous of Chu Wuyong.

Chu Wuyong’s original identity was just an ordinary labor disciple who cleaned the courtyard, all the disciples in the entire Clear Sky Sect knew about it. But he did not know what kind of dog’s luck and accumulated of how many lifetimes of good fortunes, from all the disciples in the entire Clear Sky Sect, he was the one who was selected to be Gu Qingchen’s disciple.

After being accepted as a disciple by Gu Qingchen, with his aptitude, it would not be strange that he was still unremarkable. However, after he became a disciple of Gu Qingchen, it was as if he had suddenly been enlightened, and soaring from unremarkable person to the one that stood out, and this shocked everyone.

The previous Chu Wuyong was obviously that kind of disciple that can be squeezed by anyone. Even if he died in the Clear Sky Sect, such a small character would not attract the attention of others. But the current him was so dazzling and his aptitude was obviously good. Maybe his talent had not been noticed by any Elders or Mountain Lords back then, so he did not become their succeeding disciple, and can only be an ordinary labor disciple.

Compared with Chu Wuyong, he had not reconciled, why didn’t he have such good luck too?

If he can be accepted as a succeeding disciple by an elder like Chu Wuyong, he would certainly have done better than Chu Wuyong.

Song Qingyun’s eyes flashed a trace of resentment, and his hold in the crystal piece tighter.

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