The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 95

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Chapter 95: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.8


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

Li Luo opened his eyes and got up from his sitting position on the stone bed with its thick layer of mattress, then lazily stretched out his waist.

Because he was alone in this cave, Li Luo did not bother about his image.

His soft and long hair was not tied up with a jade crown, so it scattered behind his back and shoulders. His robe was also loosely draped over his body, and from the wide-open neckline, a wide expanse of white skin could be seen clearly.

Li Luo rubbed his messy long hair, walked down the stone bed barefoot and stepped on a soft carpet. He then went to the side of the table not far away and poured a cup of tea then drank it.

He had been staying in this cave for more than ten years, although he can’t comment on social media platforms as Xiao Qi said, he can still play something such as online games.

Future online games were truly all-network online games. When you enter the game, it was just like having another kind of life, with a different start.

For ten years, Li Luo played several types of holographic online games on the star network. Such as the future world games, ordinary life games, and ancient time martial arts games.

However, because he was not that skillful, the games he played were only average. Besides playing games and watching the hot dramas, Li Luo was also writing his unfinished novel in the real world. After he finished writing the manuscript, he also took the time to finish the three long pages of an article.

Afterward, Li Luo drank the tea to moisturize his throat; before he began to tidy up his clothes.

He had been staying in this cave for so long, and it was time for him to go out today. If there were no incidents, Chu Wuyong would come out in several days, together with the group of cultivators.

Li Luo put on a light green robe and bundled his long hair with the jade crown made of the most commonly used sheep fat jade. Only then he walked to the entrance of the cave that had been close for more than ten years. He extended both of his hands and removed the array that tightly closed the entrance.


When Li Luo rode his leaf-shaped boat to return to his small courtyard on Blue Feather Mountain, the news of him coming out out from his Closed Door Training was spread out to the Sect Master of Clear Sky Sect, Ye Tianqi.

Ye Tianqi did not think that Li Luo would going out of the Closed Door Training so quickly. Ten years ago, his only apprentice, Chu Wuyong, did not come out of the cyan lotus secret place. It seems that they no longer able to hide it.

Ye Tianqi walked a few circles inside the big room before deciding to personally go to the Blue Feather Mountain.

As a result, not long after Li Luo entered his own small courtyard, Ye Tianqi was already there.

“Elder Gu.” Although Ye Tianqi was the Sect Master of Clear Sky Sect, he did not behave arrogantly. Compared with these elders in the sect, his cultivation talent was much worse. Moreover, these elders were also the foothold of their Clear Sky Sect in the Tianyun Continent, he naturally does not dare to neglect. Therefore, Ye Tianqi has a very humble and kind attitude in front of these elder.

Just like now, he only stood outside Li Luo’s small courtyard and didn’t rush directly inside.

When Li Luo heard Ye Tianqi’s voice, he walked out of his room. Sure enough, he saw an elegant middle-aged man with a smiling expression standing there at the entrance of the courtyard.

“Sect Master.” There was no extra expression on Li Luo’s face, but he still courteously greeted Ye Tianqi.

Even if he bent his waist to salute, his back was just like the bamboo planted in this courtyard. There was a kind of unbending temperament.

Ye Tianqi reached out his hand and held Li Luo’s arm to stop him from bending his waist in courtesy.

“Elder Gu, let’s go in first and talk.” Ye Tianqi said as he looked at the simple stone table and stone bench arranged in the small courtyard.

“Okay.” Li Luo also did not say anything more and nodded in agreement. He then turned around and led Ye Tianqi to the stone table to sit down. Afterward, he looked at Ye Tianqi and asked, “The Sect Master visit this time, what is the matter there to tell me to do?”

Ye Tianqi looked at Li Luo’s cold face and hesitated for a moment, he sighed before saying, “Elder Gu, you just left the Closed Door Training, so may not know the news. After your disciple, Chu Wuyong, entered the cyan lotus secret place ten years ago, he did not come out with other cultivators, he probably had an accident inside the secret place.”

Although Ye Tianqi used a more tactful narrative, Li Luo knew the meaning of what he wanted to express as soon as he heard it.

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  1. Seriously, every time Li Luo`s time in his cave is mentined I just NEED to have a scene where Chu Wuyong catches Li Luo in his cave off guard. I always see this picture of LL scratching his head, yawning, with messy hair, untied clothes and sleepy look… and CW quietly trembling with laugh near him😆😆😆
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