The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 99

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Chapter 99: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.12


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

At this moment, it was dusk and the whole sky was covered by the red clouds.

The setting sun within the red clouds in the sky, and also the mist that lingered on the mountain peaks added a layer of warm orange-red color to the surroundings.

At the Red Cloud Mountain, Night Moon Hall.

Li Luo and the group of Elders and Mountain Lords were sitting on the seats at both sides of the main hall. On the table in front of him, was a few plates of three hundred years spirit fruits that had been watered by the spiritual spring water.

Li Luo sat on his own position, seemingly very serious as he listened Ye Tianqi’s words, who sat in the main seat, but in fact, he continuously glanced to the spirit fruits placed in front of him from the corner of his eye.

Looking at these few plates filled with fruits, there were red, and yellow, each fruit were very similar in size and color, moreover it emitted a faint sweet fragrant, Li Luo could not help but secretly moved his fingers. Although he had a high status in the Clear Sky Sect, these spirit fruits were not always available. The last time he ate one seemed like it was two years ago after he came out of Closed Door Training, in addition it was only a plate with nothing more that three or four fruits inside.

“…For the big competition of Inner Sect this time, does any elders have any suggestions?” Ye Tianqi was sitting in the main seat, but the expression on his face was not even a little bit arrogant, on the contrary it was very approachable.

Every Elders and Mountain Lords sitting below had nothing to say.

Ye Tianqi waited for a moment, before he nodded silently and said, “If this is the case, then the big competition of Inner Sect this time would still held according to the original rules.” After Ye Tianqi spoke until here, he stopped for a moment before he continued, “Now let’s decide on the person in charge of this big competition.”

When Li Luo heard Ye Tianqi’s words, he immediately placed his attention to the front, on Ye Tianqi who was sitting at the main seat.

According to the plot in the book, the person in charge this time, was an elder who secretly hated Gu Qingchen in his heart.

At the time the big competition of Inner Sect was held, this elder hindered Chu Wuyong without leaving any trace, which made Chu Wuyong commit a mistake on the competition stage, and almost lost his life.

Although Li Luo knew that Chu Wuyong would be able to escape from the danger of this elder scheme, but now that he treated Chu Wuyong as his lover, after knowing this thing, he will not let this event happen in front of his eyes.

Li Luo maintained the usual cold expression on his face, his pure and limpid black eyes were just like black pearls fished out from the cold deep pool. It seemed very beautiful, but if you touched it, it would make people feel the piercing ice-cold——this kind of gaze, just so slowly sweeping over the Elders and Mountain Lords sitting opposite him, before it fell on an old man with white temples and beard.

This staring only lasted a moment, as Li Luo quickly moved away his gaze, and continued to look at Ye Tianqi in the main seat.

The sense of the cultivator was very sharp, that old man immediately felt his back had a slight shiver from Li Luo’s gaze that just stayed for a moment. He quickly turned his head and looked around, but could not find the direction in which that gaze was cast.

The old man searched for a few moments, and still did not find the source of the peculiar gaze that he had just felt. When he saw Li Luo who was sitting diagonally opposite him, the old man’s eyes narrowed, then a trace of a not very obvious sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth, before it abruptly disappeared.


Li Luo sat on top of his flying spiritual tool, the leaf-shaped boat and flew toward the Blue Feather Mountain where he lived. He never expected that he and the old man would be the persons in charge of the big competition of Inner Sect this time.

However, this should be better than just letting that old man become the person in charge alone. He does not believe that the old man would make any obvious dirty trick right in front of his eyes.

After only one burned incense stick, Li Luo arrived at the Blue Feather Mountain.

The time for this discussion was not long, it only took an hour to arrange the whole matter properly, this was also because this big competition of Inner Sect had actually been going on for many years, and there would not be that much change. In fact, the most important thing was to choose the person who would take charge of the general situation.

When Li Luo returned to his own courtyard, he saw Chu Wuyong waiting in the courtyard as usual. Chu Wuyong sat next to the stone table with a still steaming food arranged on top of it.

Li Luo only needed to slightly swept a glance and right away he knew that Chu Wuyong continuously used his spiritual power to preserve the heat of this food on the table, and he did not know how long he had been sitting here waiting for himself.

After Li Luo saw Chu Wuyong in the courtyard, his original eyes which had become somewhat cold because the thought of that old man, suddenly became warm like the early spring that flowed inside.

When Chu Wuyong saw Li Luo standing at the entrance of the courtyard, he immediately stood up and called out to Li Luo, “Master.”

Li Luo nodded to Chu Wuyong, before walking to the side of the stone table and sat opposite to Chu Wuyong.

When the two of them finished their meal, the sky had just became completely dark and the moon that hung on the sky shone brightly, illuminating the whole courtyard and making it appeared not much different from the daytime.

Chu Wuyong looked at Li Luo whose face was covered by a layer of moonlight, under the silver colored moonlight, he looked like a banished immortal from Heaven. Chu Wuyong could not help but lower his head to cover the thin layer of purple light that had just flashed in his eyes.

Since that day when he couldn’t help but overdo it, Chu Wuyong didn’t go look for Li Luo in the evening again.

Chu Wuyong had always had great confidence in his self-controlling ability, but when the object in question was the person in front of him, he was completely unable to control himself.

He longed for this person, completely unable to restrain his desire from wanting to get him. Just like now, he only saw the appearance of this person under the moonlight and he already wanted to take him here directly, let this world witness that this person belonged to himself.

Li Luo was completely unaware of Chu Wuyong’s complicated state of mind. After the meal, he put down the chopsticks in his hands and ordered the two child who guarded outside the courtyard, not far away, to come in and clean up the leftovers on the table. Then, he discussed with Chu Wuyong about the matter of the big competition of Inner Sect.

After Li Luo explained it until the end, he paused, but when he thought of that old man, he could not help but say to Chu Wuyong, “At the competition this time, you have to be more careful. Although the rules are pointed to not overdo it, in the past years, it is not as if there was no accident that occurred.”

When Chu Wuyong heard Li Luo’s warning, a faint smile couldn’t help but emerged at the side of his lips, he could hear that his sweetheart was really concerned about him, “Master, rest assured, this disciple would certainly act according to the master’s instructions.”

Li Luo talked with Chu Wuyong for a while, only then did he return to his room to rest.

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