The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 114

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Chapter 114: Return to the University (5)


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

At a certain boy’s dormitory of N University, the sound of footsteps could be heard from the winding stairs. If one would listen carefully, you will find that this was footsteps of two people. One sounded very steady, and the other seemed a little vain.

The owner of the vain footsteps was a delicate and pretty youth with the face that still had a little baby fat, he was obviously drunk and had lost consciousness. His eyes were closed tightly, as the long eyelashes casting two small shadows on his drunken face. His fair cheeks had long been reddened, spread all the way to his neck, and then covered by the round neck of his t-shirt.

His head leaned on the shoulder of a slender figure beside him, his soft hair rubbed against the other person’s shoulder along with his movements, his arms hanging softly on the side of his body, and his slender waist was held by a hand with distinct joints; he was firmly buckled to the side of that figure beside him.

The sound-activated sensor light at the corner of the stairs sensed the sound coming from below, and immediately lit up, illuminating the face of the slender figure beside Li Luo, which was an impeccable handsome face. Those sword-like eyebrows and the outline of each point was just perfect enough to make countless female creatures crazy for him.

But at this time, the gaze of this male public enemy was always placed on the body of the youth of the same sex beside him from time to time. The look in his eyes were flickering, which made people unable to see it clearly.

He did not know what the young man, who was leaning on his shoulder, was dreaming, as his fine and long eyebrows wrinkled, his lips were reddened for a few degrees squirmed a few times, while spitting out a few vague words, faintly revealing the tip of his red tongue that hid between his snow-white teeth.

The eyes of that handsome youth who had been paying attention to the delicate and pretty youth suddenly became more and more deep, and the hand that held the youth’s waist tightened, almost going to press the youth into his own bosom, and keep him in his arms him like this forever, never letting go in the general.

Jin Chenji controlled himself and removed his gaze from Li Luo’s face. He never thought that someone would be able to affect his emotions like this. He was the next master of Jin family, and his education since he was a kid up until now made him able to perfectly cope with all the changes without any obvious fluctuations of his emotions.

Until this evening, when the youth that he was holding now, sat on his lap, and “seduce” him. Jin Chenji thought of the scene at that time, and the light in his eyes could not help but grow dimmer.

That’s right, he had feelings for the youth he was supporting.

For the people of Jin family, once their heart was set for someone, it would not change their affection for a lifetime, and determinedly only love that one person who they have given their heart to.


While supporting Li Luo, Jin Chenji finally arrived at the front of the room 505 at the fifth floor. He took out the key, opened the door and closed the door after turning on the light.

Jin Chenji looked around at this dormitory that he basically did not stay for over several days, then walked to the front of the small table beside Li Luo’s bed. The surface of Li Luo’s table was very clean. Jin Chenji supported Li Luo up, and placed him on the surface of the table. Li Luo’s body was unsupported, and leaned down softly on the table.

Jin Chenji squatted and held Li Luo’s slender legs, taking off his shoe which showed the feet that was more fair than the average boy. Jin Chenji gazed on it for a while, before taking off the other shoe.

Then he stood up, leaned over his body and embraced Li Luo’s waist, before lifting him directly and carrying him on one side of his shoulder.

Li Luo did not have the slightest reaction, he still had his eyes closed, and slept very deeply.

Jin Chenji also took off his shoes, and had one hand clung to the iron ladder, while the protected Li Luo, he climbed up without any effort. He half-kneeled on the bed, and placed Li Luo on Li Luo’s own bed.

When Li Luo touched the soft bed, he immediately rubbed his face against the bed a few times, and then slept more deeply.

Jin Chenji looked at Li Luo’s slightly opened moist lips, and could not help but lean down and hold Li Luo’s small chin, prying his lips to open a little more.

His eyes slightly darkened, as his face slowly approaching Li Luo’s face, but he stopped when his lips were about to touch Li Luo’s lips.

He placed his hand on Li Luo’s face caressed Li Luo’s soft lips, stopping until there was a layer of more reddened color on Li Luo’s lower lip. Jin Chenji took a deep breath and suppressed his restless heart that wanted to directly kiss the youth who was sleeping deeply in front of him. He slowly lifted his body, and then pulled over a thin quilt on the side to cover Li Luo’s body.

Since he had already set his mind on this person, he would bring him under his own wing. And the other half of the person that he loved would also only be him.


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