Chapter 62 Part 2

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Li Luo was caught off guard by Elvis’ sudden attack, as the silver fork that was originally in his grasp dropped to the ground because of the shock.

Elvis simply encircled Li Luo’s waist and kissed him deeper.

Li Luo was kissed until his breath became slightly hurried, but he did not resist Elvis’ invasion, and he obediently raised his head to welcome Elvis’ kiss, but still seemed very inexperienced.

The color of Elvis’ eyes became deeper and deeper, and the hands that were on Li Luo’s waist were moving to his upturned hips. Elvis kneaded them a few times, and then kissed Li Luo’s lips passionately, the sound of their kissing appeared very loud and ambiguous in the quiet room.

Li Luo could clearly sense that Elvis’ member had already stood up above his lower abdomen, he thought that Elvis would directly push him down to the bed.

However after Elvis kissed him hard for a few more times, he immediately moved his face away from him and the hands that were placed on his butt were also withdrawn. Then Elvis kissed his forehead several times, before hugging his waist and turned him to the table. He took a deep breath and then said at the side of Li Luo’s ear, “Eat.” His voice was deep and hoarse, making Li Luo’s originally reddened ear tips became even redder in an instant after he heard it.

In fact, after that day, Elvis had embraced him many times. Now Li Luo’s body became more and more sensitive every time they did the combination. So just a moment ago, it was not just Elvis, he also had a reaction. If Elvis didn’t stop in time, his legs might have completely gone soft.

Moreover, after had such deep kiss, he couldn’t immediately turn his attention to the food, his mind at this moment was almost entirely occupied by Elvis’ lowered face, those slender and long eyelashes which were just like a butterfly that spread its wings.

“What’s wrong, today’s dishes were all your favorite, do you not like it?” Elvis said while encircling Li Luo’s body, he stuffed the fork that he had just used into Li Luo’s hand, and then picked up another clean fork. He took one piece of beef meat that had been boiled with red wine, placing it inside his mouth, then slowly chewed.

Li Luo hesitated for a while before he took one piece of potato with the fork that Elvis had used, and put it into his mouth, but when the silver fork touched his swollen lips, it was as if the temperature of his lips had gotten higher by several degrees.

Elvis looked at Li Luo’s obviously shy expression, and the hand on Li Luo’s waist tightened. If it wasn’t because the day after tomorrow, they would set off, and he was afraid that if he held Ludwig today, Ludwig would be unable to endure the long journey, he would not easily give up this opportunity to taste the delicious food in front of him.

After dinner, Elvis chatted with Li Luo for a while, before the two of them went to bed and rested.

The next day, Elvis packed up the things to bring, before placing all of it inside the storage bag, then took beast form Li Luo with him. He strolled around the St. Helier Magic Academy a few laps and then went to the library. Only when the time was almost up, did he return to his room, and go to bed.

On the third day, Elvis placed the cat form Li Luo within his bosom, and then set off to the place where they were gathered.

When the two of them came to the large field of green grass in front of St. Helier Magic Academy, there were already many people waiting there. The youths that had good relationships formed two-three man groups and had conversations.

Elvis did not have any interest to join in the discussions, besides in the class, he also did not have a close relationship with those fellow disciples, and always maintained a solitary state.

But now, unlike before, Elvis now had a very cheerful and persistent pursuer——Her Highness Princess Chris.

Chris was in the group of people that came relatively late. When she arrived at the meeting place, she immediately looked around for Elvis. Her eyes quickly brightened when she spotted him, and then rushed toward the direction where Elvis was standing.

Even if Elvis didn’t pay any attention to her conversation, this pampered princess still enjoyed it, and her enthusiasm didn’t decrease even a bit.

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