Chapter 83 Part 2

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When these mages were preparing, the vortex had already revealed half the head of the demonic beast emperor. Covered with pitch black scales, it seemed as if the humans were fighting beneath its large and sinister pair of eyes.

In the next second, the sound of another dragon cry echoed in the sky, as the pair of black horns atop the beast emperor’s head started to emit a white, electric light before it morphed into a thick bolt of lightning that rushed towards the direction of the Saint and mages below.

The Saint level mage gently lifted his palms and a transparent barrier immediately appeared around him.

When the lightning struck the barrier, the shield shook a few times to block the attack. The next strike continued to follow, giving them no time to continue the preparation. On the other side, the Saint had to use his magic power in both the formation and in resisting the lightning attack, and his complexion gradually turned pale. The barrier protecting the people around him began to shake more and more violently. The lightning increased in power until the transparent barrier was finally unable to hold it and gradually shattered into pieces.

Right at that moment, a small white cat jumped in front of everyone and immediately, translucent protective arrays covered in golden light appeared around them.

The demonic beast emperor, who was about the reveal his whole head, roared angrily. A large area of scales on its head were burnt black. The beast emperor glared resentfully at the ants that had just injured it and launched a direct attack towards Elvis.

Because Elvis was also a warrior that had reached the Martial Emperor realm, his figure was very flexible. The demonic beast emperor may have been targeting his attack at Elvis alone but nearly all of the attack was unable to catch up to Elvis’ speed. Instead, since the best emperor couldn’t move from its position, it was often attacked by Elvis.

The demonic beast emperor roared resentfully. When its whole body came out from the vortex, it would definitely tear and crush that human into pieces before swallowing him whole.

Just as the entire head of the demonic beast emperor came out from the black hole of dark clouds, the Saint level mage had finally finished his chant. The Saint level mage stood at the center of a formation with the other mages and in the sky above them, a magic array shining with colorful light emerged.

A head full of white hair was blown back by the violent wind, revealing the Saint’s wrinkled face and exceptionally bright eyes that looked up towards the demonic beast emperor. Without the slightest bit of hesitation, he continued to chant the next spell. The magic array in the sky above them slowly began to spin before bright, blinding rays of light suddenly burst out.

Then, a huge beam of white light emerged from the magic array and shot straight towards the black hole where the demonic beast emperor was still coming out.

The beast emperor was still attacking Elvis when he became aware that something was wrong and quickly retreated his body back into the portal! It immediately redirected its attacks from Elvis to the direction of the Saint and began to struggle vigorously.

The Saint’s lips began to appear somewhat pale, sweat dripping off his forehead, but the other mages had an appearance that looked even worse.

The white light that shot towards the black hole in the sky began to shrink. It became somewhat unstable and the Saint’s face in that split second seemed to become more and more elderly.

Half of the demonic beast emperor’s huge head had returned back through the portal now, but the speed of its movement was slowing down quickly. Almost motionless now.

Upon seeing this, Elvis picked up his Mingxi spirit staff and began chanting as the staff started to emit the same white light as the magic spell the Saint had constructed. The light was thinner as it shot straight to the black hole.

The demonic beast emperor immediately felt that its retreat speed had quickly accelerated. It roared unwillingly before the pair of black horns finally disappeared back inside the black hole.

After the demonic beast emperor disappeared, the black clouds in the sky dissipated and revealed a clear blue sky.

The remaining demonic beasts and skeleton mages on the meadow were quickly cleaned up by Elvis and the others.

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